Just That Girl Called Ginny

Ginny's first year is a mix of complete chaos, and it's definitely NOT something an eleven year old girl would want to put up with! Hogwarts is an incredible place, fun, magical, and definitely safe! Well . . . That is until Ginny's first year. The Chamber Of Secrets has been opened again, and no student is safe, especially not Ginny, who is an inexperienced young girl, thrust into a dangerous and deadly adventure, with only one way out. Not only does she have to battle with the darkest wizard of all time, she also has to fight with a broken heart, because the boy she loves could not possibly love her . . . Will Ginny survive? Or will she disappear like those thrust into the chamber before her?

Cover by: MissQuirky


6. The Chamber Of Secrets

Tom Riddle . . . Who was he? I decided to ignore the name, because he had obviously not bothered to even write something inside it. I wrote, "My name is Ginny Weasley.". What on  Earth?! My name disappeared and a fresh sentence came up. It said, "Hello, Ginny. My name is Tom. Tom Riddle. How are you?"

I stared at the writing blankly and quickly wrote back. This happened for most of the afternoon, until a bunch of other girls came in. I quickly hid the diary and greeted them, pretending nothing strange was happening. We chatted for a while, until they all fell asleep. I was still awake, I just had to find out who Tom was! Maybe he was some kind of ghost or spirit, haunting a diary? I pulled the little notebook out again and continued the conversation with him.

A few months later, Tom had become my best friend. He felt like a mate I could carry around in my pocket! Tom stayed with me wherever I went and gave advise on everything. I told him about my brothers, about Harry and about everything else.

I would still go to school and have fun or get points taken off Gryffindor by Snape because I was cheeky, but at night, when I would put down my quill after finishing homework, Tom would be waiting for me, ready to talk. Sometimes, he helped me with my work because he was a top student at Hogwarts once, but sometimes, we would just talk and talk, and I would tell him about Harry and how much I wanted him to like me.

Occasionally, after lessons, if Filch's cat, Mrs Norris, (Filch was the school caretaker) wasn't following me, I would go down to Hagrid's house for a cup of tea, looking for Harry. I would always ask about him, but he would never be there, so I gave up after a while and just went to him whenever I needed someone to talk to about things that were troubling me.

Everything was fine, until the day before Halloween. I heard Hagrid telling Harry that all the roosters had been killed the night before. He suspected it was a werewolf, but I was scared. Why? Because I had rooster feathers and blood down the front of my robes and I didn't know how it got there. Of course, I immediately told Tom about this, but he didn't answer.

Didn't he like me anymore? Oh no, not Tom too! I had already tried to survive that Harry wasn't interested! I peeled off the robes, chucked the rooster feathers in the bin and shoved my robes into the wash basket, knowing they would be magically washed and ready in my trunk for me the next day, like they always were. I then got my pyjamas on and jumped into bed, pulling the covers over myself and falling asleep with all my worries curled up inside me.

On Halloween itself, I got up and yawned loudly. I then pulled on my robes and somehow survived a whole day of lessons. I couldn't stop thinking about Harry! This happened almost every day, and I usually talked to Tom, hoping he could help. But this time, Tom wasn't there to answer, so I didn't have anyone to talk to. And I couldn't just go to Hagrid, he would be very mad at me for killing the roosters, even if I didn't mean to.

The feast would happen later that day and everyone was saying how delicious it would be, but I was feeling a bit ill, so I decided to give it a miss and made my roommate Kelly Broomsworth promise to bring me some leftovers. As soon as lessons ended, I went straight up to bed and fell asleep. I had the weirdest dream, like Tom was laughing . . . And I was writing on the wall . . .

Strangely, Kelly shook me awake in the middle of the night. She looked really scared . . . "Ginny, the Chamber of Secrets has been opened . . ." she whispered. I stared at her blankly. The what? She pulled me out of bed and we sped down to a jam-packed corridor. Everything was crazy! Mrs Norris looked dead, and she was hung from a hook on the wall, where Harry was standing. The words in front of him were written in blood.

"The chamber of Secrets has been opened enemies of the heir . . . beware"

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