how I met him

just read it..:)


9. she leaves me

''Lara wake up, time for school''mum yelled from kitchen

''i and Justin woke up and when we saw how we asleep we started to laugh hard

''I need to go to school..:/'' i said with a sad voice
'ooh don't be sad I'll drive you'' Justin said and kissed me

''okay'' i said and went to the bathroom

I took a shower,when I was done I put some makeup and I took a blue jeans and red t-shirt

''I'm ready Justin'' I screamed 

''let's go''he said and took keys of his ferrari



''so here we are''Justin said

''yes, I need to go..:///, bye hun'' I said and kissed him

''bye babe''he said and when I went out of the car he left


I saw Josipa, she was sitting at the bench next to the entrance to school

''Josipa over here''I yelled

Josipa turned her head to me but she didn't reply anything

I sat next to her and asked

''what's wrong''


''why me?''

''you left me because of Justin Bieber''

''I did not how could you said that''

''you did and don't yell at me''

''Josipa I..'' ''shuttupp go find another bf''

why did she do that...

I know she's mad but I did not left her... I would never do that..

___________SCHOOL IS OVER_____________

I saw Justin's car on the parking lot

I run to him and hugged him ''I've missed you''

''I've missed you too, let's go home'' he said and we left

________________________________________________________________________________________________LLOLOLOLOLOLLOLLOLLOLOOLO SHORTTTT :/ soryyyy



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