Blood Saver

*Red Hero, Protector, Defender, Fighter this is book #5*
Something wasn't right. My stomach has been hurting more than ever and I've been vomiting more than ever. As I walked out of the bathroom my legs grew weak and I fell to the ground. Liam rushed over to me. "Baby what's wrong?"He asked. I think I already knew.....
Shianne and Liam have been married. Everything is great except that Cyberious wants Shianne changed. Or she needed to die. But what happens when she gets the unexpected? Something Liam's been trying to forbid, Something that makes Shianne and Liam closer, Something that's so dangerous it could be death itself? A baby.


3. I wore Liam's clothes today..

Shianne's POV: OK let me rephrase last night, Liam said yes to me about having a baby. What made him finally say yes? I thought he was so against it. It made me so happy at first. But now that I really thought about it. He just randomly said yes to me. Maybe now he really thought it through and decided on what he wanted to do. Anyway, finally my eyes poured their way open as my phone went off playing 20 dollar nose bleed by fall out boy. I groaned and reached my hand over grabbing it. Text Message. 

My Babe <3 xx: Good Morning Love <3 I just went out to hunt there is a bagel for you in the microwave whenever you're ready to eat. I should be back around 12. Love you so much xx

Liam :3

I smiled and replied saying 'love you too'. I set my phone aside and slowly got out of bed. I made my way to the bathroom and went over to the shower and turned it on. I walked over to the sink and brushed my teeth and I stripped out of my clothing. My bruise slowly seemed to turn brown. It still looked weird. I went back over to the shower and got in. I washed my hair digging my nails into my forehead just to make sure I washed my hair right otherwise it got all greasy and nasty. I don't want that. I rinsed and just let the hot water come tumbling down my skin. It felt nice. I turned off the shower handle and stepped out of the shower. I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my bare self. I walked over into the closet. I don't wanna get dressed at all. I guess today's bum day. I pulled out one of Liam's sweatpants and took his batman shirt out. I grabbed a bra and panties out of my draw and put them on. I slipped Liam's batman shirt over my tiny body and it looked like a dress on me. Was Liam really that tall? I shook my head smiling and slipped on his sweatpants. I walked out and back into the bathroom and brushed my hair and just left it to air dry. I set down my brush and looked at myself. Oh yeah. Giant ass bum head I am. I smirked and left the bathroom. I made my way downstairs and grabbed the remote off the coffee table flicking on FOX so I could watch family guy. I set the remote down and went into the kitchen to get my bagel out of the microwave. I grabbed it and walked back out and sat down on the couch. I grabbed the light blanket sitting under the pillow and wrapped it around me. It was really cold especially for being June. But what can I say? It's never sunny and always damp here in Hemlock Grove. I watched a little bit of Family Guy before shutting off the T.V. I got up and walked back upstairs. I walked back into my room and grabbed my phone. I checked the time. 11:45 am. Thank god. Liam should be home in a few minutes. I unlocked my phone and played around on it going on my Facebook and what not. I heard the front door close and I set down my phone racing out of the bedroom. I stumbled upon the railing and looked down watching Liam as he took off his coat and hung it on the coat rack. He was soaked from the rain. "Did you have a good shower?"I laughed. Liam looked up and smiled at me. "Is that my batman shirt?"He asked. I nodded. "I hope you don't mind babe. I'm also wearing your sweatpants."I smiled. Liam shook his head and kicked off his boots. "You should really change your clothes. I'm not kissing you  when you're completely soaked."I smirked. Liam made his way up the stairs and into the bedroom. I followed him into the bathroom and I watched him strip off his clothes. "Baby could you get me sweatpants? Or just take off mine?"He asked. I shook my head and went into the closet and grabbed him his black sweatpants. I walked back in to him being completely nude and I looked up at the ceiling. "Oh come on like you haven't seen me naked before."Liam remarked. "I wasn't expecting that."I said covering my eyes with my hand. I outstretched my arm and he took his pants. "You can look now."Liam said. I removed my hand and made a face. "Where the hell are your boxers Liam!"I said running out of the bathroom. I ran into the bed and under the covers. "Babe come on stop acting childish."Liam laughed. "GO PUT ON YOUR BOXERS. Preferably your Calvin Klein's?"I asked. Liam removed the covers from over my face and bent down in front of me. "Tell me something. Do you fangirl over various things?"Liam asked taking my hand and playing with it. "Yes I fangirl over Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Brendon Urie-"Liam cut me off. "I don't need to know all the details."He smiled. "So do you fangirl over me?"He asked. I smiled. "Of course I do."I said. "What do you fangirl over?"He asked. I bit down on my lip and looked up at the ceiling again. I fangirl so hard over Liam's body and various "things" of his. "Babe, are you kidding me? You fangirl over the Payne Train?"He asked. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked down at him. "You call it the Payne Train!?!"I pretty much screamed. Liam laughed. "So that's how you fangirl.". He left me clueless. "WHO NAMES THAT?!!"I asked. I covered my face with my hands and groaned to myself. Liam wrapped his arm around me and moved my hands from my face. "Oh calm down love. It's not that bad."He laughed. "Liam you think this is funny! I seriously can't stop looking at your fucking face."I said. Liam just laughed harder. "You know what. Tell me what you fan boy over."I smirked crossing my arms. He stopped laughing and cleared his throat. "I fan boy over everything of yours."He said. "So you get excited if I talk?"I asked. He smirked. "No not exactly. I get excited knowing that you're mine."He said taking my hand that held my rings. He placed his thumb over my two rings and looked up at me. "And these rings just prove how much I love you."He smiled. I smiled back and Liam kissed my forehead. "Could you still go put some boxers on to hide-that?"I asked. Liam nodded and got up. I watched him as he went over to his dresser draw pulling out a pair of black Calvin Klein's. I looked away as he dropped his pants and stared out the window. "Babe come on stop acting like a child."Liam laughed. "OK just because I don't want to see you naked I'm a child?"I asked turning around. "Well you see me in the shower."Liam smirked. "That's different."I spat. "No it isn't. I'm naked in the shower babe."Liam said pulling up his sweatpants over his boxers. He walked over to me. "Can I have my shirt back? It looks like a dress on you."Liam said. He lifted it up over my body. "Can I have one of my shirts at least?"I asked. Liam grabbed one of my shirts from my side of the closet and handed it to me. I slipped it on over myself and fixed my hair. "So what should we do for the rest of today?"Liam asked. I thought for a moment and then made a little cheeky face looking over at him. "We could get sexual."I said. Liam chuckled. "During the day? Doesn't seem like us to do that."Liam said. I got on him sitting on his lap. I grabbed his hand and intertwine it with mine. I looked at his face for his reaction and he just kept smiling. "You're crazy for thinking we can do this during the day, There is things to do!"Liam said. "I never said for you to thrust Liam. I just said we could get sexual."I said. ""Liam laughed. I rolled my eyes. "Yea well when do I make sense?"I smirked and leaned down to kiss him. His hand traveled up inside my shirt playing around with my bra. I just kept kissing him letting his hands go wherever they wanted. Liam put his hand inside my bra and I bit down on his lip knowing his next move. He trailed his finger along my breast and soon his hand shaped my breast. I couldn't help myself but stick my hand up his shirt as well rubbing up and down on his chest. Little moans escaped my lips as he squeezed my breast. I knew he couldn't resist it. There was a ringing coming from downstairs. The door bell. Liam let go of me and I got off him. "Go put on your own clothes please. Someones' here."Liam said. Oh come on. Just when we were going to add our tongues to. 

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