Blood Saver

*Red Hero, Protector, Defender, Fighter this is book #5*
Something wasn't right. My stomach has been hurting more than ever and I've been vomiting more than ever. As I walked out of the bathroom my legs grew weak and I fell to the ground. Liam rushed over to me. "Baby what's wrong?"He asked. I think I already knew.....
Shianne and Liam have been married. Everything is great except that Cyberious wants Shianne changed. Or she needed to die. But what happens when she gets the unexpected? Something Liam's been trying to forbid, Something that makes Shianne and Liam closer, Something that's so dangerous it could be death itself? A baby.


13. Waiting

Liam's POV: Leanne yawned as I rocked her in my arms slowly. I sang her a little lullaby and she closed her eyes drifting off to sleep. I smiled and laid her down in her crib. I walked out quietly,shutting the door and headed downstairs. As we waited for Shianne to turn, I had set up a crib for Leanne in my old room. Just a place for her to sleep for now. I walked into Paul's office where she was laying. Cassie and Megan had cleaned her up, brushed her hair and changed her into a black ruffled dress. I'm just waiting for her to wake up so she can see Leanne. I touched Shianne's hand seeing that she moved a little bit. So if I speak to her, she'll hear me. "Hi baby, I can't wait for you to wake up and see her. She's so cute and small. Definitely looks just like me."I smiled. I saw a little smile spread across her face. I smiled back and kissed her forehead before letting go of her hand. I walked out of the room seeing Louis,Harry,Kendall and Niall all sitting watching football (american football) with beer bottles on the coffee table. "Guys we can't drink."I laughed. "Actually, we can."Louis said. I raised one eyebrow. "Uh, no we can't don't you remember what we are?"I asked. "Well apparently, vampires are aloud to drink bud light."Louis said taking a sip of it. "I'm not taking any chances."I laughed sitting down next to Niall. "So who's winning?"I asked. "Eagles."Harry said. "Awesome."I said. I like the Eagles. "Liam has it ever come across you that you look so much like David Beckham?"Kendall asked. I furrowed my eyebrows. "No I don't."I said. "Uhm, yes you do."Niall said pulling out his phone. "Nooo, I don't."I said. Niall handed me his phone letting me see a picture of him. "Oh,maybe I do."I said. "Yea you do."Louis said. I gave Niall back his phone. "So technically,  you're all saying I'm hot?"I asked. "Well, when you put it that way, yes."Harry said. I chuckled and watched T.V.

Anonymous's POV: "She had her baby."The person said. "Good. When will she wake up?"I asked. "In a couple days."The person said. "Oh, when should we strike?"I asked. "When they least expect it, after Cyberious approves of her. When they're happy."The person. Hmm that seemed perfect. I like ruining things. "Perfect timing."

A/N: I know this chapter is short. 

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