It Started At Starbucks

Liam Payne fan fic


5. "Where Am I"

Liams POV
"Where Am I?" I asked the stranger standing over me. "I'm Logan Hannahs Ex untill she comes you are my slave, when she comes you to trade places but she will be my sex slave" said Logan

"You can't do that to her!" I shouted but there was a knock on the door.......

Hannahs POV

I went to the address that Logan had on the note and knocked on the door. Standing before me was Logan. "well well well you finally showed up. You must be here to save pretty boy over there" he said nodding his head in Liams direction. I ran over to Liam but he said" Go leave me here he's just going to make you his sex slave" 

" I know but he was going to kill you if I didn't come he's dangerous. I know you think he isn't dangerous but trust me he CAN kill you leave and don't come back for me." Liam nodded and left without saying any words.

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