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3. Because

"Because you say so?" Vevina questioned indecorously. Scoffing, she turned back to the water, trying to get back in that magical feeling of flying, of freedom. 

"Do you even know what you are?" The boy asked her as if he were talking to a child.

Whipping her head around, she glared at him. "Don't talk to me in that tone, half wit or I will jump."

"What makes you think that I care if you die or not?"

"Fine." She snapped, pretending to teeter on the edge, as if she were about to loose her footing. 

The boy's eyes got very big. "Stop, stop, wait." He yelled in a panicked tone.

*A note: As much as it downgraded his ego, Lexx would do anything to save his Pair.

Vevina grinned as she turned around and sat on the bridge, feeling the night air tousle her hair. She gestured for the bottle of alcohol that the boy was holding. He handed it to her and their fingers brushed, sending a tingling feeling all up her arm. She didn't show her emotion. Not one bit.

Taking a swig, she nearly choked it out. "What kind of drink is that?" She spat, trying to get the wretched taste out of her mouth. 

The boy chuckled. "My drink. I made it myself."

Vevina couldn't think of any smart retorts so she just went with the classic, "You suck." 

"I thank you kindly, Vevina." The boy replied sarcastically, bowing his head. 

"Wait, how do you know my name?" 

*Something about Vevina: She hated people knowing her real name, it gave then unnecessary power over her.

"Because your my Pair." The boy stated simply.

Vevina's eyes widened in amazement. "Wow, you must be really drunk." She applauded him, impressed.

"I'm not joking." He muttered flatly. 

"Who are you?" She inquired squarely. 

"The better question would be to ask who are you, since you don't even no yourself." He replied casually, kicking of his tattered sneakers. 

"Well, then, enlighten me." Vevina opened her arms, gesturing that she was all ears.

"I'm Darkson. Lexx Darkson. That's my hunting name, anyways." Lexx said, extending his hand.

"Excuse me?" 

"Lexx, L-E-X-X. I decided to add the extra 'x' on for fun, what do you think?"

"Not that, half wit, although your name is pretty stupid. What do you mean 'hunting name,' are you some sort of poacher or something?"

"You really don't know, do you?" Lexx asked amazed looking deep into her eyes, searching for some knowledge of who she really was.

"Does it look like I know? Seriously dude, stop waisting my time. I've got to jump now, have a nice life." She hissed, standing up, reading herself. Again.

He grabbed her wrist, though and he felt a bolt of electricity go through him. Yep, definitely his Pair.

"Vevina, do me and yourself a favor and stop trying to kill yourself. Sit down and I will explain." 

Her stare was like icicles through his heart.

"Don't ever tell me what to do again, you hear me? You don't even no me!" She growled. Despite this, she sat back down.

Lexx raised his hands in surrender. "I know a lot more about you than you think, Nina."

"Nina, really? Don't you think that it's a bit early to be giving each other nick names in this relationship?"

Lexx cracked a smile. "So you are acknowledging that we have a relationship now?"

"Just shut up and tell me what you came here to say." She said hotly.

"Fine, fine. Okay, so you know about Greek Legends, right? About how there were gods and goddesses?" 

Vevina rolls her eyes. "Of course I do, half wit."

"Right, good start then. At least your not completely stupid. Anyways, the goddess Artemis, she has an elite group of hunts-people that basically. These people, well, they were chosen by her, millions of years ago, they were always destined to be in this group. We can shape shift, become different creatures, we have enhanced abilities that allow us to run for weeks or jump from cliff to cliff. Vevina, you are one of Artemis's hunts woman. A very special one, actually. Not only because you are the daughter of the Black Hunter but also because your my Pair."

Vevina's mouth drops open. "Your insane, mental, get away from me, you hear?" But Lexx holds her tight.

"Just listen to me a little longer, please." He murmurs. "I can't let you leave, Nina, you are part of the tribe now, you have a family. I mean, don't you ever feel the need to run, jump and maybe even, I don't know...change? Don't you feel that tug in your soul when you sit under her glow?" He gestures up to the moon, staring at her with eyes full of hope.

The truth is is that Vevina did feel it, she did feel this odd tugging sensation but she had never given into it. She, of course, didn't tell Lexx this but just sat stiffly beside him which seemed to indicate 'yes.'

He smiled softly, his dimple revealing themselves. He wasn't all to shabby, Vevina thought. He had dusty brown hair and green eyes and a couple of freckles. She liked him and hated him, which made her like him even more.

"By the way, your my Pair. You know how hunters always go out in twos to guard each others back and to help one another? Well, when Artemis created us, she made us each have a hunting partner, someone who we were destined to be with, the other part of my soul. So, if you don't believe in all that 'soul mate' stuff, I am walking proof."



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