Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


9. Thorns



“Why the sudden change of heart? Not that I’m not grateful, I’m just very…curious?” Scar asked “You always seemed so un-willing to help.”

“Don’t push it Scar. I’m helping you for my own benefit. You would have done this anyway without my help some how and I couldn’t stand you getting hurt.” He said, emotionless. That was another thing about Tobias. He would say such meaningful things with no expression, trying to keep his sanity. Emotions didn’t matter much to Tobias, not with other people anyway. He was not a stranger to cold-blooded murder but his heart seemed to skip a thousand beats when with Scarlett Leonardo.

“Sorry, sorry. I’ll keep quiet.” She laughed slightly.

Meanwhile Xyla and Alec sat opposite Noah and Alicia, her mind wandering past an extreme stage of boredom. She sighed heavily, staring aimlessly out of the window.

“The Rebels are growing stronger Alicia…We don’t know who our other Elders are…I fear our society may collapse.” Noah stressed his head in his hands. Xyla, being the eldest member of the order was called to the meeting to occasionally nod and agree.

“Don’t underestimate our power, Noah. We are much more powerful now we have a whole family of Dragon Origin in the same place. They’re our weapon.” Alec added, standing up.

“What ever you need, were more than happy to help.” Xyla said, speaking for all of them. She stood up, shaking out her hair. “I’m going to find the others, is that alright?” The three elders nodded, excusing her from the meeting. Xyla walked towards the small sitting room, curling up into a small arm chair.

“Ombra, where have you been?” She exclaimed as he barged through the door. He shot her a look that said ‘If I told you, I’d have to kill you’.       She shook her head slightly. “Have you seen Scar?”

“No, probably with Miles somewhere. Maybe with Tobias?” He said, uncertain.

“I dreadfully hope it’s not the latter,” Xyla sighed, the previous conversation with Tobias, heavy in her mind. She should have told someone already but did she really know who was to trust? The elders would sure kill him if they found out there was a Rebel, associating with the likes of the Bellissimi Society. Xyla decided things would be best if she kept to herself. She still wasn’t sure whether Tobias was a threat or not.

Scar and Tobias reached back to the house, where he was living. It was impressive, not that anything Tobias did wasn’t. He was a show-man, vain and expected everyone to follow him around, in awe. They usually did.

“I can’t believe you live here. I mean, you’re rich so it’s not like you can’t afford it but…London? I always thought you were Sun-bound.” Scar laughed, smiling.

“The Ice can be entertaining, useful.” He half-smiled back. Scar wasn’t quite sure what he meant, probably one of his other humorous lines that she would eventually find out what he meant.  “Are you sure you want to know how to Kill? It won’t be a quick and easy process? It’s Dangerous and dauntless.”

“Of course I’m sure.” Scar said, definitively. Tobias nodded at her, strolling slowly up the stairs. Scar wasn’t sure what she was going to entail but if it meant stopping anyone else becoming a Rebel, it was worth it.

Scar perched upon a stool, waiting for Tobias to bombard her with information of this act she was about to embark on.

“The Way to kill a Dragon, is to pierce its heart with Ice, you know that. To kill a rebel you need a special blade, still Ice just encrusted…with Carbon…Diamonds.” He started.

“I’ve never heard of this blade, mustn’t be common” Scar interrupted.

“You wouldn’t have. There’s only one in the world.” He continued, darkly. “Its hidden…Somewhere in Norway. The Rebels are trying to uncover it that means time is of the essence.”

“Your Descriptions are so vague,” Scar noticed. ‘Somewhere in Norway’ wasn’t going to lead them straight there to blade. It would take years, decades with that amount of detail.

“We don’t need Detail when we have a map” He smiled, devilishly, rolling out a map onto the large table. The dust particles wound themselves around Scar’s lungs, causing her to cough furiously. The map was a darkened tan, like the aged letters that young children would tea-stain.

“It’s Ancient.” Scar frowned.

“Ancient? It’s Priceless! It’s the key to saving the Dragons” He exclaimed. There was a knock at the door. Tobias quickly rolled back up the map, throwing it behind a chair. At the door stood Serge.

“We need Scar; you are Welcome to join us for Dinner if you wish.” He sighed, walking off. Scar nodded to Tobias, who followed her out. “Xyla seems very highly-strung at the moment, don’t bother her,”

“I won’t,” Scar replied. She always felt like an outsider from her siblings, they all seemed to forget that she was actually related to them. Her mind was brought to a cold and painful realisation, Miles. She hadn’t spoken to him properly all day and had spent that time chasing after Tobias, not exactly her smoothest idea.

“Oh, yeah. How did you know ‘Blondie’ at the Library?” Scar questioned Tobias, a perplexed look, masking her face.

“She’s my house keeper’s daughter. Pure Human.” He replied.

“Ah, do you like her?” Scar asked, raising her eyebrows.

“God no. I’m all for interbreeding for other people, but myself, I just think its more practical to love a dragon” He smiled.

