Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


13. Sharing

Magnus closed the door to their bedroom; leaving Alec curled up on the bed sheets. He glared at the golden haired boy. “What do you want?” He snapped at Jace, who smiled.

“You see, it is not a thing I want, it’s more of a person. He goes by the name of Alexander Gideon. Maybe you have heard of him?” He mocked, and turned his attention to the closed bedroom door. “Oh, that’s right, of course you know Alec. I noticed him sleeping in your bed. Without a lot of clothing on, mind you.” Magnus smirked at that comment.

“He was too tired to get redressed.” He explained, and Jace glared at the warlock.

“Thought so.” And he leaned against the wall. “Point is, I haven’t spoken to my parabatai in about a week…maybe two, and I thought to myself, I actually want to talk to my best friend at some point.” He explained. Magnus’ jaw stiffened. “He’s with me right now-” He began, and Jace rolled his eyes,

“he’s always with you! He only comes to the Institute when he needs to work! And Alec is my friend. I want to talk to him about other things then killing demons! I haven’t seen him in ages, and you can’t just keep him locked up here!” He cried. Magnus crossed his arms.

“He’s not locked up. He’s asleep.” He murmured.

The yelling outside had awoken Alec, and he sat up in bed listening to the two arguing. “So let me go wake him up! I’ve woken him up tons of times before!” Jace yelled.

“He’s going to need to rest after last night.” That was Magnus. Alec blushed, and went to find his underwear. He got dressed, listening to them argue.

“Have you no shame in revealing your sex life to a teenager?!” Jace cried, in mock offence.

“Not really, no.”

“I’m sure Alec has problems with you revealing that information.” You’re damn right I do! Alec thought, questioning whether he should stop the argument.

“And if he asks me to stop telling people things like this, I will.” Magnus countered.

“Regardless, I’m going to wake him up.” And as soon as he said that, Jace barged through the door.

Alec resembled a dear caught in headlights. His blue eyes were large and shiny, and he was looking square at Jace, as if he was too frightened to look anywhere else. Jace looked surprised for a minute. “Damn it, Alec, you scared me.” He muttered, and Alec nodded.

“I….err….I need to go get something from the store.” He barely heard his own voice, before he was walking fast away from Jace, away from Magnus, and out into Brooklyn. And he was smiling. Both of them cared for him enough to not want the other to see him. He never thought either of them cared.

Back inside the apartment, Magnus sighed. “I suppose we’re going to have to hunt after him.” He muttered, smiling at the golden haired shadowhunter, pulling on his coat. “Let the hunt for Alec Lightwood begin.” When they opened the door to the apartment, Alec was already running far ahead of them, still smiling.

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