Love is in the air

They all started off as strangers… Can ONe Direction find their true soulmates all in the same night?


1. Party

It started off as a normal night. Niall had a party to go to with Zayn and Louis, while Liam and Harry went to a hotel party. 

Niall Zayn and Louis proceeded to the party. When they get there, Niall realizes he lost his keys. He runs out to get them. Louis goes inside and goes to the bathroom which is for females and males. Zayn goes to the elevator.

Carly's POV

As I was going to the party, I saw a pair of keys. I asked a few people and that is where I saw him. He was gorgeous and perfect in every way.

Niall's POV

A beautiful girl came up to me and asked if I lost my keys and I said yes. We started talking and we went up to the party and started dancing.


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