Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


17. Unappreciated

Alec smiled, and looked down, embarrassed. “Magnus…” He whispered. When he said he’d liked a band he’d heard Simon talking about, he never thought that Magnus would buy him tickets to their concert. He looked up at his lover, still astounded. Magnus smiled back at him. “You said you liked them, right?” He asked, “I can take them back if you-“

“You actually bought these? Like you didn’t steal them…like you usually do.” Magnus frowned, and looked at him, “Anything I’ve given you, I’ve bought for you.” He leaned forward, and kissed Alec softly on the lips. “Besides the tea and coffee.” Alec pointed out, putting his hand on the side of Magnus’ face, kissing him again, rougher this time. Magnus smiled against Alec’s lips, and wound his arms around his neck. Magnus deepened the kiss, and Alec whimpered with pleasure, his fingers going loose, dropping the tickets as he grabbed for Magnus’ hair.


Alec was lying next to him, his eyes shut, his face peaceful. He never scowled when he was asleep, and there was something even more youthful. Magnus ran his hand over Alec’s bare arm, his fingers noticing all of the scarring over his body. Alec grumbled in his sleep, and rolled onto his side, the duvet pulling across his bare hips. Magnus got out of bed, and retrieved his underwear, and his dressing gown. He wandered out into the living room area, and sat down on the settee, when his hands came across something. He looked down, frowning. The tickets were all crumbled on the seat, next to Alec’s shirt. He sighed, and looked at them. He gave Alec everything he wanted, despite the coast, and despite how rare it was. And this was how he treated them. He felt a little angry. Simon hadn’t began introducing Alec to any mainstream bands, either. So it was difficult to find them.

The door to the bedroom opened, and Alec walked in, his hair still messy from the night before. He’d gotten dressed already. He yawned, rubbing the small of his back. He seemed to notice the tickets. A flicker of sadness in his eyes. “Oh…by the Angel, I didn’t mean for that to happen…I just…” He walked swiftly forward, and sat next to Magnus, running his hands across the crinkled paper. “We can still use them right? Mundanes will let us in with these still?” Alec asked, Magnus sighed, handing him the tickets. He just felt defeated. “Sure.” He replied, standing up. Alec frowned, and looked up at him. “Magnus? What’s wrong?” He asked, and Magnus sighed. He sounded frustrated. “What’s wrong?” He asked, and Magnus stared at him for a long time.

“Do you care? About all the things I’ve given you?” He asked. Alec stared at him, dumbfounded. Magnus stared at him.  He repeated his question. Alec continued to stare. “I…I…of course I do.” He replied, still shocked by Magnus’ question. “Why would you think I didn’t?”

“You…I never ask for anything in return, Alec. I never ask for anything. Because I love you, and making you happy is all I ever want to do. But when you treat my presents like this,” He indicated to the crinkled tickets. “I don’t know, Alec. I don’t know if you appreciate them – if you appreciate me.” Alec stood up, putting the tickets gently on the couch. “Of course I appreciate all of this. I’ve never let anything you’ve gotten me get damaged like this. I didn’t mean to. I just…” he blushed, “got distracted…by you last night.” He muttered, and Magnus smiled sadly, brushing a hand through his hair. “I guess its partially my fault, too.” He whispered to the shadowhunter, pecking him softly on the lips.

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