Never Imagined Life Like This

Rebeccea and Ashlee best of friends normal lives living in Kalgoorie Australia were red dust just coats everything. Two normal teenages who live on a horse ranch with Rebecca's parents, both girls work in perth to get more money untill oneday the got more than what they expected when the Janoskians arrived in town... READ ON TO FIND OUT MORE.


2. Just another boring day

Rebeccas P.O.V

"Gooood morning Kalgoorie township and what a beautiful day it is today, the sun is out not a cloud in the sky hope all you school kids are enjoying this lovely summer break"

I Hate mornings it's summer break but instaed of having fun like everyone else i have to get up early and go to work .

I rolled over and turned the radio off on my alarm my eyes felt all groggy from staying up late last night watching movies with Ashlee. I got out of bed my feet hitting the nice warm farnished wooden floor, the sun was streamng in my room it was so nice and warm. I tiredly made my way to the bathroom i share with Ashlee her room is on the other side of the bathroom door so the bathroom is the only thing that seperates the two rooms.

I walked in realising Ashlee was in the shower "Morning babe" she said peeping through the curtian "mhmm" i mumled back she just laughed and carried on singing in her shower i rolled my eyes at her even though she couldn't see. I quickly gave my face a quick wash then headed downstairs to find breakfast set out on the table, dad was there reading the Kalgoorie news paper and mum was bustling about in the kitchen making alot of noise.

"Morning dad" i said while giving him a kiss on the cheek and sitting down in my place at the table "morning angel" he replied while taking a sip of his morning coffee,i started into my breakfast munching away as Ashlee came pounding down the stairs for a super skinny person she really knows how to make everyone know shes comming.

"Good Morning everybody'' she says while sitting down and also starts munching away, she calles my mum and dad (mum&dad) aswell i mean they pretty much are her parents as well. after a quick breakfast stop we hurried back upstairs to get dressed into our work uniforms which consisted of a yellow top and black shorts the top had our works logo printed on the left side of our boob. We get to pick what shoes we wear as long as they are black so i slip on my black cowgirl boots.

I put my daily makeup on (foundation,mascara,eyeliner,lip gloss) then i used some under arm deodarent and spray then  tyed my hair up into a bun to keep it out of my face. I brush my teeth so i have a minty fresh breath, i grabbed my work bag phone and ear plugs and walk down stairs where Ashlee is waiting we go to my Jeep throw our stuff in then drove to the barn to feed our horses.

Ashlee grabbed the horses bins while i went and took there covers off, Ashlee filled both buckets up half full with oats and grain, then gave one to me and we feed the horses. My horse was half friesian half clydesdale so i named him Clyde, Ashlees horse was a palomino called pally. we both loved our horses and they both loved us we left Clyde and Pally to eat there breakfast and i opened the back gate to the barn so they could go in there paddock during the day to have a run around.

We said goodbye to the horses got into the jeep and drove towards perth were we worked. It was a 2 hour drive so we had to leave early in the morning to get there in time. when we arrived at work our daily jobs began cleaning peoples room who have just cheacked out, it annoys me sometimes because some people leave such a mess in there room its like hello do you not know what "please keep room tidy" means.

When the time finally came round to lunch time me and Ashlee were sitting in the lunch room eating when our boss walked in with a huge grin "whats with you" Ashlee asked dave our boss "well we just got the apartment rented out for a week by 5 boys" "oh my god is it One Direction" i screamed Ashlee looked at me with a huge smile and squeled "oh my god could you just imagine that" then Dave had to come and ruin our buzz didn't he "no im afraid not girls they just left a last name brooks they will be here tomorrow morning" "oh man" is all i said i had no clue who these brooks people were "oh god dammit" Ashlee said looking sad dave just laughed and walked out of the room.

"well that sucks then" Ashlee said looking at me "yes i know and i have no idea who they could be then if the last name is brooks" Ashlee nodded and we finished eating and carried on with our jobs, the day went by very slow but the time finally came round to home time. We said goodbye to Dave and the rest of the workers and hoped in the jeep "yay off to home" Ashlee said laughing i joined in and off we went.

When we finally arrived back at the Ranch we went upstairs and got changed into comfortable clothes for riding the horses, ashlee and I grabbed a bite to eat then we drove to the barn. Clyde and Pally were at the gate waiting for us. "man our Horses are so smart'' Ashlee said while rubbing Pallys head. "no rosie stop eating the horse poo" i yelled out to my dog "yuck how can they even think that tastes good" Ashlee said laughing "i know ae like its shit no shit could ever taste good" we both laughed and brought the horses into the barn to sadle them up.

I gave Clyde a quick brush down before i put his saddle blanket and western saddle on him "shit Clyde you fatty i think youve put on more weight im loosening your gurth another twon holes not good boy" he just nugged me with his head he was a huge horse so his head was massive he can push you over just with a nudge. but luckly this was a light nudge so i didnt end up on my butt, i stuck the bridle on Clyde then lead him over to the barns steps so i could get up on him.

i had to climb 5 stairs just so i was able to get on him. Ashlee was already on Pally he wasnt very big so she could just put one leg into the stirup and push her self up and over onto the saddle. i was finally seated in the saddle and we were off we rode the horses up to the arena my mum opened the gate for us "thanks" Ashlee and i said at the same time. We had two arenas at the Ranch a huge indoor one for when its cold and raining in the winter and a massive outdoor one for the summer.

I warmed Clyde up before i started to do some Barrel racing with Ashlee, we were both really experianced riders we had trophys and ribbons for miles in our rooms and in the barn we had a wall dedicated just to us for our awards and photos. The barrels were all set up Ashlee and me were stationed at the starting point then we were off Clyde had a much bigger stride than Pally so when we came up to the first barrel i turned Clyde round it then we were off down the straight. Pally and ashlee were hot on our tracks we rounded the second barrel and headed for the finish.

"Clyde and Rebecca win" my mother yelled across the arena Ashlee and me were laughing "wow even though clydes put on weight hes still a fast horse" Ashlee said laughing "yeah he is" i laughed back, "good timing Rebecca but he still needs to be pushed a little harder for when the next barrel event happens" "yes of course" i replied back. Ashlee and i cooled the horses down at the river it was so much fun riding them in the water. we could jump off there backs while they just stood there happily.

It was getting late so we headed back to the barn and put the horses back into the barns stables for the night, we gave them there dinner of oats and barley gave them a hug and walked back to the jeep and headed home. Dinner was ready and set on the table when we arrived back at the house, Ashlee and i quickly ran back upstairs to change out of our wet clothes and into our pajamas. We walked back downstairs and sat at the table, everyone started to say how there day went etc.

After dinner Ashlee and I did the dishes then headed up for bed we were both tired from staying up so late the night before we said good night to mum and dad and eachother then headed our seperate ways too bed.



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