Wolfs moon

Wolfs moon is about the queen of the werewolfs wolfy mark her mother and father were killed by vampire when she was young she falls inlove with the princes of the werewolf fang and Alexandra want to rad there love forever


1. chapter one why

I always known that there was a world of vampires werewolf wizards and more. But when you are a werewolf princess from Germany it's fun sometimes. I walked in the streets of blood wood it's was not a nice town.the school was at night. When my family moved next store to vampires it's so dumb. But there one son was the only one to walk in the sunlight during the daytime and that was the firs time I meet him. I was walking home one night for the store and I saw vampires eatting my mom and dad I was only ten years old. Six years passed since that snowy night am now sixteen years old. I have three little brothers and one big sister and one big brother. My name is wolfy mark am a werewolf princess from Germany. Am the next in my family to be queen of the werewolfs but i have to marry a werewolf but my first love was the vampire prince fang night he was everything to me but we moved when I was six and I never see him again after that. I was getting ready to go home from school and I see him Alexander moon the man I have to marry on my 18th birthday. He was a jackass I hate him.

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