Life after war

Ron and Hermione get together after the war ............. are they gonna be safe? what if there are still dark people around wanting to take revenge on them for helping Harry defeat the dark lord?


25. OMG!!!

Ron's POV

Bloody hell! "Really?" I asked, joy flooding into my voice. She looked slightly fearful though I couldn't fathom why.

"You're not angry?" she asked, her eyes keeping low. Did she not want this baby?

"No, why would I be? What's up? Don't you wan-" I started.

"It's not that, of course I want your children!" my children. She was mine and we were going to have a beautiful baby. "I love you, Ron Weasley, it's just with Bellat-"

"Don't say that name!" I hissed angrily, causing her to flinch. "I'm sorry. I swear, I won't let that bitch near you again." I promised, she wouldn't hurt my Hermione, I couldn't let her. If only I could see that through.

"Thanks Ron," she murmured thickly as I pulled her to my chest. I would protect her and my child, even if it killed me.


"Are you ready, 'Mione?" I called, knocking on the bedroom door. She opened it and gave a twirl, showing off her new, powder blue, dress robes which I had bought her the other day. "Lovely, as always," I said, kissing her on the cheek. "You nervous about telling them?" I asked as I guided her to the fireplace in the living room.

"A little bit," she admitted, biting her lip. "Worried about what they'll think, especially Harry." I knew she was worrying about Bellatrix, I could always tell when she was worrying.

"Don't worry, Love. Everyone will be fine, just a little over protective." I assured her, rubbing her arm comfortingly before flooing to the burrow.

"Evening all!" I called, stepping out of the dying flames. Mum had invited everyone for dinner and was busily bustling round the kitchen.

"Oh! Hello dears!" she exclaimed, "Dinner will be ready in a few minutes, Hermione, would you be a dear and put the cutlery out?" she said, wiping her hands on her apron.

"Sure Mrs Weasley,"

"Oh please, call me Molly." Hermione laughed and nodded. I stayed and helped set the cutlery, I was reluctant to leave her side. Mum stepped away from the stove and started to remove her apron.

"Oi! You lot! Dinner!" I yelled through to the others. Mum nodded appreciatively at me.

Dinner was a quiet affair and we were about to move onto pudding when I stood up. "Everybody, we have an announcement to make." I put my hand on Hermione's shoulder as she looked at me unsure. "Hermione and I are going to be parents!" I said, beaming down at her.

"Godric, Hermione! When did this happen?"

"Oh, c'est magnifique! What weel you name 'im?"

"Bloody hell!"

"Wow, this is so surprising."

"Good on you mate, better not disrupt the shop though!" joked George, punching his brother on the arm lightly. Everyone was looking at us in happy surprise. As expected Harry looked concerned for his best mate and Hermione was looking at Harry questioningly who shook his head, mouthing 'later'.But I swear I saw a glint of happiness in his eyes.

-Hermione's POV-

Why on earth did Harry look so upset with me?But I did see a glint of happiness in his eyes. But was it really that awful? I nodded to the door to the living room and he nodded his head in agreement.I followed Ron and Harry through to the living room.

"Hermione, why?" said Harry with a pained expression.

"Because I'm in love with my husband, is that so bad?"Ron smiled at me reassuringly.

"No, but what if Bellatrix finds out?" said Harry. I had thought about that, she would try to kill me and my baby even harder.

"I know about the dangers of being pregnant right now, but Harry, what would you do if it were Ginny?" He shook his head, I knew the answer though. He would protect his wife and child as Ron and I would.

"Fine, but you're not to go anywhere alone." He said. Annoying as this would be, he was right. "and, I know you had a fight with them, but you need to tell your parents, and soon." I gulped but nodded my head, Ron and I would go now.

"Ron," I said as we went back into the kitchen, "Come on, we need to go tell my parents."

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