Never Imagined Life Like This

Rebeccea and Ashlee best of friends normal lives living in Kalgoorie Australia were red dust just coats everything. Two normal teenages who live on a horse ranch with Rebecca's parents, both girls work in perth to get more money untill oneday the got more than what they expected when the Janoskians arrived in town... READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE.


4. work and the beach with the boys

Rebecca's P.O.V

I woke up feeling amazing it was friday so Ashlee and i don't have work on the weekends yay. I quickly got up and did my morning routine and me and Ashlee were off to work, we both had a major good buzz happening i was excited to see Beau today. He had texted me asking if we wanted to go to the beach later after work of course i said yes and Ashlee agreed.

2 hours later and we were finally at work i did hate living so far away but a jobs a job, when we arrived at the hotel Dave told us the boys were out and asked if we could clean there room Ashlee looked at me with a "are you kidding me" look i lauged as we headed to the elavator, "god trust them to ask us to clean there rooms they are so messy" i said laughing at Ashlees face.

I opened the door to there apatment and holy shit it was more messer than yesterday "i bet the little shits did this on pourpose ae" Ashlee said laughing "oi i so bet they did ugh great" i said looking at the food on the floor "they are such pigs" I laughed Ashlee nodded. We had finally finished the lounge dinning room and the kitchen and now we were onto the rooms, I choose to do Beau room for now and Ashlee said she will do Jai's she really liked him i could tell.

As i was cleaning Beaus room i found boxes and boxes of condoms i quickly took a pik of them all spread out on the bed then carried on cleaning i had made his bed and put his clothes into there places i then came across his deodarant i opened the lid and took a sniff oh my god it smelt amazing i dabbed a bit on my neck so i could smell it all day. I finished up in Beaus room and went to help Ashlee with the other boys rooms.

Fianlly 3 hours had gone by and we were finally done we walked out feeling happy and relieved we did an amazing job. We walked down to the lobby to where Dave was he assigned us with our next job which was cleaning the pool it was always fun, Ashlee was cleaning the spa in the other room. As i was cleaning the pool i felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist it gave me such a fright i turned and stepped back to far and i ended up in the pool pulling the person in with me.

I surfaced the water to be faced by Beau he was laughing at me "you got such a fright" he said laughing at me i splashed him then got out of the pool he ran up and gave me a hug "hey is that my colone i smell on you" he laughed "umm erm yea i kinda put a teeny tiny dab on my neck i know that's weird but it smells so good im sorry". Beau just laughed and hugged me again "i think its cute" he said rubbing my back.

"how come you hug me alot" i asked with a questioning face he looked at me and smiled "well im a person who loves to share hugs" he said smiling "oh ok" is all i said back smiling 'so are you done here or do you still need to complete more jobs'' "oh i think were actually done i just need to go get Ashlee" "oh ok sweet as".

I walked into the spa room to find Ashlee and Jai hooking up "holy shit Jai good job" Beau yelled besides me Ashlee and Jai quickly pulled apart and looked at us Ashlee was bright red and staring at the floor "umm ok well we will be in the lobby waiting for you to ok' i said and walked out with Beau behind me "i really didn't think Jai had it in him" Beau said laughing i laughed to and made my way to the locker room since i was wet.

"Wait out here ok" i said to Beau "sure thing babe" he said and gave me a wink, i swear i just melted inside. I quickly got changed into my spare clothes ran a brush through my hair and fixed my make up then walked out to see Beau talking to a girl my heart sank. i saw her slip a piece of paper in his hand and touch his cheek i wanted to die right then and there. he turned around and walked up to me like nothing had happened. "ready to go" he asked staring at me "yeah um sure what about Ashlee and Jai" i asked looking at the ground.

"oh they said theyre going up to the apartment to hang with the other guys and Ashlee said that she wants you to have fun tonight and yeah" "oh ok" is all i said back i felt sick now, and i was going to be all alone with Beau, and of course he was just hitting it off with someone else this is going to be a long night i thought to myself. we walked out of the resort and got into my Jeep, i drove to the nearest beach and we got out i locked the door to the jeep and we walked onto the nice warm sand the sun was still up but low in the sky we grabbed some thing to eat and sat on the beach together.

we made small talk while eating i was still upset from seeing him chatting up the other girl earlier i really like Beau but i guess he will never like me the same way. I think Beau could tell something was up because he asked if i wanted to go walk along the beach i just nodded he grabbed my hand as we were walking along the beach hand in hand i didn't say a word then all of a sudden Beau swung me round and made me face him.

