Wolfs moon

Wolfs moon is about the queen of the werewolfs wolfy mark her mother and father were killed by vampire when she was young she falls inlove with the princes of the werewolf fang and Alexandra want to rad there love forever


4. chapter four real love

I woke up in a big room on a soft bed. I look next to me and see fang."good morning" I said to my lover fang knight. "Wolfy in a few weeks we are going to be husband and wife" fang grab my hand and kisses it. I wounder if Alexandra will found out I run away with the vampire prince. "Don't worry wolfy my love he won't found you here"fang said hold me in his arms and kisses me. "Fang I love you" I said hugging him and crying. They can't know we are in love,we are breaking the law my love they will kill us" fang telled me. "I know my love I know" I telled him. "I won't let them kill you like they did to my sister and your brother" fang don't let go of me for six hours that morning oh god I love this man with all my heart. Fang let go of me and walked to the kichinen and came back with breakfores for me."here you go my love" fang gave me meat,milk,and eggs."thank you so much fang" I smiled at him. I start to eat the food it was so good just like the food my dad did for me every morning. Then I start to cry.

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