Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


11. Xyla



“I have my doubts about him you know.” Autumn sighed. Thorn looked up at her perplexed. “He clearly likes this Scar…girl. What if he’s messing us around? What if he’s on their side?”

“He’s not on their side…If he was he would have been dead hours ago” Thorn spat, his eyes flashing a darkened shade of crimson.

“I thought we were killing him anyway, once we had the tickets.” She replied.

“Yes, we will kill off the only person who can read the map for the Sword. You really are stupid sometimes.” He laughed bitterly. She coughed slightly, sitting beside him. “I think you should go, I need to think.” She rolled her eyes, flipping her hair out of her eyes, strutting off into the distance.

Scar looked out of the window, admiring the rain as it fell heavily upon the ground. Her gaze focused on a figure that seemed to loom hazily in the distance. She seemed to recall the face but couldn’t quite bring the identity to her mind. She shook the thought out of her head, and in a moment he was gone.

“Well, that’s 11 tickets booked, like you asked. But there are only eight of us.” Miles started.

“9, Tobias.” Scar muttered.

“Really you’re bringing him,” Miles sighed,

“He’s my best friend Miles!” Scar retorted.

“Fine whatever. But what about the other two tickets, huh? Who are they for Scar?”

“I don’t know Tobias wanted to bring some people” She whispered. “Something about adventure?”

“See it’s him. Again! He’s controlling you Scarlett! He has you wrapped around his little finger and you don’t even realise it!” Miles shouted, his voice raised. “And I’m the one who has to pay for all of this! I feel used Scarlett. I feel Used!”

Scar stood up taking a large sum of money out of her pocket, handing it to him.

“This covers mine, his and the two other tickets. Xyla and the others money is in the safe on the left side of the book case.” Scarlett whispered, raising her head from looking at the ground. “I would never use you Miles; you mean more to me than that. You mean everything to me.”

“Did you tell Tobias that too?” Miles scowled.

Tears began to seep from Scar’s eyes, she wiped them away reluctantly.

“He means...Nothing to me Miles….Nothing, not in that way” She said slowly, taking his hand. “He is my best friend, but you…you’re my soul mate” Miles took her into his arms, kissing her head quickly and pulling her tight.

“Please, just never leave me.” He sighed, softly.

“I wouldn’t dream of it, I wouldn’t dream of it” She breathed.

“I shouldn’t have shouted at you Scarlett, do forgive me.”

“No, it’s my entire fault. I have neglected our relationship, I neglected you.” She sobbed, wiping away more tears as they fell. Miles tightened his arms around her as she fell slightly to the ground.

“It could never be your fault,” He smiled, wiping away her tears for her. A knock emerged from the door. Alicia ran past them to answer it. Scar and Miles kept their eyes fixed on each other, barely breathing. They heard the foot steps get closer and closer to the door way they sat beside. A tall and dark figure shadowed over them. In the door way stood…Tobias.

“I just came to...” Tobias started, he looked down at Scar’s tear stained face “This is clearly a bad time, I’m sorry to interrupt, I’ll go,”

“No, No, Don’t be silly. I believe you are here for the tickets.” Miles assumed, handing him an envelope. Tobias bowed his head in thanks before exiting the building, promptly. Scar smiled up at Miles, leaning back into the chair.

“He’s your friend. I must respect that” He grinned. Scar stood up to hug him. “I still hate him.” She hit him playfully.

“So…Norway…” Noah stated, looking Scar in the eye. “Interesting choice, can I have a word…In private?” Miles took this as his cue to leave and raced up the stairs, quickly.

“Scarlett, please reassure me this is not an attempt to find the Ice Lance.” Noah said, narrowing his eyes. Scar stopped dead in her thoughts.

“What is an Ice lance when it’s at home?” Scar lied, widening her eyes and laughing falsely.

“It’s a weapon against Rebels but I’m sure you’re already well aware.” He sighed.

