The walking dead (game); Time Out


1. Chapter one; Clementine.

"Bye clementine!" Shouted Clementine's parents in unison. "We'll see you in eight days sweetie, remember and feed the hamster!" Clementine nodded and waved, paying more attention to the news. Over the past few days, there had been weird things going on, people were being taken into hospital, people were being murdered. Clementine was flabbergasted as to how people could live in a world where nearly everywhere is full of bad things.

Just then, Clementine heard her father struggle taking the suitcases out to the car and within a minute, she heard the trunk of the car close and the car's engine rev up.

"Don't worry Mrs Knowles." Sandra, Clementine's babysitter gushed. "Clemmy will be safe with me, just enjoy your trip to Savannah!"

"What have I told you?" Laughed Diana. "Call me by my first name!"

Diana and Sandra shared a brief moment of laughter before Ed, Clementine's father shouted from the car. "Diana, we're going to miss our flight, c'mon!"

Diana picked up her hand bag from the counter top and made her way out of the sliding doors, making sure to take a second glance at Clementine- who was contently sat at the counter colouring in a rather squiggly looking unicorn and craning her neck to watch the tv, the news reporter stood tall and poised as he read out the news. "Hello and welcome to WABE news. The death toll rises in Atlanta as an unknown virus has broken out and affected more than 396 people, with more than 753 seriously injured. It is thought that the wide spread virus can be quarantined and cured in less than 24 hours. Doctors at the university of Atlanta claim that a vaccine for the virus is already undergoing tests and health will be restored within Atlanta. I'll now hand you over to my correspondent Carley Farrell for more details."

Clementine watched bug-eyed as the smartly-dressed woman on the TV spoke of long words and horrible details. "You'll get square eyes watching TV like that young lady!" Said Sandra. Clementine laughed at her statement, "You can't get square eyes Sandra! Mines are circle shaped!" She giggled. Sandra laughed too, her loud laugh echoed around the room as she picked up one of Clementine's father's books. Clementine spun around to give her mother one last hug before she went but she'd already gone.

Clementine made her way up to her room and got her pajamas on and jumped into bed. She thought about the news worriedly. What if the virus came to where she was? Or even worse...what if her mother and father got sick?

She quickly shook the horrible thought out if her head, her mother and father would return in eight days, just like they always did.

Still slightly worried, Clementine closed her eyes and prayed, prayed for the people on the news and begged The Lord that her and her family would be okay, that no one would be harmed and her mother and father would return home safely.

Soon after, Clementine slipped into a quiet sleep, her troubled thoughts nowhere to be thought of.

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