"what's up" he said lifting my head up with his fingers "nothing" i said "no Rebecca i can tell somethings up please tell me", "ok ok fine it made me upset when that girl slipped the note into your hand and then rubbed your cheek." He looked at me then started laughing, "oh no Rebecca thats Lukes girlfriend she told me to give him this note and she rubbed my cheek because shes always been like that it didnt mean any thing i promise.

I felt like such a dick "oh my god im so sorry i'm such a dick Beau" "no no it's ok but does this mean you like me" he asked me with his hand on my cheek "maybe" i said looking away then his lips crashed down onto mine i was a bit taken back but then i gave in and kissed him back i felt him moan in my mouth which made me smile the kiss soon ended and we pulled apart. "do you want to stay they night with me" he asked holding both of my hands in his i looked up at his geourgous eyes and smiled "of course i will" "yay" Beau said then took my hand in his again and we went back to sitting on the dry sand.

"the sunset is so beautiful" i breathed out, i had never watched the sun go down on a beach before it was more romantic than watching it alone on the ranch. "oh that's a tough thing to beat but i think your are way more beautiful becs" i turned to look at him no one hardly ever calles me that it was nice to hear it. "what" Beau asked "oh no its just when you called me Becs, no one has called me that in ages but i love it.'' "oh well in that case ill just call you that all the time then". Beau was so cute.

later on I texted my parents to tell them where me and Ashlee were tonight and she texted back saying that it was fine. We walked up to the apartment and we heard yelling comming from  inside we walked into the apartment but no one was to be seen we heard "CHUG CHUG CHUG" comming from the deck we walked out onto it to see (Ashlee,James,Skip and Jai) trying to chug down a 3Ltr bottle of flavoured milk, James started vommitting everywhere i screamed and jumped onto Beaus back i hated vomit.

Beau laughed and gave my bum a squeeze and i giggled. "oh by the way Ashlee were staying here tonight ok" she just nodded then she vomited everywhere, "eww Beau can you please take me inside i don't like vomit" "sure thing babe" he piggy backed me into the room and we shut the sliding door and left the others to complete there milk challenge. Beau set me down on the bed in his room and shut the door. "sooo um do you want to watch a movie" Beau asked turning the flat screen on in the room "sure thing" i replied we got into his double bed and started watching the movie Transformers 1.

What Beau didn't know was that Transformers 1,2,3 were my all time favourite movies in the world, i think he could tell that i was really excited because he laughed and gave me a hug "you know it's just about been a whole week since we have meet" Beau said looking at me "yeah i know pretty crazy really" i laughed "why so" Beau asked looking confused "well because i love you guys but you have always been my favourite since i first discovered you guys, and ive watched pretty much every video and meeting you guys and then you kissing me is amazing. then me being in your bed would have to be the most cutest thing ever" i said giggling.

"well in that case since ive had the honour of knowing you for 4 days and we have just some how  clicked and your such a beautiful and smart girl and i would love to spend more time with you so umm would you like to be my Girlfriend Becs", oh my god i swear i froze and my mouth dropped open, was he joking or being serious. I mean this is Beau brooks right infront of me in the same bed. I quickly recoverd myself i had to make a quick decision. "yes Beau i would love to be your girlfriend."

Beau looked at me then had a huge smile on his face then next thing i knew we were full on kissing it was getting pretty heated untill a drunken Skip flung the bedroom door open and caught us in the act. "ohhh so youuuu---s tos areee hittinnng it off aeeeee" he slurred drunkenly me and Beau just lokked at him then cracked up laughing, skip came and lay on the bed Beau got up and looked out the door to see where everyone else had gone. When he turned back around Skip was fast asleep next to me "oh fuck" beau mumbled "can you help me lift him out and into his room please".

"sure thing babe" Beau grabbed both of skips arms and i grabbed both of skips legs and we hoisted him off the bed. "shit hes a bit heavier than i thought'' i huffed, we dragged skip through the door and through the lounge to his room we placed him on the floor then pulled his cover back on the bed, we lifted him back up onto the bed and tucked him in "good night little skiplett" Beau said patting skip on the head.

When we were back in Beaus room we decided to just cuddle up and go to sleep i was so tired from todays work. "oh and Becs by the way thanks for cleaning the apartment for us you did such a lovely job" Beau said cracking up. "yes well it took Ashlee and I 3 whole hours so i hope ur bloddy thankful oh and i umm took this picture" i replied kissing him on the lips then pulled away smiling. I laughed then showed him the picture of the huge amount of condom's i found and had spread them all out onto his bed. Beau laughed and went bright red, "shit i should of really hid them ae" "yes you should of" i giggled.

 I snuggled down into the bed next to Beau with his arms wrapped firmly around me "good night beautiful" beau said kissing me on the head "good night handsome" i replied back and kissed him on his chest since that was were my head was resting. I closed my eyes letting sleep take over my body i was exsausted.

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