Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


20. Reunion

Alec saw Jace departing away from him, over the other side of the field. Clary had run off before him, and of course Jace had run after her. No way he’d stay with Alec. Even if he was his parabatai. Jace would always run after Clary, even when she never wanted him to follow, because that’s what love did. Magnus never chased me, Alec thought to himself, jogging along the ruined landscape, his face stern. He wasn’t nervous, despite this literal hell he was in. His life had no meaning, no purpose anymore. His parents hated him, he had less friends than he had fingers, Isabelle was too worried over Simon, Jace had Clary, and Magnus, well… he just didn’t care anymore.

Someone grabbed Alec’s hair, yanking him back. Alec screamed, and his hands instantly flew to his head as he hit the floor, gashing the back of his head on a jagged rock. “Not expecting that, Lightwood?” Someone spat as Alec rolled over, grumbling in pain. He looked up into that cold, angular smiling face. White hair, dark eyes. “Sebastian.” Alec hissed, spitting blood. Sebastian smiled, and bowed a little. “The very same.” He muttered, and Alec’s had shot down to his belt, reaching out a blade. Sebastian was faster. He held a blade to Alec’s throat. “I remember killing your brother.” He said, eyes wide, smiling down at Alec. “I remember the shock on his face as he hit the ground, he never saw it coming.” Alec wriggled, trying to get out of his grasp, his neck dug into the blade, and his blood began to drip. But Sebastian held him. Detailing Max’s murder, Alec crying out, trying to stop him. He didn’t want to hear. He didn’t want to know.

“And now you’ll die the very same death.” He whispered close to Alec’s face – close enough for him to smell his breath. “Scared, alone, and on your knees.” He grabbed the front of Alec’s shirt, and pulled him up. And Alec stared right back at him. Straight into his face. “I’m not leaving here alive.” He began, and he licked the blood off his lip. “But I am not going to go down begging you for my life. I have my dignity.” He said, his voice teeming with anger. He didn’t care. Nobody would care if he was gone. Why should he? He finally understood how Jace managed to throw himself in danger so easily. Sebastian stared at him, and angled the knife at his chest. “you’re dying, either way, Lightwood. Begging me or not, you’ll die.” And he shoved the blade forward, and Alec made a finally gasp, before he could no longer breathe at all.


Jace gasped. Clary turned around and stared at him, “What? What is it?” She asked frantically. Isabelle stopped, and looked at him. “Alec.” He said, looking around. “Alec, no, no, no, no, no, by the Angel, don’t do this to me.” he muttered under his breathe, clutching at the right side of his chest. He began back-tracking quickly. “Jace! You can’t just walk off!” Clary yelled, as she and Isabelle began jogging to keep up. “You said Alec? What about him Jace?” Isabelle asked. Jace licked his lips, and looked down. “I can’t feel him anymore. His heartbeat…I used to feel it, like an overlay to mine. But now I don’t.” He breathed, looking about him, and that was all it took for Clary and Isabelle to start looking about too.

They’d managed to call a few others in on the search too – Jordan, Maia, Simon, Jocelyn, Luke, Mayrse and Robert. They all knew that Alec wasn’t breathing anymore. They just wanted to find him. They couldn’t just leave him out there. Clary bent low to the ground, searching with her witchlight in her hand. She tripped over a small rock, and went stumbling forward, and her hand landed on something solid and cold and…wet. She drew her witchlight over it. The light reflected grey in Alec’s eyes. His eyes were glazed over, and his mouth was slightly ajar. She felt the gaping hole in his chest beneath her hand. She drew back, and screamed.

