Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


28. Til Death Us Do Part

“You’re kidding me.” Alec stared at his mother, and she shook her head.

“Alec, we have to go back. We have to summon Magnus to get us there and back.” She told him. Alec sighed, and looked at his siblings, at Clary. He kicked the wall, and stormed out of the room. Jace shoved his hands into his pockets, “I didn’t think he would be that angry about it.” He commented, before exiting the room himself.

He knocked on Alec’s door, and went in, regardless of whether he wanted him in the room or not. Alec lay on his bed, his head buried in the pillows. “Get out.” Jace heard his muffled voice say. He smiled, and sat down on the bed, poking his parabatai’s back with one socked foot. Alec moaned, and let one hand out to smack Jace one. He grabbed the outstretched arm, and pulled it behind Alec’s back, making him cry out in pain. Jace sat  close to his parabatai’s body. Alec glared at him. “Jace, let me go. I’m not in the mood, okay?” He grumbled. Jace stared at him, and cocked his head. “Want to talk about it?” He asked. Alec shook his head.

“No.” And he cried out again when Jace pulled his arm back a bit more.

“Now, I’ll let go if you talk about it, if you don’t, I’ll break your arm.” He’d broken his arm a few times before, and he knew it wasn’t that much of a big deal to either of them, but he knew it would only piss him off more. “Fine. Just let me go.” So Jace did. And Alec sat up slowly, rubbing his arm.


“What do you want me to say?”

“I want you to tell me why you’re so irritated.”

“I don’t really want to talk to Magnus right now.” He finally said, looking down. Jace crossed his legs, “I really don’t understand what you do want. You’ve called him so many times, and now you say you don’t want to talk? What do you want?” Alec looked down, tucking his legs into his chest.

“I want to be with him again… but Magnus hates me. He’s never going to forgive me, and I just don’t want to make him angrier than he is.” He told him. Jace sighed,

“But he agreed to help us. He agreed to stay with us in Idris. Obviously being with you isn’t going to irritate him if he’s fine with it.” And Alec sighed, shrugging.

“Who knows?”

**    **     **     **     **

Magnus showed up pretty early in the morning, his usually colourfulness toned down so much Alec didn’t recognize him for a moment. As he came down the stairs with Isabelle and Jace, Clary and their parents already in the lobby, the warlock looked away, and distracted himself with a conversation with Jocelyn and Luke. Alec looked down, any confidence he had in fixing whatever went wrong vanished. So he just followed the others out in silence, and watched with disinterest as the portal was open, and even seeing his homeland – something that usually caused him great joy and happiness – didn’t do anything to cheer him up. They were greeted at the wards of Alicante, and they were all let in.

The only thing that changed his indifferent mood was when Magnus didn’t leave once they reached the house they were renting. “Aren’t you leaving?” He’d finally asked as everyone else went inside. Magnus finally looked at him. His stare was cold, and made the young shadowhunter look away. “No. I’m staying with you and your family.” Alec looked down, and simply walked inside.

“I’ll stay out of your way whilst you’re here, I promise.” He told him, turning around and going up one of the double helix stairways. “Don’t change your behaviour on my account.” Magnus called after him, but when Alec went to reply, he had already escaped into one of the other rooms.

The next few weeks were awkward at the least. Conversations were always slightly cold, and when meeting in corridors and rooms – as would usually happen when sharing a house – you could cut the tension with a seraph blade.

One night, at dinner, Mayrse finally spoke up. “Sebastian’s army…we’ve had word. The clave is planning an assault as soon as possible. Tomorrow morning, we’re all supposed to gather. That means you too Magnus, and your pack, Luke.” A huge pit opened in almost everyone’s stomach.

“What is the likelihood of us winning?” Isabelle asked, pushing her fork back onto her plate, similarly as everyone else was. Clary answered, “I may not know the strength of his army, but… even if we were fighting just Sebastian, we’d have little chance, so I’m guessing our odds are not good.”

Alec couldn’t sleep that night, and neither could Jace. They both sat on their beds, in too grim of a mood to talk to one another. Eventually, Jace got off his bed. “Where are you going?” Alec asked him. Jace looked back at him as he left, “I’m going to see Clary. What with our impending death and all, I don’t want to spend it in this room with my brother, no offence.”

“None taken.”

