Pretty Damn Reckless.

Have you ever wondered if they are real? the monsters under your bed? demons that roam the world? vampires,werewolf's,ghosts,witches?. Arianna and her friends didn't believed either. Until they came face to face with the monsters at the night. But will they survive?


2. The Party And The New Boys

The music outside echoed through both the girls room. It was half 8 and they were all running late. Everyone was ready except from Natalie. Not knowing what to wear. " ok guys im ready" Natalie shouted from the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and locked it with the key , joining the girls who were waiting outside. " it's about time" Dani said giggling. The girls walked downstairs to see everyone outside. Dancing and moving about. With plastic cups what looked to have alcohol in them. " wow there's loads of people " Lilly whispered. The girls both walked outside to see more than 100 people around. Sophie was off straight away. Grabbing a drink of a small wooden table. The rest of them followed grabbing one is well. But as Dani drank it her face changed " ew what is that is disgusting. " I don't know but I think it's alright" Arianna answered grabbing the cup at of dani's hand and drinking the rest. " great were have lost Sophie again" Natalie said. Sophie loved to party. She never missed a single one. She would talk to anyone and get drunk as she could. Her friends thought she was so funny when she did. Sophie had found her way to where the music was. A young boy with a black beanie hat , had massive speakers as he played the songs from his phone. Sophie then saw a row of seats next to another wooden table with drinks. She saw the opportunity and sat down on one. Only to be joined by a boy. Who looked the same age as her. He had dirty blonde hair and illuminous green eyes. He smiled as he sat next to her. " your a new comer aren't you" he asked his voice sounding dark and mysterious. Sophie glared back and nodded. She couldn't believe how nice poking he was an despicably talking to her. " yeah I've came with my four friends" she said pointing to them who were in the crowd in front of her. Arianna and the rest had no noticed her yet and were about to give up and leave her to it. He nodded "I'm Jacob " "Sophie" she replayed. "Sophie, what a nice name " Sophie tried not to burst out laughing of how charming he was trying to be. " you think so ." She asked not knowing what to say. Suddenly they were interrupted by Dani. " God Sophie there are , we were looking for you everywhere. Please warn us when your about to go off like that" dani said worried for her. " oh it's ok I've been keeping her company" Jacob said trying to smile.but Dani felt something odd about him. Like a off vibe. Something dark screaming out with blood. She couldn't ignore the pain. But knowing if she tried to get Sophie away from him , she will just refuse. So all she did was nods and joined the rest of her friends. " yep dani can worry about me a lot , especially at parties" Sophie said giggling. But Jacob was thinking was thinking of something else. " can I show you something." He asked getting off his feet. Sophie thought that it was wrong. Someone she had just meet , he could be dangerous. Don't be silly Sophie told herself. He seems nice anyway what's the worst he can do. She abounded her thoughts and got up with him as she followed wher ever he was going. " where's Sophie?" Natalie asked as Dani returned. ". She's meet this boy could Jacob or whatever" she said " oh trust her" Lilly said surprised. "Ill go get her" Arianna instructed. " it's no use she won't come, not when there's a boy involved" Dani warned her. Not wanting Arianna to go anyway near him. But Arianna just ignored making her way through the crowd. She made her way out but only to nearly be knocked of her feet by a boy."oh I'm sorry" a manly voice said to her. She looked up to see a friendly boy smiling at her apologetically. He had jet black hair and piercing bright blue eyes. "I-it's ok" Arianna said , stuttering the first bit. "I'm Luke" he said , quickly to introduce himself" I'm Arianna.

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