Luke came running to her, followed by all the others. Luke quickly pulled her away, and Clary attached herself to his chest, wiping Alec’s blood on his jacket. Her witchlight had fallen to the ground, illuminating his dead body. Luke closed his eyes. He remembered holding Alec when he was a newborn, Mayrse and Robert being so proud of their baby. Being so proud that they’d brought him to the Circle. And here he lay, barely an adult, on his back. He stood up and turned around. Jace and the other teenagers were close to him. They saw the blood on his jacket, Clary’s distraught crying. Luke looked from Jace to Izzy, to Simon, to Maia. “Tell Jocelyn to keep the Lightwoods back…they can’t see him like this.” He murmured, Maia nodded, and ran back. Jace was already striding forwards, he rested his hands on Clary’s shoulders momentarily, before his eyes caught the outline of his parabatai. His hands dropped to his side, as he fell down beside him. “Alec?” He almost whimpered, and Isabelle was beside him. She was in tears, brushing some hair out her brother’s face, whispering his name. Jace just sat, staring. Izzy dropped her head, crying hysterically. Simon wrapped his arms around her, and held her. It was hard for him to see Alec’s body too. He’d always liked him, and it was unlike any feeling he’d felt before. To see him like this. There came a wailing from behind them. Jocelyn was holding Mayrse as she collapsed to her knees. Robert had his face in his hands. Simon cursed his night vision, his good hearing. He could see every pained gesture the parents made, every whimper, every cry. “No…no…no…I can’t lose Alec…I can’t do this again…I can’t.” Mayrse sobbed. Robert took his hands from his face. There were clear tear marks.

“I need to see him.” He whispered. Jocelyn shook her head,

“Robert…you don’t want to remember him like this.” He looked up to the sky, letting out a pained whimper. “I need to see my son. I want to hold him again…I… I can’t leave him on the ground.” He whispered.


Mayrse was still sobbing, as Robert made his way forward. He was walking like he was in a dream. All he could think was not again, this can’t happen again. He’d felt like this with Max. When he’d seen him and Isabelle lying on the floor. He saw his son  now, on his back, arms by his side. He sat on the opposite side to his other children. Jace was crying to himself. Isabelle was distraught as Robert put his arms underneath Alec’s knees, and around his shoulders. He could still pick him up. He remembered the times when his son was small, when he’d held him against his chest. He never thought he’d lose him like this.

Robert laid him down on the bed. Alec’s eyes were shut now – Jace couldn’t bear staring into those blue voids that used to hold so much intelligence, so much emotion. He couldn’t bear seeing the emptiness of death in a face he knew so well. In the face of someone he loved so much. Mayrse was still sobbing in the other room, Isabelle had run off as they were going back to the house. Only Jace and Clary and Simon remained in the room. Robert collapsed beside the bed, his hand interlocked with Alec’s. Or rather, curled around a hand that wouldn’t respond to his touch. Clary’s hand was soaked with the same blood that covered Alec’s chest. Robert cried quietly. Jace let his tears fall into his lap. “He didn’t deserve this.” Robert sobbed. “Alec was a good boy…such a good child. He never deserved this.”


“Alec never deserved death.” Clary said. Robert closed his eyes.


“I just want him back…” he whimpered.






Izzy threw another rock, this one went through a window. “LISTEN TO ME, YOU ASSHOLE!” She shrieked, panting. Her forehead was caked with sweat, her tears soaking throw her shirt. She was tired, but wide awake. Eventually, a figure opened the front door, and stumbled outside. “What, Isabelle Lightwood, is so important, that you must vandalise my home? Don’t you have higher priorities – what with Clarissa’s brother destroying the world and all?” Magnus Bane asked. Isabelle felt repulsion as soon as she saw him. Hatred. How carefree he was. She swallowed. “it’s Alec.” She whimpered. Magnus rolled his eyes. “Whatever has happened with Alexander does not concern me.” And he began to turn his back, when she blurted it out.


“He was murdered.” She yelled at him. “He was murdered, and you’re going to turn your back and say you don’t care about him?! Like he never existed to you? Because you meant everything to Alec! He loved you! And you’re just going to turn your back! He’s dead, you fucking asshole!” She screamed, picking up a rock, and throwing it at Magnus. It hit him on the shoulder, and knocked him forward.


He landed on his hands and knees, and stayed there. He stayed there for so long, Isabelle walked forward hesitantly. “FUCK OFF.” He screamed at her, not turning to face her. She froze. Magnus never screamed, or used profanities. His shoulders began to jerk, and she knew he was crying. “Magnus, I-”


“ISABELLE!” He yelled, and he paused. He sat up, and got himself off the floor, holding his wounded shoulder. “You’ve just…hit me with a rock. Please…just leave me alone.” He said. Isabelle put her hand on his uninjured shoulder, “Magnus…” She began, noticing he was crying. He wiped his tears.


