My Family .

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  • Published: 14 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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Story about my family .


3. Letter was replied by the woman .


    It was a night . My grandfather went to the nearby office . That's just a stone threw away from his fascinating house . The crescent moon hung ceremoniously accompanied by a couple of stars twinkling like an entourage . 


   My grandfather chest was heaving , 

   His heart was palpitating . 

   Courageously , he put the love letter into the mail box . 


   Why he made up his mind to send a letter at a peaceful night ? ... ... 

   In the past , everyone was close minded . 

  My grandfather was also a adorable and shy guy . 


   After a few weeks , the woman replied his letter .

  The woman invited him to take a dinner together . 


    My father was on top of the world . 

     He smiled . He shouted . He emptied his lungs . He was on the cloud nine .  He was extremely delighted .


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