The walking dead (game); Time Out


2. Chapter 2; I scream

Clementine woke with a start, she looked at her clock, the big hand was at twelve and the small hand was at five, it was far too early for her to be awake. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and looked around her room, suddenly she heard a weird whiny noise coming from the living room.

She slipped on her night gown and made her way quietly down the stairs, one by one, making extra sure her tiny feet made no noise against the wooden stairs.

When she made it to the bottom, she slowly creeped into the living room until she saw something strange, Sandra was lying on the couch with a man. The man looked older than Sandra and it didn't look like he was wearing any clothes.

Clementine tried to hold in her laughter as she noticed her baby sitter and the man were both naked on the couch making weird, sad noises. Clementine didn't think she could be quiet for any longer. Just then the man made a loud noise and started bouncing on Sandra, Clementine couldn't take it anymore, she let out a loud laugh and Sandra bolted upright pinning the covers to her chest, causing the man to fall off the couch and land on the ground with a thud. The man stood up quickly, picked his clothes up from the carpet and ran out of the sliding doors falling over his own feet as he jumped into his car.

Clementine ran up stairs giggling wildly as Sandra sat down stairs wondering how and when to tell Clementine what she was doing.

With what just happened on her mind, Clementine got dressed into her favourite clothes- her stripy long-sleeved top, her leggings, her favourite blue shoes, her white dress to go on top and her cap. Clementine loved her cap, her dad gave it to her when he came back from his business trip to Arkansas, she loved her father so much, she actually started kind of missing her parents, even though it'd only been a day since they had left.

She soon left the thought of her parents behind when she saw Sandra's concerned face as she entered the kitchen. "Clem, about that man..." Sandra was obviously trying to make what she was going to say subtle.

"when a man and a woman love each other, they give each other a special kind of hug, one that looks and sounds a bit odd, but it's beautiful and it's part of growing up." Clementine nodded, her eyes drifted to the TV. The news was on again, anything was better than listening to Sandra nervously explain what a hug was, Clementine already knew what a hug was, she wasn't stupid.

"And that's why you must never do this until you are much older, okay?.. Clementine are you listening to me? This is important!" Clementine snatched her eyes away from the news and spun her head around to face Sandra. "Yes, okay" she said hurriedly, eager to get back to watching the news.

Sandra nodded and went through to the kitchen to make breakfast for them both. Clementine grabbed the remote and turned the sound up, eager to hear what was happening in Atlanta.

"The death toll rises once again today as more than 11,000 deaths occurred in Atlanta, reports suggest that the virus is quickly spreading and has hours before it spreads to Savannah. We urge you to keep all your windows and doors locked and if possible stay on high ground. I will now pass you over to Dr. J Krobo head of scientists analysing this wide- spread virus."

Clementines heart dropped as she took in what the lady said about it spreading so fast. She reassured herself that her parents were going to be okay, and even if they did get a virus they always eat their fruit so they would be healthy enough to not die.

Clementine turned her attention back the the man on TV who was sadly telling the camera horrible details and facts.

"Studies have shown that this wide-spread virus is far, far more dangerous than it seems. When infected, the host will get fever like symptoms, they will then experience passing out then a sulphur-like smell will start coming from their body and then a severe sleep-paralysis-like phase where they will walk as normal but won't respond."

The woman next to the Doctor on TV looked as shocked as Clementine felt. The lady's face a picture of horror as the man warned everyone about the virus. Just then, Sandra walked into the living room and set down a tray with breakfast on in into the table, quickly changing the channel to her favourite talk show. "You sure do like to watch the news Clemmy, everything okay?" Sandra was caring and kind, but Clementine didn't want to discuss her worries about her parents, she just wouldn't understand. "Yeah, I'm okay Sandra." Said Clementine convincingly. "Can we just watch movies for the rest of the day?" Sandra smiled and took off clementines hat, ruffling her hair. "Of course we can, but I need to go out for a couple of minutes soon, just to grab a few bits from the shops."

Clementine nodded and took a mouthful of her cereal.

"Hey Clemmy." Sandra said abruptly. "Whilst you were watching the news, did you hear anything about a dude that murdered the State senator?"

Clementine never even knew what a 'senator' was, so she just shook her head and continued eating her cereal.

For the rest of the day, Sandra and Clementine watched movies, until it was around 9pm.

"Okay Clemmy." Said Sandra. "I'm just going out for a bit, you can lie on the sofa and wait for me, just close your eyes and I'll be back before you know it."

Clementine hesitantly nodded, she didn't want Sandra to know she was scared of being alone, what if she called her a baby?" Sandra smiled as she almost ran to the door and closed it loudly behind her. "I'll be back soon!" She said.

Clementine lay on the couch and waited, and waited... And waited. Clementine woke with a start when she heard a shrill scream from outside. Her heart pounding in her chest, she opened the sliding door and peered outside. She couldn't see anything at first, then suddenly something pushed her over and she went flying onto the floor, hitting her head and blacking out.

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