And Jace left. A few seconds later, he popped into the room again, “Alec, just go find Magnus. Go talk to him.” Alec looked out the window,

“I have talked to him.”

“No. About your relationship, or lack of relationship, or whatever. Go talk to him.” And he disappeared again.

Alec stayed in bed for all but five minutes before restlessness got the better of him, and he found himself working through the winding corridors, passing Clary’s door, he heard her and Jace talking, but didn’t take much note. And finally he reached his door. His hand paused as he almost knocked. He stayed there, considering whether to go in or not. And he was still standing there, his hand resting on the wood, when the door flung violently open, and Magnus walked straight into his fist.

Alec screamed with the shock, and Magnus instantly grabbed his face, where Alec had indirectly hit him. Almost every bedroom door flung open at the sound of panic. Clearly everybody else was awake too. “What happened?” Robert asked. Alec looked down,

“n-nothing, I’m sorry for waking everyone up!” He explained, and there was a unified grumble and other noises of irritation as everyone went back into their rooms. Alec turned back to Magnus, who was resting one arm on the doorframe, the other hand still clutched to his nose. “Alexander. I assume you came here for something else, other than to hit me in the face.” Alec blushed, and looked down. “I-I-I’m sorry. This was stupid. I’m sorry for hitting you. I’ll just go.” And he took off down the corridor before Magnus could respond.

He collapsed onto the floor, his head in his hands as he sobbed. The room was quiet, sunlight just beginning to stream in through the window. And he sat there, feeling so helpless and embarrassed and stupid. What the hell was he thinking? He’d screwed everything up, and he was just expecting Magnus to take him back? How stupid could he be? He didn’t deserve Magnus’ forgiveness. He didn’t deserve his happiness, his love. He deserved what he’d gotten: to be alone, inevitably going to die alone, with fewer friends then he had fingers, and an army of people who wouldn’t batter an eyelid if he dropped dead.

The door opened slightly, and Alec turned his head, holding his breath. There was a sigh, “you know, just because you’re not looking at me, it does mean I can still see you.” Magnus. Alec groaned.

“Please go away.” He moaned. Magnus stopped.

“Are you crying?”

“Go away.”

“You are, aren’t you?”

“Go away!” Alec yelled, covering his watering eyes with his hands. Magnus sighed, putting his hands in his pockets, and wandering over to sit next to the boy. Alec stared at him, his face blotchy and pale. Magnus watched back as Alec kept crying and sniffing. “What’s made Alec Lightwood so upset?” He finally asked. Alec wiped his face with the back of his sleeve.


“Impending death finally upsetting you, the way it would a normal human?” Magnus asked. Alec smirked, “I’m not a normal human, though. So it wouldn’t.” Magnus shook his head, and put his hand on Alec’s knee. “I’m only half-human, and I’m scared.” He admitted. “Scared of dying without you because I’m too selfish to just admit I want you, and that nothing you’ve done can every change that.” Alec stopped. He swallowed, and continued to stay silent. Magnus looked at him, “I kind of expected you to say something, Alexander. Don’t just leave me hanging.” Alec licked his lips,

“I’ve only ever wanted you to forgive me.”

“I forgive you.”

“But it doesn’t matter anymore.” he said, bursting out crying again. Magnus put his arm around Alec, and the boy leaned in closer, knotting his hand in the warlock’s shirt. Magnus leaned closer to his ear, “it always matters, Alec. It always matters that I love you. It will always matter if you care for me.” and he began softly kissing Alec’s face, kissing away his tears. Alec looked towards him, another tear falling down his face, he nuzzled Magnus softly, and “I love you so much.” He whispered as Magnus pressed his lips to his.

Magnus picked Alec up, and dropped him onto Alec’s bed. The shadowhunter lay there, staring up at his boyfriend as he began undoing the buttons on Alec’s shirt. There was a knock at the door, and Jace came in. His eyes widened, as Alec sat up, pulling himself into Magnus’ arms. “Well I see you two are back together.” Jace commented, stuttering slightly in shock. He smiled, “Whatever Alec said to you must have been one hell of a pickup line.” He muttered. Magnus smiled back,

“yes, now what did you want?” Jace frowned,


“I’m sorry, but…we have to go. Sebastian’s army has been spotted. We have to go. Now.” 

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