Malec One-Shots (The Mortal Instruments)


22. Baking

“Alec!” Magnus yelled, and the shadowhunter turned around, his shirt in his hands, and made a questioning sound. “You put the pillows on the wrong way!” the warlock continued , leaning over the bed to correct them. Alec shrugged, and put on his shirt. “My bad.” He muttered, and stood there, waiting for Magnus to finish. He stood up, and crossed his arms, staring at Alec. “So what was it that you wanted us to do today?” He asked. Alec looked down,

“Well, it’s Jace’s birthday soon, and… my mom’s too busy to make a cake, and Izzy said she was gunna make one, and when I told her she’d probably kill us, she snapped and told me to make it myself.” He explained. Magnus chuckled, and walked towards the boy. He stopped inches close to the boy, and leaned his face close to his. “Why doesn’t Clary make it?” He mused, smiling. Alec shrugged, “Clary doesn’t strike me as the kind to do that.” He answered. Magnus brushed some hair out of Alec’s face, “neither do you, darling.” Alec stared back at him.

“I just thought, I mean, it’s only one chocolate cake…you must know how to make one.” He insisted. Magnus straightened up, looking down on him with a playful glint in his eye. “Why must I know how to do it?” Alec looked away,

“Magnus….you’re eight hundred years old. Please tell me you didn’t spend all those eight hundred years chatting people up, sleeping with them and partying?” He asked, a hind of tiredness in his voice. Magnus chuckled, “No, believe it or not I have done many other things than the selected three. And yes, I do know how to bake.”


Magnus pulled Alec into the store. “Why’re we at a convenience store?” Alec muttered, and Magnus’ shoulders slumped. “Please tell me you understand we actually need to buy ingredients before we cook?” Alec looked away, embarrassed. Magnus ruffled his hair sympathetically. “You really haven’t done anything else in a kitchen but eat, have you?” He asked rhetorically. They wandered up and down the aisles, picking up the things Magnus had written down, until eventually they had everything and they were wandering back to the apartment.


Alec set the bag down on the table, and Magnus came around behind him. The boy shivered at having him so close behind him. “You need to tie your hair back.” Magnus whispered in his ear.

“Why?” Alec argued, hand flying to his hair. Magnus chuckled,

“Do you want Jace to be going through this, eating, and picking out long strands of your hair?” Alec blushed at the mental image, and shook his head. “So you have to tie it back.” Magnus began lightly pulling his fingers through Alec’s hair, gathering it back into a stubby ponytail. When he turned around to face the warlock, Magnus smiled. “You look nice without all your hair over your face. You should get your hair cut soon. It’s getting really long.” He commented.

“S-so what’s the first thing to do?” Alec asked, blushing. But Magnus was already filling their kettle with water, and putting it on boil. “Well can you get me out some baking tins?” Alec stared at him like a dear caught in headlights. Magnus smiled. “You really have no idea what to do in a kitchen, do you? Come here.” And Alec moved behind Magnus, whom stood in front of a cupboard. “I am going to show you three things now: One, what a baking tin is, two, where we keep our baking tins, and three, an amazing view of my ass.” He congratulated himself on the scarlet colour of his lover’s face as he bent down to search through the cupboard. He came back up with two circular tins. “These, Alexander, are baking tins.” And he handed them to him.


Alec stared at them eagerly, trying to remember their shape so the next time (he hoped there would be a next time) he would understand and be able to do it himself; whilst Magnus got out their greaseproof paper. They lined the trays, and continued baking, Alec slowly learning what each ingredient was called, and what to do with them. Eventually the two halves were in the oven, and the icing was done. Magnus pulled Alec over the sofa, whom was pulling the hairband out of his hair. He hated having his hair out of his face. That was one thing him and Magnus would just have to disagree on. “So how was your first time baking a cake, then?” Magnus asked, smiling. Alec smiled weakly back. “it was…okay… I don’t think I’d be able to do it on my own, though.” The warlock kissed the top of his head. “I’d never ask you to.” 

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