Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


21. Better in Blue

“Why are we going shopping again?” Alec asked, and Magnus stared at him.

“Because your clothes are disgusting.” He explained. Alec looked down, offended.

“They are not disgusting, Magnus.” He countered, and looked up, “Any clothing compared to yours would seem disgusting.” He muttered. The warlock rolled his eyes.

“Sweetheart, I don’t mean to bitch, but your short-sleeved shirts are just your old winter sweaters were you’ve picked off the sleeves accidentally….and that is pretty disgusting.” Magnus countered, and stopped. Alec ran into the back of him, blushing. “Why did you stop?” He muttered, and Magnus turned to face him, smiled and dragged him into the clothing store in front of them.

There was soft music playing in the background, as Alec followed Magnus self-consciously around the store as the warlock picked out random items, and put them to Alec. “What is this?” Alec asked, and Magnus shrugged, “I don’t usually shop here myself, but I have a feeling you would murder me if I made you try on rainbow. So we’re just looking for some really bland clothing.” He explained.

One of the shop assistants wandered up to them, “Is there anything I can help you with?” She asked. Magnus smiled sweetly at her.  Alec was faintly aware he’d used a glamour to hide his cat eyes. He was forced to every time they went out into the mundie would. He felt kind of sorry for him. “I’m looking for clothes for my boyfriend. As you can see, his taste in clothes is….non-existent.” Magnus and the shop assistant evaluated his outfit. She finally nodded. “Yes…he is in quite a big need for more clothes. What have you thought about so far?” And they launched into a hushed conversation about what would best suit him. Alec quickly stopped listening, and found himself staring out around the shop, watching the other mundanes going about their shopping.

“I think you’ve got enough there. Let’s see if they fit him.” Magnus grabbed Alec by his jumper, and pulled him into the changing rooms.

Magnus closed the door behind them, and they were both stood almost chest-to-chest in the changing room. Magnus smiled, and set down all of the things he had for Alec to try on. “Right. Shirt – off.” He commanded, and Alec didn’t actually have time to disagree. Magnus was already yanking the shirt off him. He smiled, and began tracing his parabatai rune. “Does Jace feel the things you feel?” Alec shrugged. Magnus smirked, “Like if Jace gets off with Clary, will you feel it?” The shadowhunter blushed. “Just pass me some of those shirts, please?” he asked quietly. Magnus smiled, and picked up a cream shirt, “there you go, sweetheart.”



Alec blushed as he wandered into Izzy’s room. Clary was sat with her, and both of them looked up in shock. “Alec! You’re not….you’re not wearing black for once! Is that blue?” Izzy asked. Clary stared at him, “Alec looks like a college boy. That’s kind of endearing.” Alec blushed.

“Magnus made me get new clothes…” he muttered. Isabelle smiled,


“I need to thank him later. You look nice in blue.”

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