Bellissimi Dragons

Scar,Serge, Xyla and Ombra Leonardo all find themselves in a fiery situation when they arrive just outside of London at St. Clermont's school. After an Major school accident they flee for the Main City where they find people who may just be the same as them.


18. Departure.

Scar stood in front of the mirror, desperately fumbling around trying to do up her necklace yet hands shook uncontrollably.

“Scarlett,” Said a voice behind her, she glanced to look at her father. “Let me do that for you,” He went to take the necklace but she shrugged away, to sit on the side of the bed, her head in her hands.

“There is no point anymore.” She muttered.

“Scarlett. There is always a point, especially now. We thought you’d be okay Scar. When we found out about the fire at school…we weren’t too surprised. We thought the Bellissimi house would keep you all safe.” He said, softly, rubbing her back.

“It wasn’t their fault…they did everything they could and now Serge is gone and its all my fault because I wanted to change him. I wanted to fix him…but he didn’t need fixing.” She cried into her knees. She wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her navy dress and stood up, once again fastening the necklace around her neck. “But I suppose…this isn’t what Serge would’ve wanted, us all moping about. Let’s go and give him the send of he truly deserves.”

She walked out of the room and down the grand stair case of their old family home, breathing in each memory as if it had only been yesterday that they had still been there as tiny children. She paused every so often around the house to ponder on reminiscences of her and Serge and it almost felt as if he were still right there, guiding her. Xyla stood at the bottom of the stairs, wearing the same dress but in a forest green colour, Alec stood beside her, cradling her in his arms. She took a couple more steps to see Alicia and Noah, her other fellow elders, smiling sympathetically at her. She turned round the corner to see Miles standing there with open arms. She quickened her pace to embrace him, wrapping her arms tightly around him. She leant back, looking around her.

“Where’s Ombra?” She asked, in a hushed tone. Miles nodded towards the garden, pulling her into a brief hug before she strolled towards the patio doors. She sat down silently beside him, unsure of quite what to say.

“Ombra…I…” She started.

“Scar. I’m not upset with you. You have to know that. None of this was your fault. It was whoever did this to Serge, right at the beginning.” He sighed, wiping his tear stained eyes with his tie.

“ The why do I feel terrible? But  Ombra, I was thinking what if we could find this guy? With some research a whole lot of help and some co-operation I think we could find this guy?” She said, her eyes widening. He looked up with a look of almost hope, a look Scar hadn’t seen in a long time.

“When do we start?” He asked, smiling slightly. It felt such a weird thing to smile at a moment like this, almost as if there were something unfamiliar about it. They both stood up slowly and joined everyone in the drawing room.

Dragon funerals were different, it depended on the person. They all wrote letter and placed them in the fire place and one by one lit the fire with their palms, letting the letter burn before putting it out for the next person. To a normal person it may have seemed strange or…un-heard of but to all the dragons that attended it was a beautiful, moving sight. Ombra stepped forward before kneeling beside the fire. He took out his letter and placed it lightly on the fire.

"Well. What can I say? You've left me with a bunch of Idiotic outsiders, kind of inconsiderate really," Ombra laughed slightly through his tears, " Goodness serge you've got me in a right state. Im really not very good at this thing...but then again I guess no one is. It's cliche when I say its like a piece of me missing but then again there are no other words to convey how broken I feel inside. You were the greatest, bravest and most noble man I had ever had the pleasure and honour to grow up with. There is no other way to sum you up than truly remarkable. Ever since we were young everyone thought you were the quiet one but really you were the one causing all the mischief...and even though you were a man of few have left such an amazing legacy behind you, one we will all wish to live up too. It pains me to say goodbye but truly I know you will always still be there right next to me, side by side. Sleep tight Brother."

He lit the fire, gazing at it for a few moments before standing up and walking out, closing the door silently behind him.

The wake took place in the family dining area which looked more like a magnificent hall the way it had been dressed. Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo stood cautiously at the end of the room, their arms wrapped around their two daughters.

“It’s so nice to have you back,” Her mother soothed, at Scar, her eyes tear stained.

“ I'm so sorry We can’t stay mother, it’s not the right time to come back, we can’t all face this. Not yet, we have business and frankly I'm not emotionally stable to stay here, none of us are” Xyla exhaled loudly. Her mother flipped the same blonde hair from out of her eyes and revealed a perplexed look that crossed her face.

“ I am so sorry for you loss, I don’t believe I have had the pleasure to introduce myself. My name is Miles…” Miles started.

“ Thank you, Miles, I know your father. We’ve done business before. You’re an excellent young man from what I’ve seen” Mr. Leonardo smiled, shaking his hand.

“ I can assure you that if Xyla, Scar and of course Ombra are to stay in London for a while they shall be properly catered for and looked after by myself and the Bellissimi Society, as she is the new Elder.” Miles continued to say. They both turned to look at Scar, who blushed slightly.

“You’re the lost elder” Her father breathed, sitting down. She nodded smiling. He hugged her tightly. “I am so proud of you Scarlett, So justly proud.”

The next week rolled around quickly as they all packed for their flight back to London.

“Are you sure you’re ready to come back?” Miles asked Scar as she zipped up her suitcase and took it to the car.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” She smiled, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him softly on the lips. She dashed over to Ombra’s room, knocking on the door. He opened it quickly, smiling at her.

“All set?” He asked, handing his suitcase to the butler, who walked past. She nodded.

“ Were going to find who ever this Rebel Guy is, were going to find Thorn and Most of all…Were going to be just fine.” She exclaimed.






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