You're the apple to my pie (a One Direction fanfiction)

A One Direction fanfiction


3. Chapter 3

A/N: Okay so I finally know where this fanfiction is going, and I’m very excited.

Chapter three:

My eyes shot open. I was breathing short, heavy breaths. Sweat beads ran down my face and my hands. I looked around the room, wide eyed, making sure I was back home. I had the weirdest dream ever. I dreamt that I was getting eaten by a giant cat, it might sound funny, but it was terything as shit. I woke Tammara up, and got dressed, I picked a red tanktop, black jeans and a white cardigan.

Tamara and I was the first people in the classroom, except for a man with ebony black hair. The man was writing something on the blackboard, he looked really nervous. The man finally noticed Tamara and I standing awkwardly in the door, “hi I’m Phil Howard, your teacher for the year” we shook his hand. “I’m Tamara this is Mackenzie” Tamara pointed at me, “it’s nice to meet you, take a seat wherever you want, I hear it’s best sitting at the window” he winked.

“So girls, what sort of art do you do?” he asked leaning against his desk “I don’t know, all sorts of art” he nodded. Tamara and I shuffled over to the window, and dumped our bags on the floor. I opened my sketchbook,  and found a pencil in my bag. “He’s kinda cute” Tamara whispered, “our teacher, really?” it’s not that mr. Howard wasn’t handsome, but Tamara would go really low if she went after him. “Noo, that guy” Tamara pointed at a brown haired guy, he was kinda cute, but the way he stared at mr. Howard told me that, that’s never going to happen. “What do you think?” Tamara murmured, “he obviously plays for the other team” I whispered back. “DAMMIT!” Tamara yelled, blushing from the flood of stares from the other students. “Why is it always the hot ones?” I just shrugged, and started drawing in my sketchbook.

Mr. Howard stood up, and shushed on the students. “Have you all got a sketchpad?” everybody nodded, “good” he said followed by a silence, “okay today we’re just going to get to know each other, so just stand up and tell me your name, we’re starting with you” he pointed at the hot gay guy from before. “My name is Alfie” he smiled and sat down, after Alfie there was a guy named Isaac, after that there was a girl called Sophie, who I guess is Isaac’s girlfriend. After about five people more it was my turn, “my name’s Mackenzie” I said quietly “sorry?” mr. Howard said “my name is Mackenzie” he nodded and I sat down. After me it was Tamara’s turn, and then when we were finally done we had to draw something that meant a lot to us.

“I want to see what you’ve drawn next time, have a nice day” Tamara and I hurried out of the classroom, our next subject was math, and then english.


The week went by, and it was finally Saturday. I was really excited to meet Niall again, Tamara helped me find a outfit. We finally agreed on a green long-sleeved shirt, and some blue shorts after some it was still summer outside.

When I got outside Niall was already waiting for me in a black Range Rover. “Hi” he walked out of the car, “hi” I said followed by an awkward silence “shall we go?” I nodded, and we got in the car. “Sorry about the phone call” he laughed “it’s okay”

“You must think I’m an idiot”

“No, not at all… I was a bit surprised you didn’t know”

“Getting a bit cocky, huh?” I laughed, “no, it’s just that I’ve not met a person the last couple of years who hasn’t recognized us”

“Maybe I would recognize you, if the rest of the band were with you.” I smiled. “Where do you wanna eat?” he questioned, “I don’t really know any good restaurants or cafes, I’m new here” he nodded “me too, I just moved here with the guys”

“Do you live together with four others?” Niall shook his head “we only live in the same building, except for Harry and Louis they live together. We decided on getting a coffee at starbucks, because neither of us were hungry. When we got our coffee, I heard a loud scream “OH MY GOD you’re Niall Horan, can I have your autograph?” Niall nodded, and signed a piece of paper. “Who’s she?” she pointed at me with a confused look “that’s my uhm… friend?” he looked at me with a questionable look, I just nodded “cool, can you take a photo of us together?” I shrugged, and took the picture.

We waved goodbye to the girl, and sat down. “Sorry about that” I laughed “it’s fine” and took a sip of my coffee, “she could’ve been worse though”

“How?” Niall shrugged and said “sometimes they’re really clingy, I love them though” he assured me. “I understand them, if I met somebody I’m fan of  I would hug them so tight, we would become one.” Niall spat his drink all over himself, and then we both laughed so hard for over 10 minutes. When the date was over we had met over 10 fans, and they were all really nice. Niall drove me back to the university,  I was hugging him goodbye and when i let go he grabbed my hands and pulled me closer to him, he lifted my chin up and looked into my eyes and said "I hope there will be a second date” and then we kissed. After a couple of seconds I pulled away, and said “absolutely” and then I walked back inside.



A/N: I hope you like it so far, feel free to comment and stuff.


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