The Report

Ebelyn is a high schooler. She is one of the bad/good girls. Her teacher Ms.Tilson has made the high school do a project. She brings in Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. Every girl in the school has to do a report about each one. At the end of this project, the winner of best report gets to pick their favorite. And go on a date with them, no matter what. Either they like it or hate it, this will be a big report.


3. Finishing

       I walked to school alone. A car drove by. It stopped then came to me. "Hey!" They said. I looked to my right and saw Zayn. "Hey." I said shivering. "Cold?" I nodded. "Come on I'll drive you to school." I nodded and hopped into the car. "How you doing about the report???" I looked in my bag. "I got Louis and you." He smiled. Then we got to school. "Zayn is it alright if we can sit together at lunch?" He was surprised. "Yea, I guess. Why?" I sighed and held my breath. "I feel like my friends, Anthony and Isabelle don't want to hang out with me." He nodded and we went into the school.

 I went to Ms. Tilmon's class. "Ello!" I said to her and hugged her. "Miss. Grady, welcome. Mr. Malik welcome." She said happily. The other guys were at a seat. I looked at Zayn. He went to them. Not even saying a word. Well this just happened.

     I got out of class and walked down the hall by myself. Zayn far back. I put some books into my locker. Zayn came behind me. "Hey." He said. I stayed quiet and kept walking. "What's up? Why are you so quiet right now?" He asked. I walked into my next class. Zayn stopped at the door, and watched me sit down. He left the door and stormed down the hall. I sighed.

       I left class and headed to the lunch room. I saw Isabelle then I saw Zayn. I walked to where the nerds sit. "Hey is it okay if I sit with y'all?" The boy nodded. "My name is Ebelyn." The girl looked at me. "That is a name I always wanted to name my kid." I smiled. "I like that name too. I'm Stewart and this is Danny." He pointed to the girl. "Very nice to meet you both." They smiled.

      I walked home alone. I opened the front door. I sat on the couch. I opened a book. Mocking Jay. I'm on page 136. My door opened. "Hey forgot about me today????" Zayn yelled. I stood up. "How about did you forget about me??" He looked mad. "I was trying to talk to you!!!!" I looked at him. "Zayn, I'm doing this report. Tomorrow it's due. But you can't make me sleep with you." I opened the front door. "Youre kicking me out???" I nodded. "Why is the door opened???" He left.

   I pulled out my papers. I wrote about Harry and Niall. 'Harry, has curly hair. did you know he was born with strait hair???' Then Niall. 'The only Irish guy in One Direction. Only blonde too.'

I put the papers in my bag and went into my room. I heard my parents walk in. I could tell, they were yelling at each other. "Ebelyn." My dad yelled. I came downstairs. "No more of this 'Zayn' guy." I looked at mom. "It's okay dad. We're over anyway." I turned around and went upstairs. I grabbed my phone and texted Liam. 'Hey. I want you to pick me. Only you.' I sat my phone down.  I got on Bing on my computer and typed. 'Zayn Malik good or bad?' I got lots of crap. I searched then looked at my phone. 'Zayn won't pick you. That's for sure.' I let out a little laugh.

    *NEXT DAY*

I walked into Ms. Tilmon's class. There Sat the guys. "Students turn in reports." I put mine on her desk. The guys read them. "Okay we've picked." Niall said. "Go ahead." Ms. Tilmon said. "The winners are, for Zayn Samantha." She screamed. She went to Zayn and was on him. "For Harry, Nina." Nina is very nice. She smiled and stood beside him. "For Niall, Hannah." Hannah stood up and sat down. She is very shy. "Louis, Ebelyn." I looked at Liam. He was shocked too. "Oh.... for Liam Ebelyn too."

       At lunch we all had to sit together. I sat in between Nina and Liam. Everyone was laughing. Except me and Nina. "The date tonight is at seven. Can everyone make it?" I put my fork down. "I can't." Liam looked at me. "Niether can I." "I can't." Zayn said. "But I can when my date is Ebelyn." I spit out the water that was in my mouth. "What?" I say. "Be my date." He looked at me. "Hmmmm." I looked at Liam. "I'm not going with Samanthat." Samantha was mad. She left the table. "Fine."

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