Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


7. Jealousy

Alec stood in the corner, his back against the wall. He’d never liked Magnus’ parties, but what could he do? He couldn’t stop him from throwing these parties, so he just had to grin and bear it. Only now, as he stood in the corner, blending in with the wall, he wasn’t grinning. He sipped his drink cautiously, his eyes flickering to watch his boyfriend. Magnus was talking to another boy.

A sickening feeling dropped in Alec’s stomach. What was he doing talking to him? What gave that boy the right to talk to Magnus? He tightened his grip on his glass, and stood up straighter, moving through the crowd, tripping over a few people’s feet, knocking into some people here and there. Alec had never been too graceful - Izzy had always had that skill. Jace too.

He moved close enough to hear the conversation. “This is a nice party, you have here.” The boy purred, sipping his drink as he watched Magnus, a playful look in his eye. Alec gritted his teeth. The boy had blue eyes and black hair, like him. He felt betrayed, and angry, and….jealous. “They always are, dear.” Magnus commented, his cat eyes glittering. “But I’m sure this one’s better, you’re here, after all.” That was it. Alec stormed out, knocking a vampire girl forward, making her spill her blood. He didn’t care about the snarls and scowls that came his way.

Magnus looked up at him with surprise as he stormed towards this boy. “Get out.” Alec’s voice had come out a lot more spiteful than he intended. The boy turned around and looked at him. They had the same colouring, but they were completely different. This boy had a sharp angular, striking face. Not like Alec’s at all. Did Magnus’ taste really vary that much? “Says who?” The boy snapped back, crossing his arms, squaring his jaw. “Says Magnus’ boyfriend.” He spat, throwing his drink on the boy’s shirt. That’s when Magnus took Alec firmly by the wrist, and dragged him into their bedroom.

"What the fuck, Magnus?” Alec yelled, and Magnus paused, and jumped back. He’d never heard him swear before, not with that much spite. “What was what?” He retorted, putting a hand on Alec’s shoulder. He shrugged it off. “That boy! Why are you talking to him like that?! It’s me you’re supposed to say things like that to! Do I mean that little to you?” He snapped. Magnus stared at him.

“That boy, was going to get me the things I needed for a new spell. Of course I was flirting with him - I had to make sure he’d get them.” He explained. Alec glared at him, trying to maintain his anger, but he couldn’t help flushing red with embarrassment. “Seriously?” He asked, leaned back, slowly. Magnus nodded. Alec put a hand up to his face, “Oh…by the Angel, Magnus, why didn’t you tell me?” He said, exasperated. Magnus smirked, “I did. But you seemed to be off in your own little world when I did.” He explained, and pulled Alec into a hug. “I’m so sorry, Magnus, I-“

"I forgive you, Alexander. Just make sure not to be that rude to everyone I talk to, okay?" He whispered into his ear, nuzzling his neck. Alec smiled, and wound his arms around Magnus’ waist. "I promise."


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