It Started At Starbucks

Liam Payne fan fic


6. Logan (16+)

Logans POV (P.S Im Sticking with the name Logan)

MWAH HAHAHAHA( this is my evil laugh) I got my wonderful Hannah back. Now I get to have sex with her at last to bad that fucking bastard took her virginity I should've when we were dating. I could've had a part of her that she couldn't take back. " Babe come here" "O-ok" she walked over and I leaned in and she didn't move. I smashed my lips against hers shoving my tounge in her mouth. She finally kissed back. This is just like old times it feels so right. I lifted her up and carried her upstairs to my room. Laying her on my wait make that our bed. I didn't hesitate I pulled off her shirt staring at her chest. She tugged at my shirt so I helped her take it off. She knew that if she doesn't fight me nothing bad will happen. I started to take off her bra when I heard sirens. FUCK I knew this would happen. That little bastard. " Babe come on I have bags packed" she got up and walked over to the garage door to get in the car. I grabbed the bags with our clothes I always had one packed for Hannah I knew she would come back one way or another. I ran to the car and threw the bags back and started the engine. I knew where to go....... My uncles warehouse nobody even knows where it is except his gang. They could watch Hannah to so she will never escape. MWAH HAHAHAHAHA. "Babe this is gonna be a long ride lie down" I said patting my lap " Fine" she put her head on my lap instantly I got hard. She felt it too she lifted her head and looked and me. "What babe you know how you make me feel" " Yeah I do I used to be your girlfriend but know I'm your slave. You just couldn't let me go and be with Li (Liam) you just need me for yourself'" Ouch " Babe be ready to have the best sex of your life now suck my dick or else" she hesitated but she knew what was right she pulled down my zipper and started to suck my dick. " Oh my g-g-god babe" I moaned. I started to cum but she stopped and just rubbed up and down my length. Making me drip on her. " What did I tell you to do" I slammed and the brakes and lock the car we are at my uncles warehouse anyways time to have sex. " We are here so just go to the bedroom that we were in while we were dating and don't bother keeping those clothes on" "O-o-o-k"  She ran in the warehouse luckily my uncle and his gang are here to help me watch her.

Hannahs POV (I felt like it was enough of Logans POV)

OMFG why does he want me? I know he's gonna have sex with me one way or another so might as well actually do it otherwise he will hurt me. His uncle and his uncles gang are here so I know I can't escape. He stormed in the room with all our stuff and threw it across the room and said "Babe we ARE going to finish what we started ok" " ok but only if you use a condom" " I will cause I don't want a bratty child so lay the FUCK DOWN!" He jumped on me cause I was naked like he said to do. He stripped completely and rolled on a condom. He grabbed one of my boobs and sucked on the other. He went lower till he was at my clit and just sucked on my wetness. "Man babe you are wet" with that he shoved two fingers in me and I moaned arching my back " Oh babe you like that? Well I have a suprise for you. Well it's not a suprise" He turned so his feet were above my head and his dick right besides my face.  He sucked harder on my clit and thrusted his dick in my mouth forcing me to suck it. He came and his cum filled my mouth " Swallow my cum now" he said I did was told and he said " good girl now time for the best part" He smirked he was on top of me smashing are lips together and thrusted as far as he could inside of me "FUCK LOGAN!!!!!!!!!" I felt him smirk against my lips. I flipped us over and rode him swaying my hips back and forth making him moan "Babe I-I-I'm cumming" I felt warmness inside of me knowing he came but I started to bounce up and down while he thrusted up inside of my farther. I sat up so we were face to face and sucked my boob again. I hated this man with all my fucking heart. I heard people running up the stairs. " Logan y-y-y-your uncles gang is coming" he flipped us over and whispered " Good then they can see me fuck you over and over again." The door flew open and instantly I saw his uncles gang one of them said " So you found her Logan?" " Yes do you want her to suck your dick? she listens and does whatever I tell her to" " Yeah thanks Logan I didn't get a blow job for years" with that he pulled down his pants and boxers and told the other members to leave and walked over. "Logan why are you doing this to me?" "Remember when you stopped sucking my dick in the car?" "Yes" "Well then you are going to suck my uncles dick for me"............









































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