Blood Saver

*Red Hero, Protector, Defender, Fighter this is book #5*
Something wasn't right. My stomach has been hurting more than ever and I've been vomiting more than ever. As I walked out of the bathroom my legs grew weak and I fell to the ground. Liam rushed over to me. "Baby what's wrong?"He asked. I think I already knew.....
Shianne and Liam have been married. Everything is great except that Cyberious wants Shianne changed. Or she needed to die. But what happens when she gets the unexpected? Something Liam's been trying to forbid, Something that makes Shianne and Liam closer, Something that's so dangerous it could be death itself? A baby.


1. Catching Up

"I guess we can all say, Everything Happens for a reason"

Shianne's POV: Everything has been good. Liam and I have been closer than ever. I really do love waking up every morning to seeing him and having stroke my hair and put his hand on my cheek. I'm happy to call myself Mrs.Payne. I'm just happy to be his. 

I woke up in Liam's arms as usual. He had his hand running up and down my waist. I had a huge bruise there that killed me. Last week I tripped and fell down the stairs like the klutz I am. It was horrible. I was OK thank god except for the damn big purple bruise that won't go away. My eyes fluttered open and Liam let go of me so I could get up. I sat up and looked at Liam. "Good morning."He smiled. "Good morning."I smiled in return. "How are you feeling?"Liam asked obviously talking about my bruise. "It hurts."I said. "I'm such a klutz."I smiled. "No you're not. I think that's the first time you've hurt yourself."Liam said. "No there's the time when I broke the vase."I said. "That was like 2 years ago."Liam smiled. "It still counts."I said. "No it doesn't."Liam said and sat up. He kissed my cheek and got out of bed. I watched him as he walked into the closet and pulled out a purple shirt and a pair of black jeans. I watched him as he got dressed and he looked up at me. "Like what you see?"He asked. "Very."I smirked. I got up out of bed and walked over to him and kissed his lips before I pulled out something myself. It was the middle of June. So I grabbed shorts and a Falling In Reverse t-shirt. I walked into the bathroom and got dressed and brushed my hair and teeth. I walked back out and greeted Liam in the bedroom. He planted a kiss on my forehead. I watched him as he put on his bracelet that matched my necklace he gave to me. I never take off this necklace. If I do it's so I can take a shower. Liam kissed my cheek and then my forehead. "Babe what's with all the kisses?"I asked smiling. "Just because."He smiled. I smiled back at him and he took my hand and we walked downstairs. "You hungry?"He asked. I shook my head. "Not at the moment.". Liam sat down on the couch and I sat on his lap. He took his hands in mine. "What should us 'Paynes' do today?"Liam asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "You know what we haven't done in a while?"He asked. "What?"I asked. "We haven't gone down to the meadow in a while."Liam smiled. "We could go there."I said. "After you have some breakfast."Liam said. I sighed but nodded. "What do you want?"He asked. "Cereal."I said. "OK."Liam said. I got off his lap and he got up and went into the kitchen. I followed him and he had a box of cereal, the milk and a bowl. I went up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist and stood on my tip-toes resting my head on his shoulder. I watched him as he made my bowl of food. He looked down at me and smiled kissing my forehead. I let go of him and he put the milk back into the fridge and I took my bowl. After I finished eating, Liam put the dishes in the sink. I got up as Liam turned back around smiling at me. I walked over to him and he took my hand leading me out of the house. Liam picked me up and sped us to the meadow. He slowed down his running and just walked. He set me down and took my hand again and we just walked. I looked around remembering the familiar woods where Liam and I used to walk. We just haven't been here in forever. We came across the same stream and Liam helped me across the log we used to always cross. Soon we came across the wild flowers of all colors. I smiled as Liam and I walked towards it. I really missed coming here. But through everything that happened back in December we just barely made time for ourselves. That was another thing I really had felt myself getting worried about. I remember when Liam said we would try for a baby in July after I turned 20. But Cyberious expects me changed by August 12. I stopped thinking as Liam sat me down. "What's bothering you?"He asked furrowing his eye brows. "Nothing."I lied. "Babe, I know you to much to know when somethings bothering you. Now tell me what's wrong. Please?"He asked. I looked up at him. "It's about what you said to me back in December."I said. "What's that?"He asked. "About trying for a baby after I turn 20?"I asked. His little smile faded away and he became serious. "Shianne I don't know. It's a big thing. I even already told you what would happen to you."He said. "But look at Cassie. She's still alive."I protested. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Just because that happened to her doesn't mean it'll happen to you. Everything's different."He growled. He re opened his eyes and looked over at me. "Can we talk about this later?"He asked. I nodded. It was probably better for us not to fight right now. I laid down and stared up at the gray sky. This sky is never blue. Liam laid down next to me. I looked over at him as he did with me and we both smiled at each other. He moved over on top of me and stroked my cheek with his thumb. I took his hand off my face and he came down kissing my lips. 

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