Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


12. Norway.

A four o’clock start was not what Miles had in mind. He dragged himself unenthusiastically out of his bed, rubbing his eyes and slamming his arm clock at the wall. He could here the mumbling of small talk between his friends who were clearly already awake and all set. He jumped into the shower, before throwing on an ensemble of clothing from the finest designers.

“Hey, are you nearly ready?” Scar smiled, putting her head through the door, her red hair, flowing beside her.

“Yeah,” He grinned back, taking their cases downstairs into the hallway, where everyone else was already.

“I’ve called a few taxi’s, we just have to wait for Tobias to arrive,” Noah exclaimed and as if on cue a knock on the door echoed through the hall, as Tobias invited himself in.

“Tobias,” Miles said, shaking his hand firmly. There was always an awkward tension between the two, one that Scar could tell wouldn’t ever withdraw. The beeping of horns emerged from outside and 3 taxi cabs pulled up in front of them. Alicia, Noah and Alec slid quietly into the first car, Xyla, Ombra in the next Serge insisting her would rather go alone, leaving Tobias, Miles and Scar stuck in the last.

“Can I ask something of you?” Scar questioned, looking from Miles to Tobias. They both nodded in unison, intrigued on what was to follow. “Please don’t make this trip awkward…just get along…for me?” They both nodded again, Miles taking her hand and squeezing it lightly. The rest of the car journey to the air-port wasn’t as painful as Scar had imagined it. They all made polite and civil conversation and from time to time it almost seemed comfortable.

“I never did ask you guys, how did you become friends?” Miles asked. Scar thought this question could lead to disaster but Tobias had already begun to explain.

“Well when I was seven and Scar was six we moved to the same neighbourhood, the same street. And then a little later on we moved next door and ever since that we’ve been close,” Tobias smiled. Miles couldn’t tell whether the smugness on Tobias’ face was intended but he decided to let it go, due to the circumstances.

 “Yeah we were,” Scar smiled, reassuring Miles whose face seemed to have dropped. That was the thing with Tobias and Miles. They were essentially very similar. They were both rich and ignorant but knew what they wanted and were both confident they could get what they wanted, whenever. Scar wouldn’t dare tell them that as in their eyes they were complete opposites and that their different personalities contrasted horribly. The car pulled up to Heathrow Airport; leaving the nine Dragons alone to find there flight.

“Where are the other two?” Scar asked Tobias as they walked throughout the terminal.

“The other two?” He repeated confused, stopping to talk to her properly.

“Yeah you requested two extra tickets,” Scar said, raising her eye-brows.

“Oh Yes! Sorry! They’re going to meet us out there” He smiled, breathing slightly quicker. Scar narrowed her eyes slightly, not quite sure whether his excuse was plausible.

“Alright then…” She said, shrugging off her accusations.

“Alright we have an hour until we need to go and board the Plane,” Alec stated, he began to walk towards a small and rustic restaurant, which still seemed to be serving breakfast. “I’m starving, do you want to grab something to eat before we go. They nodded in unison and reserved a table, at which they sat as Alec ordered.

“Norway, Interesting choice…not that we didn’t need a holiday but….Norway?” Alicia asked, “You just seem like a more, warm climate kind of person,”

“We all need change sometimes,” She smiled slightly, wishing to change the subject. She began picking at her fruit salad, listening intently to the conversation that was meanwhile brewing.

“We met with Sebastian Dawes, yesterday.” Noah smiled, looking around the table. “He says there is a lot of unrest, in the Rebel department.”

“There always is,” Tobias Joked, before returning back to his usual serious self.

“What else did he say?” Miles asked, ignoring Tobias’ attempt at humour.

“He just warned us to keep a close eye on everyone and anyone who seems to be anything to do with the ‘rebels’ or destruction of the rebels, were still looking for a cure” He sighed, sending hopeful looks towards Serge.

“Please Excuse me for a moment,” Serge mumbled, speedily getting up from his chair and walking briskly for some fresh air. He sat in the winter cold, staring down at his feet. His eyes flashed dark grey as he silently battled with his own mind. He knew they all knew. What he was…and it disgusted him. He knew nothing would be straight forward now and what ever took, he vowed to keep them safe.

