Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


27. Defender of Men

Magnus opened his eyes suddenly, gasping. It felt like he’d been punched in the chest, and he hadn’t reminded himself that that’s what it felt like to be pulled back through time and space. He smiled slightly, and looked about him. He was definitely in New York; that much he could tell. And near the Institute, thank God. He began marching his way down the busy streets to find the place.

He ran up the steps, ringing the doorbell to notify the shadowhunters inside. After a minute or two, a woman opened the door. He thought for a moment it was Isabelle, but he noticed her blue eyes, and realised it was Maryse. Magnus stared at her, and she stared back. “Magnus Bane?” She asked eventually. He nodded. “Yes. What…what year is this?” He asked, and so she told him. Eight years earlier. Magnus put his head in his hands. He’d planned to go back eight months. Clearly he needed to brush up on his time-travelling spells. But, he was here, so he might as well complete his mission. He swallowed, “Mayrse… I need to talk to Alec.” She frowned,

“Why do you need to talk to my son? He hasn’t even been marked yet. He’s not a shadowhunter, I can’t see what business he has with you.” She defended, her grip tightening on the door. Magnus breathed out, “I um…it’s to do with his future.” He told her. And she eased her grip.

“So my son will have business with you in his future?” she asked weakly, and he nodded. She sighed, muttering something about keeping him away from downworlders, and let him into the Institute.

“Alec!” She called. No reply. “Alexander Lightwood!” She called again, and this time a faint voice replied, followed by the opening of a door, and footsteps comings down the hall. The small boy reached the top of the stairs, and began running down them. A little too quickly for his legs to keep up, and he tripped and fell.

There was a cracking sound, a horrible cracking, and then Alec wailed, Mayrse running to him. Blood was tracking down his face, and Mayrse hugged him close to her body. If the child hadn’t been crying, Magnus would have laughed. He remembered older Alec telling him how without his balance rune, as a child he’d had the ability to fall over when doing nothing at all, and how accident prone he was. Now, seeing it in person, Magnus was thankful for the balance rune. He approached mother and child, and bent down beside the boy. “Hey Alec,” he said softly, smiling. “Can I see that for a second?” Alec looked up, still crying, and took his hand away from his face. His nose was very definitely broken. Magnus bit back a snigger, “I can fix that for you, just hold still, okay?” Alec nodded, and closed his eyes. Blue sparks flew out of Magnus’ finger tips as he brushed against the child’s face. Alec bit his lip a little, but by the time Magnus took his hand away, the blood was gone, and his nose was fixed. He smiled at the boy, who’s hand brushed against his newly fixed bone. “There. All better. How’s about we go clean you up now?” He asked, standing up. Alec stared at him wearily, but Mayrse brushed his side comfortingly. “It’s fine, Alec. You go with Magnus.”

Alec stared at Magnus as he moved down the corridor. “Why are your eyes all weird?” he asked. Magnus smiled, “Have your parents not told you about warlocks?” He asked. The boy shook his head, “Well, I’m a warlock. And all warlocks have markings to prove their a warlock, some people have webbed fingers, or bat wings, I have cat eyes.” He replied. Alec nodded.

“And why do you have makeup on? Makeup is for girls.” He commented. Magnus sighed. At what point had Alec grown out of this annoying behaviour? “Don’t force gender-rolls on people, Alec. Anyone can wear makeup.” He told him. Alec muttered something.

They got to Alec’s bedroom, and Alec forced the warlock out into the corridor whilst he cleaned up the blood and changed his jumper. He’d refused to change his jeans, or his collared undershirt. So Magnus took up residence in the corridor, sitting there. He heard more footsteps, and looked up to see a young girl. There was Isabelle. She had her thick black hair tied back in two braids, a black dress and grey tights. She was chewing bubble gum, and was popping a bubble as Magnus looked up. “Who’re you?” She asked. Magnus’ shoulders slumped. Great, two obnoxious kids.

“I’m Magnus Bane. Who’re you?” He knew it was childish, but he felt the compulsion to be just as obnoxious back. “I’m Isabelle. Why’re you outside my brother’s room?”

“Because I’m waiting for him so I can go speak to him. Why’re you not in your room?”

“I wanna go see Max.”

“Well then hurry up and go see him.”

“He’s a baby, it’s not like it matters.”

Magnus felt a twinge of sadness, and he wanted to tell her how she only had nine years left with Max, and how she better start treating him better. But he couldn’t. “Don’t talk about your brother like that.” He said finally, and she shrugged, and continued down the corridor.

Alec eventually emerged from his room, wearing a grey stretched jumper, that stopped just above his knees. He smiled. At least there was something familiar about him. “Right, so where’s a balcony we can talk on?” And Alec led the way down the same-ish looking corridors, and stopped by a pair of doors.

Alec leaned against the balcony, and looked at the warlock. “Why are you here?” He asked, and Magnus looked down at the rest of New York. “You’re going to grow up to be a wonderful person.” He finally said, and Alec gave him a questioning look. Magnus looked to the side. “Don’t question warlock abilities.” He said, and breathed out.

“So…how am I gunna be wonderful? Am I going to be a good shadowhunter?”

Magnus shrugged. “You’ll be surrounded by better, I think. But it’s not just that.” he breathed out, “You’ll live up to the expectation of your name.” He said. Alec frowned,

“Defender of men?”

Alec shrugged. “That’ll be my job when I start shadowhunting.” He muttered, looking out. Magnus reached out and ruffled his hair. He looked so much like Max would. “You’ll do so much more than just your shadowhunter job. You will defend to a degree that should be applauded by your peers.” He began. And he was going to say something more, but he let it stay in his mind. There was no point scaring the kid. Que Sera Sera. Whatever will be will be. There was no point changing anything now. “You be good to your brothers and your sister.” He said, and Alec frowned.

“I only have Max as a brother.” He commented. Magnus smirked.

“So far.” And he stopped.

“Keep up your archery lessons,” he said, “you’re going to save lives with that skill.” And he let himself out, walking back down the corridor. Mayrse was waiting for him in the lobby.

“What about Alec’s future did you want to talk to him about?” She asked. Magnus shook his head,

“it doesn’t matter.” He replied. Mayrse licked her lips, and stepped forward.

“Am I going to lose him, Magnus? Is that why you wanted to warn him? He wouldn’t have met you…unless he needed healing.” She commented. Magnus moved towards her, and put his hand on her arm. “Mayrse, your son will grow up to be great, and he will be remembered, and he will be loved. And you should celebrate, and looked forward to that.” And he left.


He hadn’t had the heart to tell either of them what he’d originally wanted to say. That Alec would die, doing as his name suggested. Defending. And he found himself looking back at the Institute, trying to remember as much as he could about Alec’s life. Trying to forget the horrible mental image stamped into his eyelids. And he turned his back to the wind, and kept walking.

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