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about, sorry.” Scar smiled. Noah sighed once again, accepting her statement. “Norway just seems…appealing Noah, we will have fun I’m sure!” She walked passed him, swiftly, stopping to breathe heavily outside the room. Good liar, something to add to the résumé. 

“What was that about?” Xyla asked, slouching beside her.

“I’m not even sure,” She lied again. She wasn’t sure what to tell people. They would find out eventually but if it meant she, they, held the power over the rebels it would be worth endless amount of heartbreak to her just to keep her friends and family at their safest. “Oh My Gosh! Are Mum and dad safe?” She had completely forgotten that her family had been endangered back in Italy. Why had she been so obsessed with something people seemed to want to keep her away from that she forgotten about the things that mattered most?

“They’re fine Scar…Are you sure you alright?” Xyla asked, troubled. Scar nodded, not able to string a sentence together. Xyla sighed at her younger sister. She wanted to believe her but couldn’t help doubting every word that seeped from Scar’s lips.

“Anyway, why are you looking so fancy?” Scar mocked, taking notice to her sister’s fine clothing.

“I am going out. I haven’t been out the whole time we’ve been here and I turned 18 just before we moved here and I have no Sixth-form nonsense to deal with so I am going out!” She laughed.

“Have fun.” Scar smiled hugging her sister and watching her leave. Xyla fled to a near by club, one with the finest balance between the highest class and chic youthfulness. She placed her clutch upon the bar, flashing a full-toothed smile at the bar tender. She felt someone slide up beside her.

“I will have Gin and tonic and what ever the beautiful lady to my side will be drinking.” Said the voice beside her. Xyla turned to see familiar smirk, one she was hoping not to encounter. She picked up her white-wine, taking a small sip before turning away from him.

“Thorn,” She muttered.

“Xyla,” He replied.

“How do you then know my name Mr. Noble?”

“Let’s say I did my research.” He laughed. “I’m not as bad as you think Xyla, We’re just different.” She looked at him dead in the eye. He didn’t seem to be lying and she supposed he wasn’t. He was just different. It was a fight for survival in this life and it was always about being top dog.

“One drink, let me convince you,” He asked, optimistically.

“One drink,” She repeated, smiling at him.  “So where are you from?”

“Sweden, I’m from Sweden” He smiled.

“So you’re a Viking?” Xyla smirked. Thorn nodded, laughing happily. “Let me guess. You got too cold and came to England but realised it was just as bad here?” He continued to laugh and nod.

“What about you Xyla?” he questioned.

“ Well, I was born here in London and then when I was 3 we moved to France when the Twins were one and we lived there until Scar was born a year later and we moved to Italy and we came back and Scarlett found out she was a dragon and it all went down hill from there.” She sighed, taking another sip from her glass.

“I’d kill to have a family, my parents left me here.”

“Oh I’m so sorry Thorn!” she exclaimed, placing her hand onto his shoulder. He looked up at her his eyes misted with tears. “So sorry,” He took her hand in his.

“Promise me something?” He asked, looking up at her.


“Never take your family for granted, don’t question why they’re there just cherish their existence,” He smiled at her. She nodded at him, squeezing his hand. She checked her phone quickly.

“Uh I need to go Okay, but here’s my number, call me whenever you need to talk,” Xyla smiled, walking out of the club, wiping her eyes who were too now misted.

Thorn waited till she was gone before whipping out his phone and dialling a number carelessly.

“Yeah she bought everything. How naive do these pure breeds get? They fall for a good old sob story like it’s their job. I will see you soon. Tell Autumn we have the tickets, Oh and Tobias, don’t lose them.” He spat, turning his phone off and swallowing his drink in one.

“Autumn.” Tobias called.

“What little Dragon?” She joked, walking over to him.

“Our tickets are secure,” he muttered, handing her a ticket. “So you and…Thorn?”

“Yeah, I hope…” She smiled.  “I just don’t think he’s the dating…sort.”