“As long as were all together and all safe, I don’t mind what happens,” Ombra smiled, looking towards his twin and sisters. He turned to gaze upon his watch before looking back up “We better go and board or we will be cutting it too fine.”

They all stood up, leaving their empty plates abandoned on the table, carrying their hand luggage with great precaution. Miles strode ahead to meet with a small and feeble looking man who lead them to a private runway, with a private aircraft.

The plane was equipped with separate arm chairs, and small tables enough to place a newspaper and laptop. They each took their seats.

“Miles! This is amazing!” Xyla squealed, buzzing in her armchair, strapping herself in quickly. “How do you afford all this?”

“I don’t, my father does.” He smirked, also sitting down, in his own chair. Before long they found themselves taking off and unclipping their seatbelts. Alec and Noah were indulged in a scintillating game of chess whilst Alicia, Xyla and the twins sat gossiping about recent affairs, leaving once again, Tobias, Miles and Scar awkwardly sat together.

“Please, someone talk” Scar pleaded, frustrated by the constant silence. “It’s really annoying, I’d actually rather you at each others throats than just be silently ripping each other apart through a various amount of glares!”

“Oh well I’m very sorry for trying to civil, Scarlett” Miles sighed, rolling his eyes and slamming his newspaper down onto the table.

“No that’s not what I mean. All I’m saying is its so awkward, I can see they way you have such a hatred towards each other and I’m stuck right in the middle of it.” Scar retorted, “Please just sort it out,”

She stood up, walking over to Alec and Noah, watching them play, each move carefully planned out. Scar went to speak but was swiftly cut off,

“Talk and I will burn you alive,” Noah spat.

“Don’t worry about him, he gets very attached over chess.” Alec laughed slightly. “Are you alright Scar?” 

“Ah yeah, just tired. Don’t mind me I’m just here to watch,” She smiled, leaning forward to get a closer look at the game. Hours had already flown by before either Dragon had declared a win.

“I have no move,” Alec sighed. “Scar can you help me out?”

She nodded, unsure whether she would be any help, at all. She looked over the board, studying each piece carefully. She placed her hand, hovering over the board. She carefully, keeping her eyes locked on Noah’s.

“Check, Mate.” She smirked, “Your Welcome.” She leant back in her chair, a grin permanently fixed up on her face.

“You…are…Brilliant, annoying but undoubtedly Brilliant,” Noah laughed, “You won fair and square” Scar smiled at him, laughing with him. Alec still seemed stunned which added to the humorous atmosphere. Xyla had now joined them, unaware why everyone was choking back tears of utter laughter. They wiped their eyes, looking at the chess board.

“Better luck next time Noah,” Xyla smiled, placing her hand on his shoulder. “You weren’t to know Scar had played before and Scar is quite good,”

“Quite? Yeah you could say that” Noah gasped before laughing again. “How long have got?”

“About forty-five minutes apparently,” Ombra called, from the other side of the cabin. Noah nodded, thanking him. Scar decided to go back and see if Miles and Tobias had made any attempt at communication. They hadn’t.

“Have you two made up?” Scar asked, her voice painfully patronizing. Tobias nodded slightly whilst Miles shook his head laughing slightly. Scar gave up, sighing and fastening back on her seat belt.

“We’re nearly here by the way,” Miles added, taking a sip of his drink. Scar nodded, rolling her eyes as she had previously been informed. She picked up the newspaper that Miles had been meanwhile reading, skimming through the headlines, raising her eyebrows every so often at lines that caught her eye. The plane had rapidly landed and the Dragons had made their way to their Log-cabin come mansion, wrapped up warm.

“It’s really cold,” Xyla frowned next to Scar.

“What were you expecting, Ice cream and sun hats. It’s Norway,” Miles snarled, harsher than he had intended.

“And we have to walk the whole way through the forest,” She continued to grumble, dragging her heels as she began to walk. Miles took Scar’s hand, his hands cold against her own.  They all wore the most  luxurious cashmere scarves and gloves with the finest velvet coats, buttoned up right to the top.

Tobias kept back from the group, staring at his feet as he walked, his quickened reflexes keeping him from harm. They all stopped to a halt as they reached the Log cabin. 

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