Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


14. The Beach

Jace, Simon Isabelle ran ahead, gawking shamelessly at Izzy’s perfect bikini body. Alec and Clary held back, apart from the others. Magnus was close at Alec’s side, clutching his hand loosely. “I’ve never been to the beach before…” Alec admitted, and Clary shrugged, her hands subconsciously wrapping around her body, as if to protect herself. “You shadowhunters have never been anywhere, never done anything. I’m honestly not that surprised you haven’t.” She retorted, and Magnus scoffed.

still find it horribly tragic that Alec’s missed out on so many vital parts of childhood. Even didn’t have that bad of a childhood!” Magnus exclaimed, and Alec stared at him, muttering a response nobody else could hear. Magnus put his arm around his boyfriend, and kissed him on the cheek. “I’m forcing you into the sea whether you can swim or not.” He whispered, and Alec blushed.

“Of course I can swim, Magnus!” He defended, and Clary smiled at the two of them. Simon called to them, they were already setting up there stuff. Magnus strolled forward, pulling Alec with him, “the water awaits!” He cried.

Alec reluctantly pulled off his shirt, and crossed his arms over his chest. Isabelle looked at her brother and sighed. “You get a new item of clothing – something you haven’t done since you were like, fifteen.” She muttered, and Jace giggled. Alec blushed,

No. That is not true. Before me and Magnus went out to buy swimming costumes, me and mom went shopping like two months ago.” He defended, and Izzy sighed, ruffling her brother’s hair before running into the sea. Jace and Clary followed next, and soon Magnus and Alec were the only ones left on shore. Alec sat there, his eyes trained on the ground, Magnus leaned his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder. “Why don’t we go join them?” He asked, and Alec shrugged.

“In a minute.” He whispered, and refocused his eyes on the ground. Magnus took his head off Alec’s shoulder and glanced at him. “What is so bad about being here?” He questioned, without anger in his voice. Alec looked at Magnus guiltily. “Nothing…I’ve just…never gone swimming before.” He admitted, and Magnus stood up, leaning his hand down to Alec, whom took his hand and pulled himself up. As they walked to the ocean, he noticed a few mundanes glancing at him – his runes, especially. “They just think they’re tattoos.” Magnus told him, putting an arm around his waist. Alec strode into the water, and he got about waist deep before he stopped. Magnus rammed into the back of him. “What is it, sweetheart?” He purred into the back of Alec’s neck. Alec froze up.

“It’s cold.” He murmured. The warlock laughed.

“It’s the sea, Alec. It’s not going to be heated to your personal preference.” The boy blushed, and looked down. “I know…but…” Magnus wrapped his arms around Alec’s midriff, and he stiffened in his arms. He stiffened even more, when the warlock began kissing his neck. “People are watching.” Alec told him, and Magnus sighed, burying his head in Alec’s neck. “Well then, let’s put on quite the show for them.” He muttered, and suddenly pulled Alec up, over his shoulder and threw him down back in the water.

For a moment, as Alec was submerged under the water, he felt panic. He couldn’t breathe. It was murky. He brought himself up to the surface, coughing, pulling his hair out of his face. Magnus was laughing. Alec glared at him, “I hate you.” He muttered, grabbing his boyfriend by the neck and pulled him backwards into the water, getting Magnus equally just as wet as he was. The warlock brought himself up, and pulled his hair out of his face, and stared at the young boy. Alec held his hands over his chest, smiling at his accomplishment. Magnus makeup was streaming down his face. “Very funny, Nephilim.” He muttered, leaning in close to his boyfriend. Alec chewed his lip, still smiling. Magnus planted a kiss on his lips, and Alec drew his arms around his waist, pulling him closer. Magnus drew his arms around Alec’s shoulders, and they began kissing passionately.

Jace stopped in the middle of his game, and looked over at his parabatai. He cringed. “Eurgh.” He murmured, and Simon caught his stare. “They do realise everyone can see them, right?” He asked, and Jace sighed. “Yes, they do. I just think that Magnus has taken away Alec’s fear of people seeing.” He said, and smiled, shaking his head. “Which is both positive, and negative.” And he indicated to the passionate scene before them.

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