Persecuted by the Devil

Mikaela is the new student in high school, but she seems to be so different from the others. She keeps to herself, observing everyone else, and she's the most beautiful person the students has ever seen. The beauty is greater than any other beauty, but somehow her looks seem dangerous.


1. Hello Mikaela

Mikaela sat in the back of the classroom, observing all the other kids. School was one of the most tiring things humans did in the days, but she knew she had to be there, listening to all speculations about the Greek mythology. She yawned and glanced out the window, trying to find something she could enjoy looking at, but with no success. The human world was boring, grey, not colorful at all, and she couldn't understand what people saw when they were looking at the forest. The trees weren't green, at least not as green as they could be. But her eyes was much better than humans, and she was pretty sure they had no idea of what they actually missed by being trapped at the surface of the Earth. They didn't even know that the surface was just a small, tiny place on the earth. They had no clue what was underneath the surface, down the earth, or up behind the clouds. They had their thoughts, but they didn't know for sure, and wasn't gonna be either. Not until they died and were sent up or down. 

"Mikaela?" someone said her name and she turned her head against the sound source. A boy looked at her and she met his eyes with a bored look on her face. He didn't say anything, not even now when he had her attention, instead he just swallowed nervously.

"Yes?" she sighed, still looking at him, keeping the eye contact. He tried to look down, but couldn't. She didn't let him. 

"We're gonna have a group project and I was thinking, maybe you wanted to join me and Sarah?" he said after a while, still trying to look down, still not able to. She hid a smile before she nodded. He was brave, she could sense that. Brave, or stupid. Brave because he actually talked to her. No one had done that since the first day, because the other teenagers were smart enough to realize she was different and dangerous. Stupid, because he didn't seem to realize he should be scared of her, like the girl next to him, Sarah, was. 

"You can sit here between us if you want to, or we could just turn around to your table." he suggested carefully. She released his eyes, but he still looked into hers. She was impressed. He wasn't going to back down, not even when his brain screamed at him to turn away from her. 

"Do what you want, doesn't matter to me." she answered, and in the corner of her eye she saw Sarah turn to her table, a little to quickly. She didn't want Mikaela between them, especially not since she was in love with the boy who couldn't take his eyes off of the creepy girl she now had to work with. It was fascinating to listen to girls thoughts, they were so different from boys'. Boys were often simple in their minds, while girls was, but didn't want to be simple. So many men think that women are so complicated, they are impossible to understand, but they're not even close to be right. Women aren't complicated, they just want people to think they are complicated, and the reason of why men doesn't understand what women wants, is because no one does, not even women.

"Well, welcome to our group. This is Sarah, as I said, and I'm Josh." the boy greeted while he held out his hand towards her. She stared at him, was he serious? She hadn't touched a human being for so long, she wasn't even sure if she should anymore. Carefully and slowly she took his hand, waiting for something dramatic to happen. She stared at their linked hands without anything happened, and when she let go and met his gaze again, he scrutinized her with hungry eyes. He thought she was fascinated. Fascinated, beautiful and interesting. The jealousy from Sarah burned her mind. She looked down on her hand before she rose and walked out the classroom. This was silly, was she really supposed to pretend to be a normal teenager much longer? Couldn't she just get the task ready so she could get out of this town and get to the next? She tried to convince herself that she was annoyed and bored, but deep within she new, she was just scared. 

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