Royals: Book 1

What if you found out your whole life was a lie? What if you found out your birth parents are actually the King and Queen of an enchanted forest where magic exists, fairies are real, everyone is immortal, and you're next in line for the throne.
Welcome to the life of Cameron Ashton.

© November, 2013


3. Chapt 3

"The Queen will see you know." Kian opened the door and shut it as soon as Cam entered.

"Amelia?" A woman asked eagerly, also with a British accent.

"My name is Cameron." The woman turned to face her.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." She shook her head. The woman was in her forty's but had a young face. She had the same piercing eyes as Cam, but hazel instead of blue. Her hair fell in loose curls and was a little shorter than Cam's, but the same shade of brown. She wore a long, green gown with a sweetheart neckline and long sleeves. A gold crown rested on her head. 

"What?" Cameron asked.

"You look awful." 

"Well, I was kind of forced against my will to come to a place where I know nothing!" Once again, thunder rolled as Cameron got mad.

"Right. I am going to have to talk to Kian about his methods of getting you here. But my name is Rosalynn. And this is Fertrucia."

"And I fit in to this where?" As Cam's mood lightened, so did the storm. 

"Why don't you wash up. The king and I will talk to you when you look... Presentable. The bathroom is in the East Wing, second door to your right. Your bedroom is straight across from it. Feel free to take anything from the closet we have prepared for you and change in to something more comfortable." A girl about Cam's age then walked in. The girl was tall, as tall as Cam and had long wavy light brown hair. She was dressed in jeans and a loose blouse. "This is Charlotte. She will show you were to go." A stunned Cameron backed out and followed Charlotte to the bathroom.

"I know she seems kind of... Pushy at first, but Rosalynn is very sweet once you get to know her. She means well."

"I'm sorry if I seem rude asking this, but who exactly are you?"

"Oh, well I'm Charlotte. The King and my dad are really close. I spend most of my time here helping out. Well, this is the bathroom and right across is your room. If you have any questions, my room is two down from yours." Charlotte left Cam and she walked away to her own room.

Cameron walked in to the bathroom and closed the door. She turned on the water and let it run for a minute to warm up. She peeled off her soaking clothes and stepped in to the warm shower. After her shower, she wrapped a fluffy blue towel around her and ran a comb through her long hair. She quickly made her way to the bedroom and went to the closet where she picked out a pair of black yoga pants and a baby blue Juicy Couture sweatshirt. She braided her hair and flopped back on the bed. Where was she and what was she even doing here? Kian knocked on the door and she told him to come in.

"The King and Queen will see you now." Cam got up and followed him to the King's office where he and the Queen were waiting. All three of them looked her over and shook their heads. The Queen had said something comfortable and nothing was more comfortable than this. 


"Sit, please." Cameron did as she was told. "My name is Andre and this is my wife-"

"Rosalynn, we met." she interrupted.

"Do not interrupt the king." A third voice voice came from behind Cameron, making her jump again.

"Jeez! What is with people and coming up behind me today?!" 

"Sorry. I'm Ariana. I'm princess." Ariana was petite, but wore heels and stood with a posture that made her look like Cameron; same hair and facial features, except her eyes were brown. She wore a dress similar to her mother's.

"Cameron, there is something you must know," the King began. He looked at his wife and they exchanged glances.

"We're your birth parents." They said at the same time.




the queen:

the princess:



*I picture Kian as Zac Efron

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