“Love isn’t practical,” Scar grinned, the door of the society in her sight. She knew she was right though, love wasn’t practical. It wasn’t practical that she had two Dragons fighting to steal her heart, but it sure kept life interesting. Her heart belonged to Miles, at least she thought it did, it felt like it did anyway.

She pushed open the door; Miles stood there, to greet her, dressed head to toe in the finest attire.

“Where have you been, I was worried” He sighed, pulling her in tight. “I was really worried.”

“Miles, she was with Me.” said Tobias. Miles nodded at him, his eyes fixed on him. Tobias knew where he stood, he didn’t like it, but he knew it. Miles appreciated this.

“I just needed some time to think about my situation, Tobias offered to help” Scar smiled.

“I’m always here Scarlett, always here.” Miles said, kissing her forehead. “We were going to go out for dinner, but if you’re not up to it…”

“No! No! Let’s not ruin plans. I will just go and change quickly” She decided, running up the stairs. Scar tossed her hair out of her pony tail, throwing on a pair of stilettos, admiring a silk cocktail dress, a shade of midnight blue, she couldn’t even remember buying. She stared at her reflection in the mirror for a moment a figure catching her eye.

“Please tell me there nothing going on with you and Tobias,” Xyla murmured. Scar looked at her, wide-eyed, also admiring her dress.

“No Of course not.  I love Miles!” Scar exclaimed, facing her.

“I was just wondering.” She muttered.

“Well don’t” Scar retorted, pushing past her downstairs. She took Miles’ hand, Tobias next to her and the others behind her. They headed for the Ritz.

“I’ve hear of this place!” Exclaimed Ombra, flashing a smile of pearl white teeth. “How did you get us reservations for nine people, here?”

“I know people, well my father does anyway.” He bragged. Scar couldn’t help wondering why Miles had fallen for her. She always imagined him with a successful business Man’s daughter with long Blond hair…like Autumn, beautiful and naive.

“Excuse me a moment,” Tobias said, diverting through another alley way. Once there, he changed his emerald contact lenses, hiding his dark secret. He rejoined them, brushing past Xyla. She grabbed his wrist, shooting him a vicious look, before letting go.

“I must say, you really do know how to impress Miles.” Laughed Alec and Noah in unison. Scar had forgotten how alike Alec and Noah, they weren’t related but ten years together must have its perks. Scar smirked at there comment, her eyes flashing a brighter blue. She was still learning to control her power; the little things.

Miles opened the door slowly, greeting the doorman like old friends.

“Mr Carter, you are looking dashing and what a date you have here!” Exclaimed the man, dressed in fine tailoring. Miles nodded as they were all guided to there table. Ombra still couldn’t help feeling on edge around Tobias and Xyla felt it even more so.

“I haven’t been any where this elaborate in a while” Serge said. Alicia gave him a side-wards glance, unsure of what he meant.

“Fancy, he means, fancy” Ombra sighed. His brother could be a royal pain at times but he sure knew how to talk. Before long they had ploughed through three courses and were strolling out onto the streets.

“Be weary, Rebels roam at this time of night and they’re not into peaceful acts” Alec warned them, taking the lead. “Rebels are seriously getting out of hands,”

“Yeah, just watch your backs.” Alicia said, backing him up.

A sudden warmth and light emerged from behind them, they all turned to see a group of nine others, there flames exposed, all grey.

“Is this what you meant by watching our backs?” Serge smiled smugly.

“It’s not funny Serge, What is your business here?” Alec demanded, turning to the leader of the ‘pack’

“My name is Thorn Vance Noble; I am leader of the Rebels, What is your business here?” He smirked, his gaze moving from each elder to the next. “Oh, Bellissimi Dragons! I should have known and Oh! Miles Carter! Born with a silver spoon in your mouth! Shame you still have to buy your friendships.”

Miles walked forward, pushing Scar and Ombra lightly behind him. He studied the group carefully. Five boys, three girls, they were even.

“I’d be very careful if I were you, Noble.” Miles said, his tone painfully patronizing. “Very careful”

Alec, Noah, Serge and Tobias crowded behind him, Ombra keeping back with Xyla and Scar. Alicia noticed a scar upon Thorn’s face, an almost tear drop down his face, engraved and etched into his skin. He also had a mane of ash blonde hair that fell awkwardly onto his dark grey eyes. He dressed all in black apart from a charcoal grey leather bracelet upon his left wrist; she paid particular attention to this.

“Really Mr. Carter? I believe that you should be careful.” Thorn retorted, grabbing Miles’ arm, burning a dark emblem into his slightly-tanned skin. He grunted slightly, baring the pain before kicking Thorn in the shins, hard. The rest of the Rebels had already fled, terrified of how the Elders would react. Thorn limped weakly, into the darkness, cursing under his breath.  Miles walked back to the group, his head hung low.

“Are you Al-“

“I’m fine,” Miles snapped, interrupting Scar’s soft voice.  “Let’s just go back.”

“I will head home, you guys stay safe.” Tobias Sighed, diverting down another alley. He waited there until he could no longer here the soft hush of voices, he picked up his phone.

“Thorn, its Tobias.”

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