Maybe Dreams do Come True

(This is the sequel to I must be dreaming, so read that first! :)) Sometimes, dreams can become a reality. But for Tori, things weren't always the same as she thought. What if her feelings were deeper down, her heart exploding with emotions, as her dreams come true, just not in the way she planned.


18. Clove Style! (For my friend Brookxxie<3Clato)


I was watching the man's feet very cautiously. Since I haven't eaten anything all day, my stomach was making some pretty loud noises. And of course, like I knew he would, the mysterious man stopped in his tracks.

Once he started to bend down, because he knew I was under the bed, I grasped the bat even tighter in my hands. My knuckles were turning white, and I was just about ready to let go just a little, until I saw his face. It was the creepy hobo who lived down my street and checked me out whenever I walked by. I finally just swung the bat right at his temple, which was a little hard to do, considering I was laying flat on the floor under my bed.

I finally did it...

Unfortunately, I missed and hit this guy in the eyeball. All because he was standing at an angle I didn't expect him to be standing at. I guess he didn't feel anything, even though extreme amounts of blood were flooding out of his eye, onto my brand new, white carpet.

Instead, he grabbed the bat out of my hands. Well, he tried to but instead grabbed me along with the bat. The hobo finally managed to grab it out of my hands and swing it like crazy. When I made a run for the door, he chased after me. When the hobo swung me over his shoulder, I caught a glimpse at the clock, which said 4:20. Great, now I have to wait four more hours until my parents get home.


Katelyn's POV

I have been looking for that specific rock for just about five minutes now. I thought there were two of them, because one of the rocks I saw were empty. There must be a second one! That's when I heard screaming coming from inside. I peeked at the living room through the window and found Tori being carried by the hobo that lived down the street. I was wondering where he was...

Then, I knew I had to get in the house some way without making myself noticeable. I guess the only thing to do is jump the fence and come in through the back door. Thankfully, the hobo's back was to the door that I was about to sneak in from.




So I jumped the wrong fence. It took me a few extra minutes, but I finally made my way in through the back door. Once I got inside, all I heard was yelling and screaming.

"So, Tori. Just do as I say and you won't get hurt. I have three bullets in this gun. If you don't listen the first time, I shoot you in your leg. Don't listen the second time, and it's in your other leg. If you don't listen the third time, I will shoot you in the head with my last bullet. Got it?" Man, this guy's voice was deep and scary. He continued talking, but I didn't hear Tori... Did he seriously put something over her mouth? Ugg, I have to do everything around here...

I sneaked my way into the kitchen and grabbed two of the biggest knives. I'm lucky I've secretly been taking those knife-throwing lessons for the past ten years.

I sneaked my way back into the living room, but I guess Tori still didn't see me. She had a look of worry on her face. Like she had no hope. Well, that was all about to change as I threw my first knife into the hobo's leg.

The guy winced miserably in pain and fell to the floor. Tori then grabbed the knife from his leg and shoved it into his chest. Blood exploded out of him like a grenade, but he was finally dead! I then walked over to him, crouched down, and said, "That's what you get for kidnapping my best friend in her own house you b****!" After that, I shoved my knife through his head.

And that's how you do it Clove style!



Hey guys! Awesome chapter am I right? I actually made this chapter for one of my very good friends. Her name on movellas is Brookxxie<3Clato. You can probably tell that she is a major Cato and Clove fan just by reading her stories. You should check them out, because even if you don't like The Hunger Games, her stories are awesome! She helped me come up with this idea, and I don't think I could have come up with anything better! So, I wrote this chapter just for her. Don't forget to like and favorite, but also comment to tell me how you like the story so far! XOXO, Samantha <3

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