I am Israel

This is poetry paralleling Israel and us. We are very similar and it's difficult to comprehend. Sometimes I just read Exodus or Judges and just think who could do such evil things? I get angry at them for turning away from God And then I realise I do that pretty much everyday. We aren't exactly worshipping a golden cow, but we spend more time with other things than God. I don't like thinking that I could be Israel, but I am. We all are.


2. Rescue us from Egypt

Brick after brick,

Mortar this, mortar that.

The work given

Exceeds our yoke.

Whips snapping,

Egyptians laughing,

Men and women lay still.

Is this all there is?

Wrists and ankles bound,

Heaving bricks and building,

Always building.

Why am I living?

Chains dangle above,

The wind blows and they clink,

They haunt us in dreams.

We are slaves.

We farm, we till.

We plant, we harvest.

All our work is for naught.

They take away what is sought.

Our bodies ache,

At night we shake,

Our hearts feel trodden.

We'd rather be in Sodom.

Where is The Lord?

Why has he hidden his face?

Look down and see our bodies.

Turn Your ear and hear our groan.

We have carried this burden for years,

We continually live in fear.

Rescue Your children, O Lord,

From the hands of our oppressors.

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