My Family .

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  • Published: 14 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 26 Nov 2013
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Story about my family .


1. My Family .


                 That's my family ! 

     I live in a double terraced house . I have been living here for 15 years . In the past , my grandparents lived here also . My house is quite old . Yet , that's quite comfortable . We renovate our house once a year . You can come here to take a visit . That's quite old but full of stories . My father hung the photo of my grandparents (were gone) for many years at the dinning room . Every time , we come back from outside . We can see the my grandparents photos . Even though , they look not stunning . Yet , they look smart and serious . Every time , I see the photos . I recall lots of memories with them . My grandmother was gone for 13 years and my grandfather had gone for 20 years . I never see my grandfather . I don't have the opportunity . When I was born , he was gone . I heard that my parents said , my grandparents came from China . They lived in Hainan Town , China . They wanted to earn a living . So that , they came to Malaysia to get a job . They wanted to earn more money . Before they became' man and wife' , my grandfather worked at rubber estate. He worked so hard . He sacrificed his time , just wanted to earn more money , My grandfather would send some money to their hometown in China . He lived in rubber estate . He was bitten by mosquitoes ( almost every day before )  . Rubber farm was full of mosquitoes . His legs were painful and ugly . In this epoch , we never have this experience. 

     After 2 consecutive years , my cousin , Ah Hong took him to a coffee shop to be a worker . Ah Hong is the owner of coffee shop . Ah Hong didn't want him to continue to work at rubber  estate .    That's SUFFERING ! Ah Hong thought tapping rubber was not appropriate for him also . 

    After that , my grandfather saved some money for being a worker in coffee shop . He worked as a helper in coffee shop . He operated his own coffee shop by himself . He started from scratch by nothing . To Be Continued ............................

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