This is the final part of the Cyber Louis triology, check both out before reading. After years of torture and distress Reiss has finally made a better life for himself, with his sister Rae and Louis. But even he can't escape his darkest thoughts and his unforgettable past. Rae has found love and he wants so badly to let go and be free, but is it really that simple, is he too lost to be found?


12. Chapter 12

I stared solemnly at him for what seemed like a long time before he spoke.
"It's nice to see you Rae" he smiled and I cringed.
"What are you doing here?" I spat out and he laughed.
"Same old Rae just as I remember, but I believe you have something of mine."
I laughed in disbelief "she has a name and she's not yours."
"Give her to me Rae" he growled and I stood back. "Or should I come in?"
I walked away from the door and found her in the living room with Reiss. "Hun you're brother's outside and wants you to go home" I said gently.
She looked at me in horror "but how did he..." she began to say when Kyle appeared next to me. I moved away from him and looked at her.
"Get your things we're going home" he ordered.
"You don't own me Kyle, not since you left" she shook her head.
He cracked his knuckles and she stood up. Reiss pulled her back down "she's staying here, if you have a problem with that call the police. Explain to them how you abandoned her" he smiled at him. 
"This isn't over Lily, you know what happens when you piss me off" he shouted and pushed past me to the door. After turning back to look at me he smiled "oh and happy birthday Rae."
My legs began to shake as I slumped down onto the sofa opposite Reiss. His arm was around Lily as he tried to calm her. Louis came in smiling until he saw me "Rae what's the matter?"
"Kyle" I choked out and he froze.
"Son of a bitch" he hissed and wrapped me in his arms. "He will never come near you again, I promise you."
"It's not me I'm worried about" I said looking over at Lily.
"Lily you are welcome here for as long as you want" Louis smiled at her and she nodded.
"Thank you" she whispered bringing her hands up to her face to wipe the tears. Louis nodded at Reiss and he pulled Lily out of the room.
"Let's not let this ruin your day, your birthday isn't over yet" he rubbed my arms. 
"I know but the minute I answered that door I..." 
"Come on we have a plane to catch" he said lifting me up.
I stared at him "excuse me?"
"You seriously didn't think I forgot what I said last year?" he laughed.
"I don't understand" I said with a mixture of excitement and panic. 
"We're going to paris baby" he smiled kissing me. I felt myself cry as I kissed him back, I can't say I was surprised. Trust Louis to always be the one to make things better.
"Let's go" I smiled as he put me down.

Reiss' POV

After Louis left with Rae I made up my bed so it was comfortable enough for Lily to sleep on.
"You don't have to sleep on the floor Reiss" she smiled.
I sighed "I know but I want to give you some space."
"Why?" she tilted her head
"I don't know" I didn't seem to know much these days.
"Then come on" she patted the bed and I got up sitting down next to her. She turned to face me and closed her eyes. I smiled resting my head on the pillow closing my eyes. I searched for her hand and held it tightly as I tried to fall asleep. She moved closer to me so our bodies were touching. I lent over and kissed her gently on the lips, which she returned. Her hands pulled me closer as they pressed into my back. "I want you" she murmured and I smiled kissing her again.
"I can't have sex with you" I admitted feeling slightly embarrassed. 
"I know" she whispered, "but that doesn't mean we can't do other things" she smiled unzipping my trousers. 
"Lily" I warned but she ignored me grabbing me in her arms. "Don't I can't" I shook until her mouth was on me. I closed my eyes leaning back, my hands sunk into the sheets. I wanted to stop her but my body said otherwise because I didn't stop her, I couldn't. Not long after I released moaning out her name. She wiped her mouth and lent back on the pillow. I did the same and focused on my breaths.
"Sex is a powerful thing Reiss if it is used right. Wrongly it can be the most disastrous thing, and I would never pressure you into doing anything. Because I understand, and I will wait until you are ready."
"I'm sorry" I huffed "I want you, believe me I do, it's just..."
"You don't have to say anything I understand" she said and smiled "good night Reiss.
"Night" I whispered closing my eyes, and I fell asleep with my hand in hers. 

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