I am Israel

This is poetry paralleling Israel and us. We are very similar and it's difficult to comprehend. Sometimes I just read Exodus or Judges and just think who could do such evil things? I get angry at them for turning away from God And then I realise I do that pretty much everyday. We aren't exactly worshipping a golden cow, but we spend more time with other things than God. I don't like thinking that I could be Israel, but I am. We all are.


3. Rescue me from the World

My heart breaks, my face droops.

Shattered pieces lie on the ground.

With every step, every leap,

A shard stabs my fresh wounds.

I am not bound.

I am not chained.

I am locked away in pain.

I am at a loss.

I'm trapped in my thoughts.

No amount of comfort,

No amount of distractions

Can rip it from my mind.

Where did I go wrong?

Why am I so broken?

How could this happen?

I ache for relief.

Every night I'm enveloped,

Darkness crowds my dreams,

I scream out from bondage, from pain

But the wind only masks my cry.

Every morning I reluctantly rise,

The rays only brings light to the pain.

It illuminates it, it reminds me that

I am here, and I am lost.

Is there a way out?

Is there a plan here?

Is there anyone there?

All I see is my reflection.

Can you see me, God?

Do You see my tears?

Do you hear my screams?

Can You save me, heal me?

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