“Really? He seemed to be having a cosy chat with Xyla Leonardo last I heard.”

“Yes but that’s all for show…” Sighed Autumn unsure of whether her words could even convince herself. “It’s all for show.”

She sat down onto the dark grey sofa that seemed to be laden in mould and damp. She looked around the dark and grungy apartment that they somehow called home. She couldn’t help envy the Bellissimi society. They were all rich and glamorous and what was she. She was still a Dragon but she hadn’t rebelled yet. Maybe Thorn would consider her is she rebelled.

“Tobias?” She asked. He nodded his head in acknowledgement. “I want to rebel…now.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, surprised. She nodded at him. “Well then you better come with me.” He lead her into a boarded up at the back of the apartment.  It was just as darkly coloured as the rest of the floor but it was clean, and seemed to have some light streaming through the boarded windows.

“Sit down on this chair.” He demanded, pointing to a chair that looked like it belonged in a dentist’s. She lay back into the chair whilst Tobias strapped her wrists to the arm rests.

“Is this really necessary?” She laughed. He shot a stern look at her. Walking over to a cabinet in the corner, he took out a pen knife that he possessed; He took the blade to his skin, watching as the crimson flow of blood made a small pool in his palm. He shook his hand gently over a small bowl before adding a few different chemicals from his store cabinet. He left his bow on the side of her chair before taking the knife to her hand. She flinched slightly but managed to contain the scream she wanted to let out. He placed her blood in with his own and the chemical before placing it all into a syringe.

“I’m not going to lie. This is going to hurt, a lot and it’s going to get worse each hour.” He said, quietly.

“What do you mean, hours?” She exclaimed.

“This isn’t a quick process it will at least take 3 hours but you want this so you shouldn’t mind.”

“No your right, just get it over with!” She exclaimed again. He took the syringe to her arm before quickly exiting the room, waiting for the process to begin. Screaming began to emerge from the room but the sound of the unlocking door caught Tobias’s attention first.

“What the hell is that noise?” Thorn exclaimed hanging his coat beside the door. “Are you rebelling Autumn?” Tobias nodded.  “You Idiot! I didn’t want her…cursed!”

“Well how was I to know?” He shouted back. “She wanted it; she thought you might like her if she changed and you never tell me anything!”

“I don’t like her anyway! I mean I like her but not like her. Gosh you make things so complicated! She’s going to be a mess when she’s fully converted” Thorn sighed. “Maybe we can stop the cycle; she’s clearly not even at the first stage.” They ran over into the room, un-tying her from the chair.

“Go and grab that vile from the cabinet, the blue one.” Tobias said, motioning towards Thorn. “Thank you.” He injected the substance into her arm, promptly. She awoke gasping for air, taking a tight grip on Thorn’s wrist.

“Welcome back to conciseness!” Thorn smirked.

“Why? Why the hell did you do that? This would have been the best thing that had ever happened to me!” Autumn shrieked

“You know, I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong,” Thorn shrugged, prying her hands off of him. “Seriously, you don’t want this.”

“Oh Shut up Thorn,” She shouted, sitting up and brushing herself off. “This may have been your idea, Noble but this wouldn’t have been possible with out me!”

“With out you it would have been predominantly easier!” Tobias snapped. “What? It’s true.”

“Shut up! I’m trying to think. We leave for Norway tomorrow. That gives us 6 hours to plan a route. Tobias do you still have the map?” Thorn asked, sternly. Tobias stared down at his shoes, tapping his foot on the ground rhythmically.

“Scar has it.” Tobias murmured.

“Scar has it.” Thorn mimicked. “Scar has it! Of course she does! Your beloved Scarlett has it!”

“Shut your mouth.” Tobias spat. “You don’t know a thing about her.”

“I know she’s powerful and I know she’s stupid.”

“I will see you tomorrow Thorn,” Tobias said, gritting his teeth and slamming the door behind him.

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