Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


2. Miles

The next day, Xyla found herself wandering around the house, checking her uniform in every mirror she passed. She knew Italy had never been permanent but she couldn’t help feel like she didn’t belong in the coldness of England. She turned around to watch Scar walk down the staircase behind her. Her hair bounced behind her like a mane of red locks, her eyes rimmed in black eyeliner and her tie carelessly hung around her neck.

“Hey Xyla, You ready?” She asked, tossing her hair behind her shoulders. Xyla nodded, unsure. “You will be fine, I’m sure,”. Xyla wasn’t as confident as her sister, but she was the eldest she needed to be strong.

“Hello Girls” Said a voice behind them. Scar turned to see a boy with black hair, as dark as the night and eyes as silver as ice, piercingly beautiful, ones that contrasted with the blue  hanker chief that lay within his pocket.. He held his hand out for Scar to shake. She accepted, but instead of shaking her hand he kissed it gently, “Miles, Miles Carter”. A thought hit Xyla’s mind. Didn’t Alicia mention something about the Carter family?

“Carter? You mean your Family built this place?” Scar asked, looking further around the room. She wasn’t quite sure how the words had quite come out because her hear was beating at a rhythm she had never experience, skipping a few beats while it was at it. He smiled smugly, leading her into what was known as the drawing room. Xyla had a bad feeling about Miles, one that set in the pit of her stomach.

“Oh, I completely forgot to introduce myself, I’m Scarlett, Scarlett Leonardo” Scar grinned, taking a seat on the red, velvet bench. She would never let anyone call her by her full name, but ‘Scar’ wasn’t exactly up to Miles Carter’s standards. He was probably the richest person Scar knew, much richer than her family, by far.

“Ah, we have school in thirty minutes. Would you to walk with me?” He asked. Scar turned to watch her brothers and sister walk out of the door, well now she didn’t have them to worry about. She nodded and took his arm. She felt a feeling of when the house was built; everyone seemed to be frozen in a time of Victorians. The crisp air stung their eyes, but they carried on to school. Scar needed to register at the school office, along with her siblings, but she didn’t want to leave Miles.

She didn’t think anyone would notice if she didn’t go and just turned up at her first class with Miles. She hoped they wouldn’t mind anyway. She waved at Serge, who had already arrived at the gates. She hadn’t really noticed how different they all looked; they almost seemed as if they were not related at all. The sun had now risen a little higher into the sky as Scar walked with Miles, into the main courtyard. She observed that there were small cliques within the school, the largest being Miles’ clique; it seemed he ran the school.

“Peyton, meet Scarlett” Miles said to another boy, his age. He was tall and blond with sparkling brown eyes. Scar smiled towards him, having to look up. Miles guided her towards the centre of their group. She was now surrounded by other girls and boys, each flaunting their wealth in their own way. She cautiously did up her tie; it seemed like the fashion. She wasn’t sure whether she wanted to fit into this crowd but she thought it might help her get through school if she did. She had soon realised that her Year Ten classes were on the other side of the school and her and Miles found themselves running to their first class, bursting through door as they did.

“Mr. Carter and…Who is your companion?” Said the professor, who stood disapprovingly at the door.  Scar took her seat, between Miles and Xyla, apologizing for her lateness.

“Where were you?” Xyla hissed. Scar rolled her eyes at her sister, it wasn’t like she was going to be expelled, the fact that she was with Miles probably took most of the blame off her. The class dragged on, Scar had finished her work about twenty minutes into the hour lesson but she sat there silently, pretending to work. Miles had finished too, but they didn’t dare talk to one another, they didn’t need any excuse to get in anymore trouble.

“What do we have next?” Ombra asked, walking ahead of them, calling over his shoulder.

“Drama,” Miles sighed, “through here” he smiled again, guiding them through a set of double doors.

“Well Mr Carter, I’m so glad you took time out of your busy schedule to be with us this lesson.” A firm looking lady spat at the front of the room. Miles quickly explained his dilemma, of how he was helping the new students out, but reduced to a simple apology.

“Pair up.” The same annoying teacher shouted, Scar still wasn’t sure of her name. Miles smiled over towards Scar; Peyton towards Xyla, Ombra and Serge exchanging looks.

“So Scarlett Leonardo, tell me more about, you.” Miles smiled, dragging two stools from the back of the room.

“Well my mother’s family is all English and my Fathers is all Italian, so we all lived in Italy but my mother decided it would be best if we came here for a few years, to see our old heritiage. And Obviously I have 3 siblings. I’m really not very interesting” She laughed.

“You seem pretty interesting to me” He beamed.

“Well you seem easily impressed. Hey, look were bonding” She said, grinning.

The bell rang for free period. Xyla, serge and Ombra wandered out onto the yard looking around at Scar and her new friends. They wandered over to the corner, enjoying their own company. They knew they should probably socialize but hopefully Scar would introduce them to some people, then hopefully they could get in with the crowd.

The rest of the day was a dull haze and walking home wasn’t anymore interesting, for three of the siblings anyway. Miles and Scar took a detour into the village town and take a look into the antique shops. It seemed everyone in this Village was very old-fashioned, not that scar minded.

They reached a clearing, beside the river.

“Oh, Miles. This reminds me of the times back in Tuscany.” Scar smiled, going closer to the river bank. Miles took her hand again and lead her into the forest behind them.

“Scarlett, I know what you are. What you all are.” Miles said his eyes cold. Scar shook her head, what could he mean? “Click your fingers.”

She did so and as she did a small blue flame appeared in her hand and her eyes turned a bright shade of yellow.

“You’re a dragon, Scarlett” He said, clicking his fingers, a green flame appearing in his hand.

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