“It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing I can do for him now. He’s… he’s dead. I can’t change anything anymore.” He whimpered. Isabelle felt her tears coming back again.


“Alec wanted you with him. You couldn’t do that with him, so don’t leave him on his own again.” She told him. “Just come and see him. Come to his funeral… he would have wanted you there, more than anything.” She whispered. Magnus nodded.


“I’ll come.”





Clary’s mind flashed, the way it did when she was thinking of a rune. Mayrse was standing in the doorway. Alec looked paler in the light. He looked more damaged. “What if…” she began. “What if I could resurrect him?” She said. Mayrse looked at her, shaking her head.


“No.” She snapped. “No. You’re not putting my son through that. I’ve seen you resurrect before – you can’t do that to Alec.” She told her. Robert looked between the two women.


“Mayrse, if there’s a chance that Clarissa can bring Alec back then-”


“She’s not going to bring him back, Robert! He’s….he’s dead! When she says resurrect, she means give him life, with his wounds still intact! I’ve seen her do it before, it will hurt him! You don’t want to see that!” She yelled back. Jace gripped his hands together.


“What if we iratze his wounds after Clary resurrects him?” He asked. Robert smiled.


“Mayrse, we can….Alec doesn’t have to die. If he can be saved, we need to save him. I can’t just sit by when I could have saved Alec.” He whimpered. Mayrse stared at her husband for a long time. She looked at her son too. “I can’t watch you do this to him.” She muttered, stalking out of the room.




Simon stood at the edge of the room, next to Jace. They watched as Clary hovered over Alec’s body. They’d removed his shirt, and his wounds looked so much more violent on his bare skin. Slowly, Clary’s stele made its way onto Alec’s stomach, and began tracing the rune. Once she’d finished, she stepped back. For a moment, nothing happened, but then Alec convulsed, and he began coughing, and crying out. He cried out incoherent words, and looked about him frantically, he tried to sit up, and it made him scream. He yelled out how it hurt, how he wanted it to stop. Robert covered his ears. Jace stepped forward, taking the stele from Clary. He put his hands on the side of Alec’s face. He’s warm, Jace thought happily. Alec looked up at him. “Jace, Jace make it stop, please make it stop, it hurts, it hurts. Please make it stop, I’m scared.” He cried. Jace nodded.




“Alec, Alec, I need you to listen to me, I need to heal your wounds. Stay still for me, okay.” Alec bit his lip so hard it bled. He grabbed the sides of the bed, and pressed his body into the mattress. Jace began to trace the rune on his shoulder, near his parabatai rune. And Alec’s body went slack.

“What happened?” Simon demanded. Alec lay slack in the bed, blood everywhere. His eyes were closed, his jaw slack. But his cheeks were flushed, and his chest rose and fell softly. “He passed out.” Jace said. His hand was still on Alec’s cheek. “He’s alive.” He was smiling, turning to watch the others. “Clary…you did it. Alec’s alive! He’s breathing!” She couldn’t believe it. This boy – this boy she’d hated with a passion when she’d first met him… she just saved his life. Robert ran his hands through his hair. “I need to…I need to get Mayrse… I need to…” He looked faint as he sat down on the bed. He rested his forehead on Alec’s chest. He kissed his son on the forehead, on the cheeks, and hugged him. “We need to… can you wash the blood off him? I don’t want him to see it when he wakes up.” He told the teenagers, getting up and exiting the room. Mayrse came in a few moments later, and held his hand, and wouldn’t leave. Clary and Simon washed the blood off him, and Jace changed his clothes.

His eyes fluttered open a few minutes later, and he sat up slowly. His hand went to his chest, his eyes open wide. Mayrse leaned over, and pulled her son into a hug. “Mom…it hurts.” He told her, and she let go. “Alec, don’t you ever die again.” She told him, and Jace agreed. Alec looked down.

“I saw Max.” He said quietly, his hands falling to his side. His blue eyes were big, sad, shocked. Mayrse pulled the hair back off his face. “How was he?” She asked. He tightened his fist in his lap.

