Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


25. Birthday

Simon heard the sound of someone coming coming up the stairs, and went to find Magnus. “He’s coming.” He told him, and the warlock nodded, cat eyes glistening. He then raised his voice above everyone else in the room. “EVERYONE SHUT. UP. JACE, THE LIGHTS.” His voice boomed out, and everyone obeyed, Magnus moving swiftly through the crowd, until he was standing in front of the door, next to Jace. He smiled at the shadowhunter, who turned out the lights. The sounds of Alec coming up the stairs got closer and closer, until they heard the key in the lock.

“Hey Magnus, I’m home, I hope you don’t mind-” Alec began, as Jace turned the lights on, and everyone in the room jumped up. Alec dropped his coat, and the back he was holding in surprise, stumbling backwards a bit. Magnus quickly caught him, his arm winding against the small of Alec’s back, his other hand steadying them on the bar of the balcony. Magnus grunted a bit as his chest connected with Alec’s. “Careful there, birthday boy.” He muttered in his ear, pulling them back up. Alec stared him in the face, and then back at the people behind him. “Did you…?” Magnus smiled.

“You said your birthdays were never that extravagant, so I decided to make this one fun.” He explained, and Alec cursed himself under his breath. “I regret being so open with you.” He muttered. Magnus pulled him into a loving hug, and Alec sighed. “Happy nineteenth birthday, Alexander Lightwood.” He whispered, kissing him softly. Alec smiled,

“I love you, Magnus.” He replied. Magnus grinned back,

“So come and enjoy your party?” He suggested. Alec twisted, but eventually agreed, letting Magnus take him by the hand into the apartment.

It was churning with bodies, like the first time he met Magnus. He instantly found comfort in a corner, watching Isabelle dancing with Simon. Jace kept him company, as well as a few more of his friends. “How many of these people know it’s my birthday?” Alec asked Magnus, standing on his toes so he could reach Magnus’ ear. “Oh, everyone knows it’s someone’s birthday. They just don’t know its necessarily yours.” He replied. Alec smiled goofily, and kissed him on the cheek.

“Now, time for presents!” He yelled, already moving through the crowds.

He’d made Alec open his presents in front of everyone, it was an extremely awkward affair, as Alec didn’t quite know how to react when opening presents, nor how to react to the shock of some of Magnus’ downworlder friends as he was given weapons by his family and other shadowhunters. “So, Magnus, what did you get Alec for his birthday?” Jace asked, skimming the top of his glass with his fingers. “Oh, Alec will find my present later, in bed…” he muttered, kissing Alec softly. The shadowhunter had turned a shocking pinkish colour, and was stuttering, and stammering. That was one thing he wished he could change about Magnus, the endless teasing. It made him ridiculously embarrassed, as everyone else OOohed, and laughed, him and his parents stood in a state of shock. Magnus smiled, “I kid, I kid, I did buy you something.” And he took a small box out of his pocket, handing it to Alec. The whole room went quiet, a few hitching gasps, clearly they’d worked out what it was before Alec had. He opened it, and found a ring with a lot of twists and turns in the metal as it folded over each other, a small stone set in the middle. “Magnus, what is this-”

“I’m going to ask you Alec, on your birthday, in front of everyone here now, will you marry me?"

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