Wolfs moon

Wolfs moon is about the queen of the werewolfs wolfy mark her mother and father were killed by vampire when she was young she falls inlove with the princes of the werewolf fang and Alexandra want to rad there love forever


5. chapter five why

"Wolfy please don't cry I hate to see you cry" fang gave me a hug then he bit my neck. But it won't fang it was his father the king of the vampires. I was going to die then fang come in and hit his father in the face.He picked me up and ran out of the castle."we have to go to Rome" fang said running fast as he can."fang what's going on!?" I asked him. My father found out about us and his going to kill us and your mom and dad are not die" he said. "WHAT!!!!!!" I jump out if fangs arms and looked at him. "Am sorry I don't tell you but Alexandra is not a werewolf his a vampire and werewolf hunter" fang telled me. "But why will he be with me I the first place" I started to get scared."you are the queen of the werewolfs and vampires now and my wife" fang said holding me close."I will kill him if he hurts you and are baby" fang was mad but he did want kids with me. "I love you so much fang!!" I said right to fangs face. "Your mom am dad are in Rome they faked there died becouse you have a very strong power my father wants" fang hold me close."fang" I looked at him."I won't let them take you and the baby from me " fang was really mad he was going to kill. "I won't let them hurt you and if they do I will kill them" fang was hell mad. "For now just sleep my love and we will be in Rome in the morning" fang said his last words to me that night.

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