You're the apple to my pie (a One Direction fanfiction)

A One Direction fanfiction


1. Chapter 1

AN: This is one of my first fanfictions, and I’m not that good at writing but I wanted to write one anyways.


“What about him over there?” Tamara pointed at a blond guy across the room, “no” I answered. Tamara and I were celebrating the last day of the summer holiday, tomorrow we were both starting in college. “Why not? he’s cute” I rolled my eyes, “what’s the point of starting dating someone, when we’re leaving for college tomorrow?” Tamara started laughing and said “because we’re leaving for college tomorrow.”

Tamara always flirts with every guy, and I don’t mind as long as she keeps me out of it. Tamara grabbed my hand, and dragged me over to the blond guy. “Hi, I’m Tamara this is Mackenzie” the blond guy looked at me, he seemed familiar “hi I’m Niall” he had an irish accent. “Have we met before?” I blurted out, Niall smiled at me, “I don’t think we have” he croaked. Tamara looked at me with the never mind-I-want-him look, so I just shrugged and went over to buy a drink.  



I took a sip of my drink, and looked around the bar. It was only a couple of hours ago I was standing outside the bar with my fake ID, it was my first time using a fake ID, Tamara used fake ID’s all the time. “Hi again” it was the guy from before, “hi” Tamara was right he is kind of cute. “Where’s Tamara?” I asked, “I don’t know” typical Tamara she always leaves me, when she finds someone more interesting than me. “Is something wrong?” I shook my head “nah, I just lost my ride home” Niall looked at me with an apologizing look “it’s okay, I’m going to figure something out” he smiled awkwardly at me. Maybe it’s because I’m getting slightly drunk, but I don’t feel as shy as usual. “Hey Niall?” He looked at me “do you want to get to know each other?” Niall shrugged “why not?”

We took our drinks and walked over to a free table, “will you start? he nodded “sure.”

“My full name is Niall James Horan, I am 20, I was born on September 13th, 1993, in Mullingar, Ireland. I have one older brother, Greg Horan. My parents are divorced, and their names are Maura Gallagher and Bobby Horan. I sing and play guitar in a band with four other people, and I have a loud laugh.” He took a sip of his drink “your turn.”

“My name is Mackenzie Dahl Jones, I'm 16, I was born the 16th of July, 1997, in Aarhus, Denmark. I am an only child, my parents and I moved from Denmark to London when I was 6, their names are Thomas Dahl and Becky Jones, my mom is originally from Yorkshire. I only have one good talent and that’s sleeping, but I love music.”

“What’s you favorite band?” Niall asked “uhm… Bastille or Panic! At the Disco, what about you?” Niall sounded like a really nice guy, I wonder why Tamara left him. “I really like The Script” Niall answered “The Script is amazing” I agreed. 

"Is there a change you might wanna hang out at my place?" the question hanged in the air for a couple of seconds, we were both really drunk now. "Sure let me just get my stuff" I answered. 


AN: Okay so this was the first chapter, I hope you liked it.


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