You're the apple to my pie (a One Direction fanfiction)

A One Direction fanfiction


5. Chapter 5

Chapter five:

A/N: Okay so this fanfic was a dare from an anon person on tumblr, and I had to write about something specific:


1.      The person has to have the same personality as you (but she doesn’t at least I don’t hope so, I’m not that annoying, am I?)

2.      The main person has to fall in love with Niall from One Direction.

3.      You have to write four chapters (I decided to finish the story)


So I think I did all three of them, anyways I don’t know how long it’s going to be but I hope you’re enjoying it.


The next couple of days Niall and I went out almost every night, “he is incredible I’m really falling for him” Tamara and I was sitting in my room, I hadn’t been in school today because I didn’t feel well, I actually haven’t felt well the last couple of weeks. “He seems nice” Aaron had apparently been cheating on Tamara, and know she’s pretty pissed but they’re still dating which I find strange, because cheating is probably one of the worst thing you could do right after killing and raping, okay that’s maybe not true but I hate when people do it. I don’t really believe in being in love with to people, if you want the best for both of them don’t cheat on them, turn both of them down at least they won’t have trust issues.

“Do you think you’re coming to school tomorrow?” Tamara asks, “I don’t know, I mean I’m fine now, it’s just I always feel sick around lunch” I said “maybe you’re pregnant” Tamara joked “fuck” Tamara looked at me “NOooo”

“Didn’t you use a condom? Haven’t you learned anything?”

“I don’t remember, I don’t even remember having sex with him” I said

“I’m going to get you a pregnancy test”

“No need, I’m not pregnant Tamara.” Tamara took her jacket and walked out of the door.

I couldn’t be pregnant, I mean that’s impossible.

Tamara got back after 5 minutes, whit a little plastic bag.

“I got 3 different brands” she gave me the plastic bag full of pregnancy tests. “It costs me £40.”

“Wow, that’s bloody expensive” Tamara looked at me “what?” I asked “you’re supposed to pee on the sticks, not complaining about how expensive they are” I nodded and went to the toilet.

I waited 5 minutes just to be sure, the first pregnancy test showed to lines, all my blood turned to ice I couldn’t move it’s not real I thought check the next one the next one showed a little plus no no no no check the last one the last one there was written pregnant in small letters. I walked out of the bathroom, with the last test in my hand. “So did do you have a bun in the oven?” Tamara joked; I hugged her and started crying. I felt nothing inside, “I can’t be pregnant I have so much to do, and how am I going to tell my parents? I’m so confused” Tamara padded me on my back “it’s going to be okay, right now you need to figure out what you want to do with the baby after that you can start worrying about telling your parents” I nodded and whipped the tears away “thank you” Tamara smiled “you’re welcome”

“Can I ask you something?” Tamara and I sat on my bed “sure” I said “what are you going to tell Niall?” I shrugged “I’m going to tell him tomorrow” I brushed my teeth and laid in my bed “move” Tamara laid down next to me, I felt my eyes getting heavy from all the crying and I fell asleep.


I woke up to the sound of Tamara taking her shoes on “I’m sorry I woke you up”

“Where are you going?”

“school” I sat up in the bed “but you’re not”

“Why not? I’m pregnant not sick”

“I know, but you need to talk to Niall” I nodded “I know I just thought I could wait a couple of weeks” I looked down “you can’t, he has the rights to know” Tamara took her bag and left.

I laid down on the bed again and fell asleep, when I woke up it was about 10:00 Am. I took my phone and dialed Niall’s number.

“Hello?” his voice was sleepy

“Hi Niall it’s me”     

“What’s up Kenze?”

“We need to talk, where can we meet?”

“Starbucks? 30 minutes?”      

“No it’s not private enough, your place?”

“Sure, I’ll pick you up in about 30 minutes”

“Okay” I hanged up and got dressed.

When Niall got here I had only waited for 20 minutes.

That was fast” I said

“You sounded so serious”

The ride back Niall’s was awkward, Niall tried to make small talk but I just answered him shortly I was to nervous to talk.

“Just hang your jacket over there” he said and hurried over to make some tea.

“So what did you want to tell me that was so important you didn’t go to school?”

“I’m pregnant” Niall froze, I could see in his eyes he was panicking.

“H-h-how? Did-ehm-we even…”

“…Have sex? I don’t remember, but I haven’t been whit somebody else”

“Are-are you sure?” I nodded “what do you wanna do with the baby?” I started crying “I don’t know” Niall looked in the ground “I think you should leave” Niall whispered “What?” I looked at him his eyes were glassy “I think you should leave” he repeated “I don’t know how to get back to the school” Niall took his car keys and threw them to me; I hurried down the lift and jumped in his car. It felt like me heart was leaking, and I couldn’t stop crying.

I turned on the car, and drove away from Niall’s apartment. I was almost home when my phone rang, it was Niall.

"Leave me alone"

"Kenzie I'm sorry"

"You're sorry? Oh that's great; I know its big news but…"

"…I can’t become a farther when I have the band and I’m not ready"

“I never said I was going to have the baby, but it’s nice knowing you don’t support me”

“Kenzie listen I’m…”

"…I DON'T WANNA LISTEN TO YOU" I could feel the tears streaming down my face “I loved you" “I love…” I was blinded by the headlights that were speeding towards me and before there was any time to react I felt the colossal impact. I slammed my foot on the break my tires screeched, and a blaring horn screamed in my ear. I felt my body slammed against the seatbelt and the shattering glass slice my face and arms.


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