You're the apple to my pie (a One Direction fanfiction)

A One Direction fanfiction


4. Chapter 4

A/N: Okay so I can’t wait to write the end of this fanfic.

Chapter 4:


“How was is? Tamara asked, “how was what?” I knew exactly what she was talking about, but I tried to avoid it. “Being on a date with a famous guy, of course” I rolled my eyes “it was fine.”

“Was he bad in bed?” she giggled, “TAMARA” I shrieked, and threw a pillow in her face. “What?”

“We didn’t have sex, not everybody is like you” she just shrugged.

I took my phone on my desk, and sat on my bed again. “What are you doing?” Tamara sat next to me, “just checking Tumblr, and Twitter” *knock knock* Tamara looked at me, I rolled my eyes, and got up to open the door. “Hi” it was the guy from art, “hi?”

“I’m Alfie” I shook his hand, “I’m Mackenzie” I said, and smiled awkwardly. “Did you want anything?” I almost whispered, “oh yeah, do you wanna go out sometime?” I nodded “sure, when?”

“Now, at Starbucks?” I nodded and grabbed my coat, Tamara grabbed my arm, and whispered “what are you doing? What about Niall?”

“What do you mean? It’s not a date, he’s gay” Tamara gave me a stern look “I don’t think he is, and if he were I don’t think he’s out yet”

“oh,” I murmured “what should I do?” Tamara shrugged “I don’t know” I took my jacket on. We walked all the way down to Starbucks in a awkward silence, “so, what do you want?” he asked, “just a coffee” I answered shortly “me too”. We got our coffee, and found a table.

Alfie was really nice, and I found out that we had a lot of things in common. We spend the whole day talking about Star Wars and the Hobbit, when we were about to say goodbye, Alfie leaned in to kiss me.“Listen…” I didn’t know what I was going to say. “I have a…” what is Niall and I? I’ve only met him twice, we did kiss though. “Do you have boyfriend?” he looked more relieved, than sad “I don’t know what he is, but I really like him” I suddenly found the floor really interesting, “oh” he said, I looked up, Alfie was smiling “why are you smiling?” he shrugged “I’m just... happy for you?” I sighed “oh” Alfie looked at me “are you disappointed? I thought you were dating someone”

“I am, I just thought that you…” I cleared my throat, “were about to tell me you were… Into guys?” Alfie’s face turned bright pink “excuse me?”

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that” I apologized, “it’s fine” he said “but I’m not though” I nodded “I’m sorry if I’ve ruined everything” he shook his head “you haven’t” we hugged and I hurried inside.


The next couple of days Alfie and I spent every minute together, except for the times when I was texting with Niall or sleeping. Tamara had gotten a boyfriend, his name was Aaron, he was a bit douchey, and in our room all the time.

“Can I come over? Tamara and Aaron is going at it” Alfie replied a few minutes later “I’m going out, but you can come if you want ;)” I grabbed my coat and replied “everything is better than this :)” and walked down to Alfie and Isaac’s room. Isaac’s girlfriend, Sophie, was sitting on Alfie’s bed “hey Kenzie” Sophie had a nickname for everybody she knew. “Hi, where's the boys?”

“Isaac’s in the shower, and Alfie is waiting for you in the parking lot” I nodded and headed down to the parking lot.

“YO Kenz” Alfie yelled from his car, I ran over to him and jumped in. “Where are we going?”

“Walmart or something like that” Alfie turned on his car, and drove.


“Do you want to share some ice cream?” I nodded, and put it down in the cart. When Alfie were about to pay, I cruised past the magazine front covers, and holy shit that face was mine. My body freezes and I pick up one of the magazines, Niall and I was on most of the magazines. The magazine I held in my hand read “Who is Niall’s mysterious girl?” I couldn’t help but laugh a little. I grabbed every magazine with Niall on it, and paid for them.

“Wow you really like reading magazines, huh?” I giggled “no, I’m in them… well at least some of them” Alfie looked at me weird, and then he nodded and packed the car, and then we headed home. Alfie and I decides to go to his room, and eat the ice cream after some Aaron and Tamara is still in my room. “Here” Alfie gave me a spoon, and spread the magazines across his bed. “You were not kidding when you said you were in them” he sounded confused, “nope” Alfie grabbed one of the magazines, and turned to a page with the title “Is Niall’s secret girlfriend already cheating?” on the page there was a picture of Alfie and I hugging after our date. Next I take “Who is Niall’s mysterious girl” inside there’s a couple of pictures of our date. I took a huge scoop of ice cream, and I grabbed the next magazine The famous Niall Horan from One Direction were spotted kissing with a young girl outside of a college. We are assuming that this girl is his girlfriend, but it could also be a one-night stand, she was dressing a bit inappropriate. “Are they saying I’m a whore?” Alfie took the magazine “yup, but you kinda are look” he pointed at the picture of us hugging “you hugged a guy that means you had sex with him” I laughed and took some more ice cream. Alfie put his arm around me, and we laid down. “Kenz?”

“Mmmm” I could feel my eyes getting heavy, “I’m gay” I smiled, and hugged him tighter “I know.”

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