Never Imagined Life Like This

Rebeccea and Ashlee best of friends normal lives living in Kalgoorie Australia were red dust just coats everything. Two normal teenages who live on a horse ranch with Rebecca's parents, both girls work in perth to get more money untill oneday the got more than what they expected when the Janoskians arrived in town... READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE.


8. Last week of term and SURPRISE !!!!

Rebeccas P.O.V

Walking through the gates of Eastern goldfields college with Ashlee at my side this is the last day of term and last day forever at this dam school only one last exam to sit and it's over for us. Then we can finally move on in life, "quick we better hurry up and get to our exam beks".

Time feels sooooooo slow while sitting in a room full of people doing and exam its so silent its torture, i had finished my exam and was looking over at Ashlee to see if she was done i could just see the paper and make out what was on there she was on the last page.

as i sat there reading over my paper i heard screaming coming from somewhere in the school but it wasn't just one person screaming it sounded like heaps of girls all joined together, then foot steeps came thundering down the hall and our door to the class was flown open and then quickly shut as it was opened.

these two boys in non uniform were panting loud with their backs facing us, as soon as they first one spoke a huge smile spread across my face,

"Dude i think they've gone we out ran them'' Jai spoke breathing hard

"Are you sure check and see" Beau breathed out

"no way i don't wanna get mobbed again" Jai whispered and turned around realizing that him and Beau weren't just the only ones in the class. He quickly nudged Beau "what" he asked Jai and turned around realizing what he wanted.

I quickly looked over to Ashlee she was looking at me with a huge smile on her face but we both just sat there saying nothing her paper was turned over meaning she had finished her paper. "excuse me you two boys out of this class now please" Jai and Beau quickly looked at each other murmuring sorry's and excuse us then got up and quickly walked out, i stood up and Ashlee did the same since we were both finished we quickly rushed out of the class to find Beau and Jai walking down the corridor.

sprinted towards them and jumped on Beaus back which made him loose his balance and fall to the floor, i was on top of him he opened eyes looking ready to yell at an aggressive fan till he realized it was me, his lips were instantly on mine and his arms were around my waist i smiled into the kiss and pulled back looking into his beautiful eyes.

"ive missed you so much baby" Beau said smiling at me I giggled and hugged him again and drew in his smell... I had never smelled anyone like him before his Calvin Kline was yummy  and so was Beau. "I've missed you so much to babe" I squealed. we let go of each other and the bell rung.

My eyes then got huge realising that if we didn't get out of this darn hallway and into the car outside we would be squished like pancakes in the matter of not even a minute. "RUNNN" I yelled getting up off the floor and sprinting down the hallway and out of the school's entrance door, Beau Jai and Ashlee were quick on my heels we made it to the car and got in.  

"HOLY TOLEDO.. Jai yelled " I had no idea your school had that many fans of ours" he said with his arm wrapped around Ashlee "I know" I said laughing "And they all have no idea that we're dating you boys as well". i laughed, "but anyway you dick you didn't tell me you were coming back" i nudged Beau in the back of the head. We were driving back to your home i was sitting in the front seat with Beau and Ashlee and Jai in the back. 

"have you ever heard of a thing called a surprise" Beau said nudging me back i laughed "well it was a dam good surprise" Ashlee said from the back. "so what are you guys doing here anyways" "well" Jai said piping up from the back "that's the other part to the surprise" "I hate surprises" Ash said giggling "well you girls are going to like this surprise i promise" Beau said smiling and taking my hand and kissed it. 

It was a long drive home but we had finally made it home my mum and dad were sitting on the front porch waiting for us something they haven't done since i was little. we all piled out of the car and walked up to mum and dad "mrs young Mr young" Beau said giving them a hand shake he knew how tough my father could be but deep down under that hard complex of his he was a softie at heart. "please call me Elena dear" my mother said giving Beau and Jai a hug. 

"so whats the other part of this dam surprise" Ash said getting impatient. "oh you didn't tell them" my father said laughing "tell us what" Ash and i both said in unison. Beau and Jai just looked at each other smiling like idiots "WELL" Ash said clearly more frustrated then Jai thought she could get, i just laughed waiting for them to respond. 

"well Jai said holding Ash's hand and looking at her dead in the eyes they were so cute together. " Beau and i have talked to your parents and we have all decided that Beau and I will be living with you guys'' i couldn't believe it i stormed off not because i wasn't happy that they were going to live with us i was mad because Beau hadn't talked to me in weeks and now he hid this from me. 

I stormed off to the stables to see my baby  Clyde he greeted me as i walked into his stall with a brush this was something i usually do to calm my nerves. "hey" a deep voice said coming from behind me i knew it was Beau "Hi" i squeaked, "why did you storm off like that" he asked patting Clyde "i thought you would be happy" i turned and looked at him a tear slowly falling down my face. 

"I Am happy Beau you have no idea but the reason i stormed off is because i don't hear from you for weeks and now you've said your moving in with out giving me any warning, for all i know you could of been off sleeping with other girls you have no idea how many nights i cried myself to sleep" Beau came over and hugged me "i'm so sorry Becs i really am i should of kept in contact with you but i was just so busy packing my stuff and sorting my mum out she was a mess from us leaving her but she still had Luke". 

I looked up into his green eyes i could never stay mad at Beau he was just one of a kind, i hugged him back and he kissed me on the head "ok well i guess i can forgive you but don't you ever and i mean ever do that to me again ok Mr Brooks" "i swear i won't babe".   


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