Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


17. Good Bye.


The dead of the night was not a time that Scar was too pleased to be hiking in the dark of the forest where she could’ve fell of the edge of a cliff if she took a wrong step, but still she strode ahead. They knew the Ice Lance was almost within their grasp. The air was heavy and dusty and wrapped around there lungs enough to cause occasional coughing fits. Tobias halted, crouched to the ground and looked up at the group with a smile of relief. He lifted an object from the rock face. It glowed a bright blue-toned white; a blinding light. None of them had ever seen the blade so they couldn’t be sure but this is what they had all imagined. He traced his fingers over it slowly.

“Okay…So. How do you use it?” Scar asked, also placing her hand upon it.

“You didn’t know?” Noah asked. She shook her head. “Scar… It means…we have to…kill Serge...but”

“Kill serge? What are you on? Are you seriously suggesting..” Scar blurted out, contemplating whether to throw some sort of girly punch.

“The lance will slowly begin to stop his heart…which in short… gets rid of the Rebel curse…and then we use this.” Noah said, taking out a yellow box.

“You carry around a defibrillator?” Autumn asked, rolling her eyes and flipping her hair.

“ Not always…but I’m starting to think we  should its our only hope,” Alicia sighed, “ We cant do it here, it’s a public trail. There’s an abandoned field just over there, we should be safe there.”

“Wait.” Scar started, her heart beating a little faster, turning around a couple times, to see the whole surrounding area” Where is Miles?” Everyone stopped silently, breathing only when absolutely necessary. The snapping of twigs and branches became more apparent as a familiar silhouette came to light.

“Well this little get together has been so long over due! I really have been looking forward to it, and I bet you wish you could say the same” Snarled the sly voice of Thorn Vance Noble. “Now I know what you’re all thinking. How did he find us? Who sold us out? And the truth is. No-one did and that’s the brilliance of it. Both my most trusted friends…betrayed me and left for the other side and it really did make me wonder. How do you get someone back for that? And the only real way I could think of…was revenge.”

 He smiled his usual malicious smile before dragging another silhouette from behind the tree. Miles struggled in his arms before accepting there was no way he could move. His wrists and ankles were bound with rope that dug into his flesh leaving rings of redness and sores as he struggled.

 “I think you may know, Miles here. Pretty well if I’m not mistaken...which clearly judging by the horror on your face, I am not. Now it would be an utter shame if all this” he said gesturing with his hands “had all been waste of time. But You must be thinking… But Thorn. You had to go through all this too…waste all this time? But really, this has just benefited me since the beginning. But I shouldn’t expect you to understand. You were stupid enough to take the counterfeit Lance I left for you.”

Tobias’ face dropped as he looked down at blade that lay in his hand. He placed it on the ground, his hands shaking slightly. Xyla and Alec exchange glances as their hearts sank.

“But on a possibly slightly brighter note. Alec! We had a nice little chat on the phone earlier in the week. It is such an honour to finally meet you.” Thorn  continued, keeping a firm grip on Miles with one hand, and stretching out another to be shaken.

 Alec looked up as he heard his name uttered and looked at the outstretched hand in distaste, before turning away and walking to stand closer to  Noah and Alicia. Thorn slowly retracted his hand, rolling his eyes.

“Anyway. Where was I? Oh I remember. Don’t prompt me! Killing you so it seems” He continued once again, placing both hands on Miles’ shoulders. Miles breathed slowly, his eyes brighter, his lower lip bleeding from being bitten in a nervous state. Thorn drew the lance from his belt, placing it lightly on his back, gathering perfect aim. He swung back his arm. Clutching the handle firmly in his palm, he brought it back, the blade cutting seamlessly through the air.


“Wait! He’s not even a Rebel…he’s nothing to do with this” Autumn Exclaimed. Thorn loosened his grip on the weapon, walking slightly away from Miles.

“Oh…. really?” Thorn questioned. “ Well I suppose that would help. But do I really want to kill my own kind… your right you took two on my rebels I should take one of yours. Does anyone want to own up? Because it’s clearly not Tobias that you’ve done all this for. I might still kill you too Tobias, don’t worry, I’m not playing favourites.” He paused for a few moments. “Or I could just kill all of you”

“ Wait a second. There’s one of you and nine of us…” Alicia started. “You’d be thick to try anything.”

“Dear, oh dear Bellissimi Dragons… You make it too easy…I have this place cornered. You are treading so very carelessly on a land mine.” Thorn whispered, deathly quiet. “So no-one wants to own up. That’s such a shame. Some of you were bearable.”        

Serge began to slowly raise his hand, stepping out from the back of the group. He pushed away the hands that grabbed at his clothing and blocked out the piercing screams.

“ Serge what the heck are you doing?” Scar Screamed with every last breath.

Nothing felt real anymore, nothing ever had.

“Scarlett. Stop.” Serge sighed. “ This is my mess. Just for once…let me fix it”

Death would be a sweet release, he thought, from the life long pain of that curse he had coursing through his veins.

“How very brave of you,” Thorn mocked slightly, placing the handle of the lance on his palms. Scar desperately lunged forwards, being forcefully held back by Thorn’s cronies that had surrounded them, tears mightily landing of the ground.

Serge fell to his knees, now gagged and bound by ropes. He bowed his head, looking up to make final desperate eye-contact. The insufferable sound of screaming emerged from his gagged mouth and the overpowering sight of brightly burning flames blinded. Time seemed to stand still. Thorn, releasing the sword, and his men fled quickly leaving everyone else in disarray. Alec fumbled around for the defibrillator, which had been taken, unlike Scar who ran straight towards the flames, whilst everyone was preoccupied. She knew if she got too badly burnt she would lose all powers but she had to say good bye. She choked on the ever-rising smoke but threw herself next to Serge, clasping his hand, tightly. His eyes were bluer than ever and his mouth was at a relieved smile.

“Scarlett… Don’t…You are safe now and that is all I care for, all I ever had. You have to be    strong….for…me…Scarlett…I believe in you…Scarlett…You’re the lost Elder….” He breathed slowly. Scar looked down at herself. She wasn’t burning and she never had been. Serge looked at her, smiling the same smile he always had done, the one that Scar had always found so comforting and that gave a sense of comfort in her now. He slowly closed his eyes, his hand going limp in hers. He looked so peaceful just like he always did, so calm and placid.

“ Serge, you didn’t have to do this…we could’ve…we would’ve found a way.”

 She felt arms pick her up and drag her from out of the fire, laying her on the ground.

“Are you stupid? You could’ve lost your powers…you could’ve got hurt.” Miles cried into her hair, catching his breath.

“Miles...shut up” She sighed, wrapping her arms around him. She felt a little faint but managed to regain enough strength to stand. Alec and the other two elders smiled at her, but she could barely return the smile. Ombra and Xyla sat silent, barely moving; scarcely breathing.

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