Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


4. Fire.

The next day, Thursday, had rolled around quickly for Scar, the rest of the night being dull and hazy. She checked her phone, no messages. She walked downstairs, gripping the banister to steady herself. She had already been up for a couple of hours due to lack of sleep. She shook her hair out of the ponytail she had placed it in, before diverting into the drawing room, where she would meet Miles in a matter of minutes. She walked cautiously over to the Piano that sat abandoned at the back of the room, perching on the velvet stool beside it. Placing her fingers upon the keys and choking on the dust, she started to play gently. A sweet melody filled the large room, and the sound of clapping emerged from behind her.

Miles stood behind her, a single rose clasped between his hands. Scar stood up, pleased to see him yet still guilty about the night before.

“Thank you,” She whispered, accepting the rose before placing it into a near by vase. Miles took her hand and lead her to the front of the building.

“Where are we going? We need to be at school!” Scar questioned, glancing back at the school behind her. Miles shook his head at her playfully.

“You’re a Dragon now Scar and tonight is the first full moon of the year, we always celebrate!” He replied with enthusiasm. Scar smiled slightly and decided that it would be okay to miss a day of school; her sibling would be doing it too.

Miles lead her back to the forest where they had been the day before, Scar couldn’t help feeling that everything was going so fast. They reached a large clearing where many other people were sat or stood around a camp fire. Dragons. She clicked her fingers quickly, admiring the blue flame that sat within her hand. Apparently blue and green flames were rare, whilst orange, red and yellow being more common.

She took a seat beside her siblings, letting Miles go off and mingle.

“So what’s the deal with this celebration?” Scar asked Ombra. He smiled at his younger sister, oh how he wished not to explain after being too many of these events for over eight years now.

“We just meet and welcome new Dragons into the circle. That’s us. We’re new to this town we need to be say ‘enrolled’ into this circle of Dragons.” Serge explained, helping out his twin, Ombra.

Xyla watched Miles; he seemed to be surrounded by many girls. A sense of anger rose within her. She walked over to the group that swarmed him. Everyone turned to watch her beauty as she waded gracefully through the crowd.

“Miles, a word?” She snarled. He nodded and followed her deeper into the forest. He leant against a tree, combing his hair out off his eyes

“What do you want Xyla?” He asked, impatiently. She narrowed her eyes, walking up to him. She slapped her hand against his face, before speaking.

“Listen, you break Scar’s heart and I will burn you. I will burn you dead and you know I’m capable.” She threatened through gritted teeth. He laughed bitterly.

“Look, we all know I’m the lost elder and they can’t be burned and I’m almost certain Scar is the smitten with me, so why would I hurt her?” He asked. Xyla shook her head and leaving Miles in the woods. She emerged back into the clearing, and sat by her siblings apart from one.

Scar was sat with Peyton, one of the other popular Dragon boys and his friends, she seemed happy but Xyla and Ombra couldn’t help feeling a sense of danger around these people.

“So are you and Miles a thing now?” Asked one of the girls, who seemed to hang around with Peyton. Scar nodded; at least she thought they were anyway. That brought Scar’s mind to another question, Where was Miles? Oh well, he would be back soon, she thought. A loud roaring came from behind her, an orange blaze of flames and a wall of thick black fog.

“Rebel Dragons, Run!” Someone shouted, as the chaos began.

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