“He was fine…happy. He’s with our…our other family members.” He told them. And he looked up, “So I died.” He began, and looked at everyone. “How did I… why am I alive now then?” Alec asked. Simon smiled. “Clary created a resurrection rune just for you.” Robert said. Alec stared at Clary, and she leaned down, and kissed him softly on the cheek. He grabbed her hand. “Thank you, Clary.” He whispered. She held his hand for a moment or two.

“Where’s Isabelle?” He asked. Robert shrugged.

“She ran off after we…found you.” He admitted. Alec hugged his knees to his chest.

“Sebastian did it. Sebastian murdered me. He drove the knife into my chest. It hurt so bad…” He whimpered. Robert moved from behind his wife, and pulled his son onto a hug.


At that moment Isabelle burst through the door, Magnus in toe. “ALEXANDER GIDEON FUCKING LIGHTWOOD!” She screamed. Alec jumped back in bed, and Robert pulled away, everyone was staring at her as she launched herself at her older brother. She put her arms around him, sobbing onto his chest. She pulled up his shirt, and looked at the bruises the stab wound had made. “DON’T YOU EVER DIE AGAIN! DON’T YOU DO THAT TO ME AGAIN! DON’T YOU DARE!” She cried. Alec kissed his sister softly. “Izzy, if I had the choice…I wouldn’t have. I would have never hurt you.” He whispered, stroking her hair. Jace climbed onto the bed, and wound his arms around his siblings, his cheek resting on Alec’s back.


And then Alec’s eyes fell upon the man in the corner. His eyes were trained on him, and he looked away instantly when Alec saw him. But he couldn’t hide now. Alec breathed out as his siblings moved away. “Magnus.” He said firmly. “I would like to talk to you, alone.”

Alec gasped in pain as he leaned against the balcony, and it concerned Magnus. “You could have just stayed in the room. Everyone already left.” He said. Alec shook his head.


“I want to be outside.” He closed his eyes, and stayed quiet. Magnus loved seeing Alec like this. White shirt with blue sleeves, loose jeans…he looked peaceful. When he opened his eyes again, he smiled. “I was only dead for about an hour.” He commented. “But I missed this feeling, I missed feeling cold. I missed feeling hot. I missed feeling embarrassed.” He chuckled to himself. Magnus rolled his shoulder painfully. Alec eyed him with concern. “You’re bleeding. What happened?” He demanded. Magnus shrugged, wincing. “After you…died. Your sister started vandalising my property.”

“And she hit you?”




“With a rock?”




“Why didn’t you heal yourself?”


Magnus looked down, “I didn’t feel like I deserved it to be healed.” He admitted. Alec stared at him. “So heal yourself now.”


“I am.”


With some hesitancy, Alec leaned his head on Magnus’ shoulder. “I miss you.” He told him. Magnus paused. “I missed you too.” And then he licked his lips, and his voice wavered as he said, “Alec, I thought I could live without you…I thought I could just move on. But every day without you just…sucks. And when Isabelle told me you died, I thought I could have had you, I could have kept you safe, and that this was my fault. And that’s when I realised that… I can’t be mad at you, I can’t hate you for what you did. I could never be angry with you. I love you too much.” He looked at Alec, as the shadowhunter’s hand sauntered across the railing, and landed on Magnus’.


“Well, if we’re confessing to each other… you were the last thing I thought about, before I died.” He smiled, and looked away, “I just thought about how screwed everything up with you, and how I died alone, because I was stupid. And I regret everything I did. I just wanted you back. And it made dying worse.” Magnus turned around, and pulled Alec by the elbows towards him. Alec was familiar with this. He’d done it the first time they’d kissed. And his breath still hitched as they kissed. And he still grabbed for Magnus’ waist, and Magnus still grabbed Alec’s belt loops, pulling him closer. He parted Alec’s lips, and the two kept kissing for a long time. They broke away, and Alec flushed, “suddenly I don’t remember embarrassment quite so fondly.” He muttered, and Magnus laughed, and kept kissing him.


And when they’d finished, Alec had pulled him into bed, and they slept hand in hand that night, forgetting about the war that raged around them, thinking only of each other as they fell asleep together.

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