1. Time

It cold day in te middle of November 1998, Sarajevo! It was cloudly and quite, the birds sang their song in this early morning!

His little heart pounded soflty! He heard an explosion, and droped his toys! He stood straight up and ran to the house entre! His little heart pounded harder and harder! Then he heard another explosion! He tried to cry after his mother, but the explosions were to loud! He opened the door! His heart pounded faster and hearder! He was scared, but he opened it.. What he saw will remain in his memory, what he saw will be a huge piece of his life, what he saw will remain a unforgettable memory! Houses were exploded, people. No...dead bodies everywere. People were cryin beside one of their family! He ran as fast as his feet could! His little heart pounded harder and harder as if it was a hammer pounding out of his little chest! He felt something warm that rolled down his cheeks, tears! It was tears, he felt! They went cold as ice, when they rolled down. His mother was gone, she would never leave him like this! She cared so much about him, and still cares! He tried to shake her off his mind! There was no time, he has to run beyond that border!

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